This is a graphviz-produced layout of the "family tree" of a fraternity and sorority.

Each member in the graph was assigned a "big brother" from one organization and a "big sister" from the other. Blue icons represent Brothers from the fraternity, Pink represents Sisters from the sorority (Purple members are in both organizations - like honoraries.)

Charter members (who can have no parent nodes) are outlined.

From Japheth Cleaver, San Diego State Univ.

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This is a graphviz-produced layout of the "family tree" of a fraternity and sorority.

Each member in the graph was assigned a "big brother" from one organization and a "big sister" from the other. Blue icons represent Brothers from the fraternity, Pink represents Sisters from the sorority (Purple members are in both organizations - like honoraries.)

Charter members (who can have no parent nodes) are outlined.


dot -Tgif -Goverlap=false -o siblings.gif

We're experimenting with different ways of coloring and graphing, but found this the easiest for now. When we have more people in, we might look at different shades depending on generation number -- earlier people would get lighter colors, more recent members darker. Thumbnail images would be an interesting alteration as well.

from Japheth Cleaver

digraph sdsu {
	node [color=grey, style=filled];    
	node [fontname="Verdana", size="30,30"];
	graph [ fontname = "Arial",
	  fontsize = 36,
          style = "bold",
          label = "\nKappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma\nSan Diego State University\nEta Mu and Zeta Xi Family Tree\n\nto date: November 30th, 2008\n",
	  ssize = "30,60" ];
"Lori Brede" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Michael Griffith" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Amie Holston" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Michael Griffith" -> "Lori Brede"
"Amie Holston" -> "Lori Brede"
"Casey Carter" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Laura De'Armond" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Laura De'Armond" -> "Casey Carter"
"Japheth Cleaver" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Chuk Gawlik" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Stacy Snyder" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Chuk Gawlik" -> "Japheth Cleaver"
"Stacy Snyder" -> "Japheth Cleaver"
"Jillian Clifton" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"David Guthrie" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"David Guthrie" -> "Jillian Clifton"
"Japheth Cleaver" -> "Jillian Clifton"
"Tony Sacco" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Heather Smith" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Tony Sacco" -> "Laura De'Armond"
"Heather Smith" -> "Laura De'Armond"
"Kevin Decker" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Alex Hansen" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Wanda Livelsberger" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Alex Hansen" -> "Kevin Decker"
"Wanda Livelsberger" -> "Kevin Decker"
"Patrick Doerr" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Deanna Jagow" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Alex Hansen" -> "Patrick Doerr"
"Deanna Jagow" -> "Patrick Doerr"
"Lori Asaro" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Pearson" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Lori Ball" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Pearson" -> "Lori Asaro"
"Lori Ball" -> "Lori Asaro"
"Ryan Farris" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Cindy Teel" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" -> "Ryan Farris"
"Cindy Teel" -> "Ryan Farris"
"Ginger Palmer" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Newton-John" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Mark Newton-John" -> "Ginger Palmer"
"Matthew FitzGerald" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Mervin Maniago" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Mervin Maniago" -> "Matthew FitzGerald"
"Amie Holston" -> "Matthew FitzGerald"
"Tani Miller" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Pearson" -> "Tani Miller"
"Vienna McMurtry" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Robert Walwick" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Robert Walwick" -> "Vienna McMurtry"
"Ginger Palmer" -> "Vienna McMurtry"
"Chuck Foster" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Karen Saye" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kevin Decker" -> "Chuck Foster"
"Karen Saye" -> "Chuck Foster"
"Gary Frampton" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Ginger Palmer" -> "Gary Frampton"
"Pat Norris" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Sean Tipps" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Teresa Long" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Sean Tipps" -> "Pat Norris"
"Teresa Long" -> "Pat Norris"
