Rockledge Lineage Tree

 * Project started Spring 2009 by Jason Warner '09
 * -This file is written in the DOT language and can be compiled using software called Graphviz, available free online, using the setting "Layout Engine: dot". Other settings produce strange graphs.
 * -Keep track of each pledge class by the semester they pledged, not their graduating year. List Fall and Spring classes separately.
 * -Verify pledging semesters and members of pledge classes using the book of records signed during initiation as well as the alumni database on
 * -When every pledge's big brother has been assigned, label the class "DONE."
 * -Whenever possible, use the original big/little brother pairings as assigned during pledging. Ignore "adoptions" or "disownings."
 * -Do not use pledge names or nicknames. Abbreviated names are ok (Christopher -> Chris) as long as they are used consistently. Composites may help with spelling as well.
 * -All alumni with no undergraduate lineage descendants should be greyed out. Reserve a color for "active" lineages.
 * -It is the duty of the elected Historian and interested volunteers to maintain, update, and expand this document.
 * -Keep the format of this file consistent and organized.

digraph BigBrothers
	label = <
	<table border="0">
			<td><img src="Alpha_Sigma_Phi_Crest.png" /></td>
				<font face="Palatino Linotype Bold" point-size="115">The Lineages of Rockledge</font><br />
	labelloc = "t";

	subgraph cluster0 {
		//style = filled;
		color = black;
		label = "Legend";
		fontname="Palatino Linotype";

		{rank=same; "Trans" T;}

		node [shape=ellipse, style=filled, fontsize=10, fontname="Palatino Linotype"];
		"Trans" [color=transparent, label="Brothers with unknown big and little brothers."];
		"Orange" [color=orange, label="Brothers with unknown big brothers. Patriarchs of a lineage."];
		"Light Blue" [color=lightblue2, label="Brothers who have a descendant who is a current undergraduate."];
		"Grey" [color=grey, label="Brothers who do not have a descendant who is a current undergraduate."];

		node [shape=plaintext, color=transparent];
		T //[label="Brothers with unknown big and little brothers."];
		O //[label="Brothers with unknown big brothers. Patriarchs of a lineage."];
		B //[label="Brothers who have a descendant who is a current undergraduate."];
		G //[label="Brothers who do not have a descendant who is a current undergraduate."];

		edge [style=invis];
		"Trans" -> "Orange";
		T -> O -> B -> G;

		edge [style=solid];
		"Orange" -> "Light Blue" -> "Grey";

	node [shape=plaintext, fontsize=36, fontname="Palatino Linotype"];
	"Pledge Class";

	node [fontsize=24];
	edge [style=invis];

	//We need to tell the software how to order the pledge class labels
	"Pledge Class" ->
	"Spring 1968" -> "Spring 1969" -> "Spring 1970" -> "Spring 1971" -> "Spring 1972" -> "Fall 1972" ->
	"Spring 1973" -> "Fall 1973" -> "Spring 1974" -> "Spring 1975" -> "Spring 1976" -> "Spring 1977" ->
	"Spring 1978" -> "Spring 1979" -> "Spring 1980" -> "Spring 1981" -> "Spring 1982" -> "Spring 1983" ->
	"Spring 1984" -> "Spring 1985" -> "Spring 1986" -> "Spring 1987" -> "Spring 1988" -> "Spring 1989" ->
	"Spring 1990" -> "Fall 1990" -> "Spring 1991" -> "Spring 1992" -> "Spring 1993" -> "Fall 1993" -> "Spring 1994" ->
	"Spring 1995" -> "Spring 1996" -> "Spring 1997" -> "Fall 1997" -> "Spring 1998" -> "Fall 1998" -> "Spring 1999" ->
	"Fall 1999" -> "Spring 2000" -> "Fall 2000" -> "Spring 2001" -> "Spring 2002" -> "Spring 2003" -> "Spring 2004" ->
	"Spring 2005" -> "Spring 2006" -> "Spring 2007" -> "Fall 2007" -> "Spring 2008" -> "Spring 2009" -> "Spring 2010" -> 
	"Fall 2010" -> "Spring 2011";

	//Style for the ROOT nodes
	node [style=invis, fontsize=1];
	edge [style=invis];


	//Styles for the brother nodes
	node [shape=ellipse, color=lightblue2, style=filled, fontsize=10];

	//This is important to keep the size of the output manageable. By using fake ROOT nodes which we hide above, we are able to
	//sort our orange (patriarch) nodes to the left of the graph, forcing unused names to the right.

