List of (optionally weighted) color values, forming a linear gradient

A colon-separated list of weighted color values: WC(:WC)* where each WC has the form C(;F)? with C a color value and the optional F a floating-point number, 0 ≤ F ≤ 1. The sum of the floating-point numbers in a colorList must sum to at most 1.

NOTE: Gradient fills, described below, are currently only available via *CAIRO or SVG rendering.

If the colorList value specifies multiple colors, with no weights, and a filled style is specified, a linear gradient fill is done using the first two colors. If weights are present, a degenerate linear gradient fill is done. This essentially does a fill using two colors, with the weights specifying how much of region is filled with each color. If the style attribute contains the value radial, then a radial gradient fill is done. These fills work with any shape.

For certain shapes, the style attribute can be set to do fills using more than 2 colors. See the style type for more information.

The following table shows some variations of the yellow:blue color list depending on the style and gradientangle attributes.

See Gallery/gradient for real-world examples of using gradients.

Gradient angle style=filled style=filled fillcolor="yellow;0.3:blue" style=radial


colorList is a valid type for:
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