"Marc Martin-ez" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Mark Pearson" -> "Marc Martin-ez"
"Tani Miller" -> "Marc Martin-ez"
"Kristen Villone" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kelly Erickson" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Anna Pedroza" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kelly Erickson" -> "Kristen Villone"
"Anna Pedroza" -> "Kristen Villone"
"Geoff Frank" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Chris Livelsberger" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Amy Price" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Chris Livelsberger" -> "Geoff Frank"
"Amy Price" -> "Geoff Frank"
"Tracy Murray" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"John FitzGibbon" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Judy Dulcich" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"John FitzGibbon" -> "Tracy Murray"
"Judy Dulcich" -> "Tracy Murray"
"Ian McIntosh" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Barbara Tollison" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Robert Walwick" -> "Ian McIntosh"
"Barbara Tollison" -> "Ian McIntosh"
"Jayson Smith" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Jayson Smith" -> "Chuk Gawlik"
"Heather Smith" -> "Chuk Gawlik"
"Kelly McKinney" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Nadeau" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Mark Nadeau" -> "Kelly McKinney"
"Judy Dulcich" -> "Kelly McKinney"
"Chris Livelsberger" -> "Deanna Jagow"
"Amy Price" -> "Deanna Jagow"
"Renee Thompson" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"J. Angeles" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Kelley Smith" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"J. Angeles" -> "Renee Thompson"
"Kelley Smith" -> "Renee Thompson"
"Steven Smith" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"John FitzGibbon" -> "Steven Smith"
"Charlene Andrews" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Diane Reoch" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Diane Reoch" -> "Charlene Andrews"
"Tonya Alexander" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Gail Vasquez" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Gail Vasquez" -> "Tonya Alexander"
"Spencer Caldwell" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Becky Bernal" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Becky Bernal" -> "Spencer Caldwell"
"Chuk Gawlik" -> "Michael Griffith"
"Wanda Livelsberger" -> "Michael Griffith"
"Russell Grant" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Steven Smith" -> "Russell Grant"
"Tiffany Worthington" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Chuck Foster" -> "David Guthrie"
"Tiffany Worthington" -> "David Guthrie"
"Jerry Maya" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"John FitzGibbon" -> "Jerry Maya"
"Melissa Schwartz" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Russell Grant" -> "Melissa Schwartz"
"Delphy Shaulis" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Renee Thompson" -> "Delphy Shaulis"
"Martin Naiman" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Janean Angeles" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Martin Naiman" -> "Alex Hansen"
"Janean Angeles" -> "Alex Hansen"
"Leslie Harlow" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Dennis McColl" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Denise Luna" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Dennis McColl" -> "Leslie Harlow"
"Denise Luna" -> "Leslie Harlow"
"Jonathan Yudman" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"April Ortiz-cloninger" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"April Ortiz-cloninger" -> "Jonathan Yudman"
"Michael Elgo" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Carol Kropp" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Spencer Caldwell" -> "Michael Elgo"
"Carol Kropp" -> "Michael Elgo"
"Denmark Vea" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Marc Martin-ez" -> "Denmark Vea"
"Kelley Smith" -> "Denmark Vea"
"Kathleen Hansen" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Martin Naiman" -> "Kathleen Hansen"
"Heather Smith" -> "Kathleen Hansen"
"Laura Stegner" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"April Ortiz-cloninger" -> "Laura Stegner"
"Kathy Jones" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"J. Angeles" -> "Kathy Jones"
"Eric Gates" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Erick Sugimura" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Erick Sugimura" -> "Eric Gates"
"Laura Stegner" -> "Eric Gates"
"Jennifer Stoewe" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Eric Gates" -> "Jennifer Stoewe"
"Karen Helbling" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Regan Ashker" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kevin Decker" -> "Karen Helbling"
"Regan Ashker" -> "Karen Helbling"
"Scott Wood" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Eric Gates" -> "Scott Wood"
