Z-coordinate value for 3D layouts and displays

type: double, default: 0.0, minimum: -MAXFLOAT, -1000

Deprecated: Use pos attribute, along with dimen and/or dim to specify dimensions.

If the graph has dim set to 3 (or more), neato will use a node's z value for the z coordinate of its initial position if its pos attribute is also defined.

Even if no z values are specified in the input, it is necessary to declare a z attribute for nodes, e.g, using node[z=""] in order to get z values on output. Thus, setting dim=3 but not declaring z will cause neato -Tvrml to layout the graph in 3D but project the layout onto the xy-plane for the rendering. If the z attribute is declared, the final rendering will be in 3D.

Valid on:
  • Nodes

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