draws map of clustered graph using a squarified treemap layout.

Each cluster is given an area based on the areas specified by the clusters and nodes it contains. The areas of nodes and empty clusters can be specified by the area attribute. The default area is 1.

The root graph is laid out as a square. Then, recursively, the region of a cluster or graph is partitioned among its top-level nodes and clusters, with each given a roughly square subregion with its specified area.

Example: Australian Coins, area proportional to value

Source of the example:
graph {
	node [style=filled]
	"$2"  [area=200 fillcolor=gold]
	"$1"  [area=100 fillcolor=gold]
	"50c" [area= 50 fillcolor=silver]
	"20c" [area= 20 fillcolor=silver]
	"10c" [area= 10 fillcolor=silver]
	"5c"  [area=  5 fillcolor=silver]

Attributes for patchwork features

  • area – Indicates the preferred area for a node or empty cluster. Valid on: Nodes, Clusters.

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