"Greg Flood" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Greg Flood" -> "J. Angeles"
"Ginger Palmer" -> "J. Angeles"
"Lynn Reeves" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Chuk Gawlik" -> "Amie Holston"
"Lynn Reeves" -> "Amie Holston"
"Susan Colwell" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Michael Elgo" -> "Susan Colwell"
"Christopher Jouan" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Kevin Owens" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Kevin Owens" -> "Christopher Jouan"
"Kristianna Reynante" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Michael Elgo" -> "Kristianna Reynante"
"Janean Angeles" -> "Kristianna Reynante"
"Amy Berner" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Amy Berner" -> "Stacy Snyder"
"Deanna Johnson" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Alex Hansen" -> "Deanna Johnson"
"Laura De'Armond" -> "Deanna Johnson"
"Johnny Richardson" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Russell Grant" -> "Johnny Richardson"
"Nathan Fellhauer" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"James Rowland" [color=thistle, URL=""];
"James Rowland" -> "Nathan Fellhauer"
"Kristianna Reynante" -> "Nathan Fellhauer"
"Brian Raneses" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Sean McHenry" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Sean McHenry" -> "Brian Raneses"
"Penny Lewis" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Martin Naiman" -> "Penny Lewis"
"Becky Graham" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kristen Elgo" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kristen Elgo" -> "Becky Graham"
"Steven Gross" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" -> "Steven Gross"
"Stacy Snyder" -> "Steven Gross"
"Sedona Reynolds" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Newton-John" -> "Sedona Reynolds"
"Cindy Teel" -> "Sedona Reynolds"
"Klair Mayerchak" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Nathan Fellhauer" -> "Klair Mayerchak"
"Becky Graham" -> "Klair Mayerchak"
"Shari VerBerkmoes" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Sean McHenry" -> "Shari VerBerkmoes"
"Janean Angeles" -> "Shari VerBerkmoes"
"Anson Summers" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"James Rowland" -> "Anson Summers"
"Dusty Jolliff" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" -> "Dusty Jolliff"
"Stacy Snyder" -> "Dusty Jolliff"
"Jennifer Garman" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"James Rowland" -> "Jennifer Garman"
"Kelly Greenhill" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" -> "Kelly Greenhill"
"Kristen Elgo" -> "Kelly Greenhill"
"Lucinda Farless" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"J. Angeles" -> "Lucinda Farless"
"Susan Colwell" -> "Lucinda Farless"
"Alfredo Cardenas" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Chuk Gawlik" -> "Alfredo Cardenas"
"Kathleen Hansen" -> "Alfredo Cardenas"
"Jennifer Jouan" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Andrea Owens" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Andrea Owens" -> "Jennifer Jouan"
"Tamara Scrivner" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Sarah Maltese" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" -> "Tamara Scrivner"
"Sarah Maltese" -> "Tamara Scrivner"
"Bradley Stouse" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Ryan Underwood" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Ryan Underwood" -> "Bradley Stouse"
"Cindy Teel" -> "Bradley Stouse"
"Casondra Brimmage" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kristopher Lininger" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Ilana Melcher" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Kristopher Lininger" -> "Casondra Brimmage"
"Ilana Melcher" -> "Casondra Brimmage"
"Cassiopeia Guthrie" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jeremy Frazier" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Christine Mount" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jeremy Frazier" -> "Cassiopeia Guthrie"
"Christine Mount" -> "Cassiopeia Guthrie"
"Kathleen Moran" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Matthew FitzGerald" -> "Kathleen Moran"
"Lori Brede" -> "Kathleen Moran"
"Tiffany Kalland" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Tony Sacco" -> "Tiffany Kalland"
"Karen Helbling" -> "Tiffany Kalland"
"Kristen Anderson" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jennie Bogart" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"David Guthrie" -> "Kristen Anderson"
"Jennie Bogart" -> "Kristen Anderson"
"Laura Simonette" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jon Weisel" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Jon Weisel" -> "Laura Simonette"
"Japheth Cleaver" -> "Laura Simonette"
"Nathan Williams" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"David Guthrie" -> "Nathan Williams"
"Karen Helbling" -> "Nathan Williams"
"Rebecca Hippert" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Ryan Underwood" -> "Rebecca Hippert"
