Specifies separation between ranks

type: double | doubleList, default: 0.5 (dot) , 1.0 (twopi) , minimum: 0.02

In dot, sets the desired rank separation, in inches.

This is the minimum vertical distance between the bottom of the nodes in one rank and the tops of nodes in the next. If the value contains equally, the centers of all ranks are spaced equally apart. Note that both settings are possible, e.g., ranksep="1.2 equally".

In twopi, this attribute specifies the radial separation of concentric circles. For twopi, ranksep can also be a list of doubles. The first double specifies the radius of the inner circle; the second double specifies the increase in radius from the first circle to the second; etc. If there are more circles than numbers, the last number is used as the increment for the remainder.

Valid on:
  • Graphs

Note: dot, twopi only.

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Last modified September 16, 2022: fix ranksep description (547d08f)