	ROOTA -> "Kenneth Tsukada";
	ROOTAB -> "James Broaddus";
	ROOT1 -> "Jim Scott";
	ROOT2 -> "David Tillwick";
	ROOT2A -> "Richard Frediani";
	ROOT2AB -> "Richard Matthews";
	ROOT2B -> "John Moore";
	ROOT3 -> "Vernon Ellinger";
	ROOT3AAA -> "James Hagerty";
	ROOT3AA -> "Daniel Bergsma";
	ROOT3AB -> "Duncan Dlugos";
	ROOT3A -> "Stephen Fogg";
	ROOT3B -> "Peter Holbrook";
	ROOT4A -> "Stephen Mainardi";
	ROOT5 -> "David Efken";
	ROOT6 -> "Stephen Gross";
	ROOT8 -> "Lance Fortin";
	ROOT9 -> "Alejandro Badia";
	ROOT10 -> "David Biederman";
	ROOT11 -> "Dan Kasha";
	ROOT13 -> "Richard Frank";
	ROOT14 -> "John Majercak";
	ROOT15 -> "Manish Mehta";
	ROOT16 -> "Charles Whitney";
	ROOT17 -> "Eric Gunther";
	ROOT18 -> "Kenneth Klein";
	ROOT19 -> "Chris Siedman";
	ROOT20 -> "Mark Bertin";
	ROOT21 -> "William Henry";
	ROOT22 -> "Steffen Koehler";
	ROOT23 -> "Thomas Lowell";
	ROOT24 -> "Donald Mayer";
	ROOT26 -> "Ed McCarthy";
	ROOT27 -> "Josh Scheinfeld";
	ROOT28 -> "Daniel Schildge";
	ROOT29 -> "Paul Staid";
	ROOT30 -> "Pete Thauer";
	ROOT31 -> "Russell Weiner";
	ROOT32 -> "Brian Wood";
	ROOT33 -> "Hong Choi";
	ROOT34 -> "Quintin Wiktorwicz";
	ROOT35 -> "Brian Schilf";
	ROOT36 -> "Hootan Yaghoobzadeh";

	edge [style=solid];