"Tiffany Kalland" -> "Rebecca Hippert"
"Samuel Wallace" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" -> "Samuel Wallace"
"Deanna Jagow" -> "Samuel Wallace"
"Scott Gardner" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Jeremy Frazier" -> "Scott Gardner"
"Christine Mount" -> "Scott Gardner"
"Alberto Ayon" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Bradley Stouse" -> "Alberto Ayon"
"Jennie Bogart" -> "Alberto Ayon"
"Susannah Clayton" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Nathan Williams" -> "Susannah Clayton"
"Karen Helbling" -> "Susannah Clayton"
"Lisa Gochnauer" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Scott Gardner" -> "Lisa Gochnauer"
"Casondra Brimmage" -> "Lisa Gochnauer"
"Jamie Jackson" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Samuel Wallace" -> "Jamie Jackson"
"Tamara Scrivner" -> "Jamie Jackson"
"Christina Kelly" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Matthew FitzGerald" -> "Christina Kelly"
"Lori Brede" -> "Christina Kelly"
"Gara Thornton" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Newton-John" -> "Gara Thornton"
"Laura Simonette" -> "Gara Thornton"
"Robert Winebarger" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Robin Ellison" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Scott Gardner" -> "Robert Winebarger"
"Robin Ellison" -> "Robert Winebarger"
"Jeremy Kirchner" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" -> "Jeremy Kirchner"
"Sandy Konar" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jennifer Brandon" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jennifer Brandon" -> "Sandy Konar"
"Dan Kuhlman" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Rob Reiner" -> "Dan Kuhlman"
"Dusty Jolliff" -> "Dan Kuhlman"
"Lindsay Arehart" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Martin Naiman" -> "Lindsay Arehart"
"Jennifer Brandon" -> "Lindsay Arehart"
"J. Angeles" -> "Mervin Maniago"
"Kathy Jones" -> "Mervin Maniago"
"Jarrod Monroe" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Jamie Fratacci" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mark Newton-John" -> "Jarrod Monroe"
"Jamie Fratacci" -> "Jarrod Monroe"
"Chuk Gawlik" -> "Jamie Fratacci"
"Tiffany Worthington" -> "Jamie Fratacci"
"Russell Grant" -> "Martin Naiman"
"Tonya Alexander" -> "Martin Naiman"
"Edward Givens" [color=lightblue, outline=bold, style=bold, URL=""];
"Edward Givens" -> "Mark Newton-John"
"Veronica Nickel" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Regan Ashker" -> "Veronica Nickel"
"Wanda Livelsberger" -> "Lynn Reeves"
"Bryan Ransom" [color=thistle, URL=""];
"Jayson Smith" -> "Bryan Ransom"
"Tony Sacco" -> "Regan Ashker"
"Dusty Jolliff" -> "Regan Ashker"
"Jennifer Stout" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Matthew FitzGerald" -> "Jennifer Stout"
"Deanna Jagow" -> "Jennifer Stout"
"Sean McHenry" -> "James Rowland"
"James Rowland" -> "Wanda Livelsberger"
"Janean Angeles" -> "Wanda Livelsberger"
"Melissa Roy" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Mervin Maniago" -> "Melissa Roy"
"Christina Kelly" -> "Melissa Roy"
"Dennis McColl" -> "Tony Sacco"
"April Ortiz-cloninger" -> "Tony Sacco"
"Tony Sacco" -> "Karen Saye"
"Tony Sacco" -> "Amy Price"
"Kathleen Hansen" -> "Amy Price"
"James Rowland" -> "Jayson Smith"
"Brian Raneses" -> "Heather Smith"
"Kristen Elgo" -> "Heather Smith"
"Josh Atwood" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"David Guthrie" -> "Josh Atwood"
"Lori Brede" -> "Josh Atwood"
"Katie Browne" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Patrick Doerr" -> "Katie Browne"
"Jamie Fratacci" -> "Katie Browne"
"Kristin Tang" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"James Rowland" -> "Kristin Tang"
"Heather Smith" -> "Kristin Tang"
"Mervin Maniago" -> "Cindy Teel"
"Veronica Nickel" -> "Cindy Teel"
"Mike Tulumello" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Matthew FitzGerald" -> "Mike Tulumello"
"Katie Browne" -> "Mike Tulumello"
"Veronica Villanueva" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Ryan Farris" -> "Veronica Villanueva"
"Sedona Reynolds" -> "Veronica Villanueva"
"Mervin Maniago" -> "Tiffany Worthington"
"Jennifer Jouan" -> "Tiffany Worthington"
"Scott Wright" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"James Rowland" -> "Scott Wright"
"Kristen Elgo" -> "Scott Wright"
"Jeremy Browne" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Matthew FitzGerald" -> "Jeremy Browne"
"Japheth Cleaver" -> "Jeremy Browne"
"James Fogelman" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Alberto Ayon" -> "James Fogelman"
"Susannah Clayton" -> "James Fogelman"
"Sandra Chase" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"David Guthrie" -> "Sandra Chase"
"Japheth Cleaver" -> "Sandra Chase"
"Patrick Doerr" -> "Joseph Butler"
"Deanna Jagow" -> "Joseph Butler"
"Laura Fisher" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Nathan Williams" -> "Laura Fisher"
