Graphviz has benefited by the contributions of many people over the years.

and recently

  • Magnus Jacobsson (d3-graphviz, Graphviz Visual Editor, forum, build issues, restored some sense of order and self-respect)
  • Matthew Fernandez (review open issues, fixes to core algorithms, website)
  • Mark Hansen (review open issues, build process, website)


  • Vladimir Alexiev (codegen improvements)
  • Arif Bilgin (smyrna, gvedit, Windows)
  • Don Caldwell (map labeling)
  • Richard G. Daniel (RPM packaging)
  • David Dobkin (spline-o-matic)
  • Tim Dwyer (IPSEP-cola and DIG-cola extensions to neato)
  • Erwin Janssen (build, Windows)
  • Tony Kelman (Appveyor)
  • Yehuda Koren (neato stress majorization)
  • Eleftherios Koutsofios, (dotty, lefty, spline-o-matic)
  • Bruce Lilly (pic driver)
  • Glen Low (Mac OS X port; icons on this site; cgraph patches for dot)
  • Gordon Woodhull (Dynagraph)
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