Logical tail of an edge

type: string, default: ""

When compound=true, if ltail is defined and is the name of a cluster containing the real tail, the edge is clipped to the boundary of the cluster.

digraph {

  subgraph cluster_a {
    label="Cluster A";
    node1; node3; node5; node7;
  subgraph cluster_b {
    label="Cluster B";
    node2; node4; node6; node8;

  node1 -> node2 [label="1"];
  node3 -> node4 [label="2" ltail="cluster_a"];
  node5 -> node6 [label="3" lhead="cluster_b"];
  node7 -> node8 [label="4" ltail="cluster_a" lhead="cluster_b"];

See limitation.

Valid on:
  • Edges

Note: dot only.

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