"Casondra Brimmage" -> "Laura Fisher"
"Katie Kozma" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Scott Wright" -> "Katie Kozma"
"Robin Ellison" -> "Katie Kozma"
"Rachel Perkins" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" -> "Rachel Perkins"
"Cassiopeia Guthrie" -> "Rachel Perkins"
"Sarah Titilah" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Robert Winebarger" -> "Sarah Titilah"
"Karen Helbling" -> "Sarah Titilah"
"Ashley Rehart" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Laura Fisher" -> "Ashley Rehart"
"Cara Yancey" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Katie Kozma" -> "Cara Yancey"
"Ashley Presley" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Cara Yancey" -> "Ashley Presley"
"Leila Wilhelm" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Robin Ellison" -> "Leila Wilhelm"
"Sean McHenry" -> "Kristen Elgo"
"Stacy Snyder" -> "Kristen Elgo"
"Greg Moody" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Ryan Farris" -> "Greg Moody"
"Jennifer Stout" -> "Greg Moody"
"Lisa Fleck" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Rachel Perkins" -> "Lisa Fleck"
"Christine Coyne" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Rachel Perkins" -> "Christine Coyne"
"Jennifer Cooley" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Laura Fisher" -> "Jennifer Cooley"
"Elizabeth Larios" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Ashley Rehart" -> "Elizabeth Larios"
"Cate Threlkeld" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Katie Kozma" -> "Cate Threlkeld"
"Erika Tapia" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Patrick Doerr" -> "Erika Tapia"
"Melissa Roy" -> "Erika Tapia"
"Robbyn Rozelle" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jarrod Monroe" -> "Robbyn Rozelle"
"Tiffany Kalland" -> "Robbyn Rozelle"
"Ryan Farris" -> "Ilana Melcher"
"Veronica Villanueva" -> "Ilana Melcher"
"Greg Moody" -> "Ryan Underwood"
"Katie Browne" -> "Ryan Underwood"
"Cameron Brown" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" -> "Cameron Brown"
"Tiffany Kalland" -> "Cameron Brown"
"Ryan Underwood" -> "Christine Mount"
"Lori Brede" -> "Christine Mount"
"Janay Rabe" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Greg Moody" -> "Janay Rabe"
"Cindy Teel" -> "Janay Rabe"
"Jeremy Browne" -> "Jennie Bogart"
"Tiffany Kalland" -> "Jennie Bogart"
"Ryan Farris" -> "Jeremy Frazier"
"Ilana Melcher" -> "Jeremy Frazier"
"Crystal Bozak" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Patrick Doerr" -> "Crystal Bozak"
"Katie Browne" -> "Crystal Bozak"
"Kameka Smith" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Matthew FitzGerald" -> "Kameka Smith"
"Ilana Melcher" -> "Kameka Smith"
"Kyra Sacco" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" -> "Kyra Sacco"
"Robbyn Rozelle" -> "Kyra Sacco"
"Samuel Behar" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Ryan Underwood" -> "Samuel Behar"
"Lori Brede" -> "Samuel Behar"
"Patrick Doerr" -> "Sarah Maltese"
"Deanna Jagow" -> "Sarah Maltese"
"David Bronson" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Kristin Alongi-Hutchins" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Tony Sacco" -> "David Bronson"
"Kristin Alongi-Hutchins" -> "David Bronson"
"Cameron Brown" -> "Kristopher Lininger"
"Kameka Smith" -> "Kristopher Lininger"
"Rakan Abu-Rahma" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Christine Coyne" -> "Rakan Abu-Rahma"
"Jennifer Berry" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jennifer Berry" -> "Janean Angeles"
"Penny Lewis" -> "Kristin Alongi-Hutchins"
"Melissa Bebak" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Greg Moody" -> "Melissa Bebak"
"Sarah Maltese" -> "Melissa Bebak"
"Scott Wright" -> "Jennifer Brandon"
"Japheth Cleaver" -> "Jennifer Brandon"
"Samuel Behar" -> "Robin Ellison"
"Kyra Sacco" -> "Robin Ellison"
"Teresa Simms" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Joseph Butler" -> "Teresa Simms"
"Janay Rabe" -> "Teresa Simms"
"Robert Schmidtke" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"Jean Newman" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Robert Schmidtke" -> "John FitzGibbon"
"Jean Newman" -> "John FitzGibbon"
"Brittany DePew" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Elizabeth Larios" -> "Brittany DePew"
"Kathleen Halberg" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Ashley Rehart" -> "Kathleen Halberg"
"Terrance Hirsch" [color=lightblue, URL=""];
"J. Angeles" -> "Terrance Hirsch"
"Susan Colwell" -> "Terrance Hirsch"
"Monique Arellano" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Ashley Presley" -> "Monique Arellano"
"Anthony Henderson" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Jennifer Cooley" -> "Anthony Henderson"
"Amethyst Tagle" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Cate Threlkeld" -> "Amethyst Tagle"
"Mallory Williams" [color=lightpink, URL=""];
"Lisa Fleck" -> "Mallory Williams"

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