spring model layouts similar to those of neato, but does this by reducing forces rather than working with energy.

fdp implements the Fruchterman-Reingold heuristic1 including a multigrid solver that handles larger graphs and clustered undirected graphs.

Attributes for fdp features

  • dim – Set the number of dimensions used for the layout. Valid on: Graphs.
  • dimen – Set the number of dimensions used for rendering. Valid on: Graphs.
  • inputscale – Scales the input positions to convert between length units. Valid on: Graphs.
  • K – Spring constant used in virtual physical model. Valid on: Graphs, Clusters.
  • len – Preferred edge length, in inches. Valid on: Edges.
  • maxiter – Sets the number of iterations used. Valid on: Graphs.
  • normalize – normalizes coordinates of final layout. Valid on: Graphs.
  • overlap_scaling – Scale layout by factor, to reduce node overlap.. Valid on: Graphs.
  • pin – Keeps the node at the node's given input position. Valid on: Nodes.
  • pos – Position of node, or spline control points. Valid on: Edges, Nodes.
  • sep – Margin to leave around nodes when removing node overlap. Valid on: Graphs.
  • start – Parameter used to determine the initial layout of nodes. Valid on: Graphs.

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