	{rank=same; "Spring 1968"; "David Brumsted"[color=transparent] "Michael Chen"[color=transparent] "John Conwell"[color=transparent] "Martin Gershowitz"[color=transparent] "George Hagerty"[color=transparent] "Richard Hawkins"[color=transparent] "Lawrence Hutchison"[color=transparent] "Matthew Nobile"[color=transparent] "William Ochester"[color=transparent] "Richard Quaranto"[color=transparent] "Kari Santavirta"[color=transparent] "Jeffrey Shaw"[color=transparent] "Robert Stira"[color=transparent] "Kenneth Tsukada"[color=orange] "Donald Woo"[color=transparent];}
	"David Brumsted";
	"Michael Chen";
	"John Conwell";
	"Martin Gershowitz";
	"George Hagerty";
	"Richard Hawkins";
	"Lawrence Hutchison";
	"Matthew Nobile";
	"William Ochester";
	"Richard Quaranto";
	"Kari Santavirta";
	"Jeffrey Shaw";
	"Robert Stira";
	"Kenneth Tsukada";
	"Donald Woo";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1969"; "Alan Alexandroff"[color=transparent] "James Bernard"[color=transparent] "Robert Booher"[color=transparent] "James Broaddus"[color=orange] "Earl Carstens"[color=transparent] "Robert Clark"[color=transparent] "William Green"[color=transparent] "Robert Hagerty"[color=transparent] "Michael Hamblin"[color=transparent] "John Interrante"[color=transparent] "Richard Junge"[color=grey] "Mark Lanyon"[color=transparent] "Kenneth Lomba"[color=transparent] "Lawrence Pannasch"[color=transparent] "Jim Scott"[color=orange] "Steven Seiler"[color=transparent] "Peter Seyfarth"[color=transparent] "Daniel Siegel"[color=transparent] "Peter Slagle"[color=transparent] "Robert Steinbugler"[color=transparent] "David Tillwick"[color=orange] "Douglas Woods"[color=transparent];}
	"Alan Alexandroff";
	"James Bernard";
	"Robert Booher";
	"James Broaddus";
	"Earl Carstens";
	"Robert Clark";
	"William Green";
	"Robert Hagerty";
	"Michael Hamblin";
	"John Interrante";
	"Kenneth Tsukada" -> "Richard Junge";
	"Mark Lanyon";
	"Kenneth Lomba";
	"Lawrence Pannasch";
	"Jim Scott";
	"Steven Seiler";
	"Peter Seyfarth";
	"Daniel Siegel";
	"Peter Slagle";
	"Robert Steinbugler";
	"David Tillwick";
	"Douglas Woods";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1970"; "Roland Aberg"[color=transparent] "Richard Bernard"[color=transparent] "Philip Cheng"[color=transparent] "John Cowan"[color=grey] "William Daetsch"[color=transparent] "Richard DeMarle"[color=grey] "Paul Dye"[color=transparent] "Stuart Faulk"[color=transparent] "Carl Ferrentino"[color=transparent] "Mark Gerhold"[color=transparent] "William Grant"[color=transparent] "Alan Greynolds"[color=transparent] "Bill Horowitz"[color=transparent] "Theodore Kwoh"[color=transparent] "Jack Lawlor"[color=transparent] "Bruce Lonnman"[color=transparent] "William Lowry"[color=transparent] "Norman Marcus"[color=transparent] "Marc Marschark"[color=transparent] "John McIver"[color=transparent] "Mark Merson"[color=transparent] "Alan Meyer"[color=transparent] "Robert Morrison"[color=grey] "Joseph Pelliccia"[color=transparent] "Thomas Stoudt"[color=transparent] "John Thomas"[color=transparent] "Mark Twentyman"[color=transparent] "James Watson"[color=transparent] "Richard Weinberg"[color=grey] "Mitchell Wilensky"[color=transparent] "Paul Witt"[color=transparent];}
	"Roland Aberg";
	"Richard Bernard";
	"Philip Cheng";
	"Richard Junge" -> "John Cowan";
	"William Daetsch";
	"Jim Scott" -> "Richard DeMarle";
	"Paul Dye";
	"Stuart Faulk";
	"Carl Ferrentino";
	"Mark Gerhold";
	"William Grant";
	"Alan Greynolds";
	"Bill Horowitz";
	"Theodore Kwoh";
	"Jack Lawlor";
	"Bruce Lonnman";
	"William Lowry";
	"Norman Marcus";
	"Marc Marschark";
	"John McIver";
	"Mark Merson";
	"Alan Meyer";
	"David Tillwick" -> "Robert Morrison";
	"Joseph Pelliccia";
	"Thomas Stoudt";
	"John Thomas";
	"Mark Twentyman";
	"James Watson";
	"James Broaddus" -> "Richard Weinberg";
	"Mitchell Wilensky";
	"Paul Witt";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1971"; "Michael Acquesta"[color=transparent] "Norman Birrell"[color=transparent] "James Conner"[color=transparent] "Thomas Gentile"[color=transparent] "George Kaloroumakis"[color=grey] "Lee Lapierre"[color=transparent] "Roger Magid"[color=transparent] "Randolph Newman"[color=transparent] "Jeffrey Rosenfeld"[color=transparent] "Bradley Roth"[color=grey] "Richard Schieck"[color=transparent] "Robert Stewart"[color=transparent];}
	"Michael Acquesta";
	"Norman Birrell";
	"James Conner";
	"Thomas Gentile";
	"Richard DeMarle" -> "George Kaloroumakis";
	"Lee Lapierre";
	"Roger Magid";
	"Randolph Newman";
	"Jeffrey Rosenfeld";
	"Richard Weinberg" -> "Bradley Roth";
	"Richard Schieck";
	"Robert Stewart";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1972"; "Jeffrey Beck"[color=transparent] "Herbert Benjamin"[color=transparent] "Guy Costello"[color=transparent] "David Crook"[color=transparent] "Robert Ferland"[color=transparent] "Richard Frediani"[color=orange] "Ernest Guenzburger"[color=transparent] "Steven Kubisen"[color=transparent] "Richard Matthews"[color=orange] "Robert McClintock"[color=transparent] "Richard Miller"[color=transparent] "Mitchell Neider"[color=transparent] "Steven Shlansky"[color=transparent] "David Staskin"[color=transparent] "Roger Strassburg"[color=transparent] "William Thompson"[color=grey] "Thomas Turley"[color=transparent] "Lowell Wallace"[color=transparent] "Bruce Weber"[color=transparent];}
	"Jeffrey Beck";
	"Herbert Benjamin";
	"Guy Costello";
	"David Crook";
	"Robert Ferland";
	"Richard Frediani";
	"Ernest Guenzburger";
	"Steven Kubisen";
	"Richard Matthews";
	"Robert McClintock";
	"Richard Miller";
	"Mitchell Neider";
	"Steven Shlansky";
	"David Staskin";
	"Roger Strassburg";
	"Bradley Roth" -> "William Thompson";
	"Thomas Turley";
	"Lowell Wallace";
	"Bruce Weber";

	{rank=same; "Fall 1972"; "William Howard"[color=transparent] "John Moore"[color=orange];}
	"William Howard";
	"John Moore";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1973"; "Glenn Corsini"[color=transparent] "Vernon Ellinger"[color=orange] "Warren Grosjean"[color=grey] "James Hagerty"[color=orange] "Robert Spraker"[color=transparent];}
	"Glenn Corsini";
	"Vernon Ellinger";
	"Robert Morrison" -> "Warren Grosjean";
	"James Hagerty";
	"Robert Spraker";

	{rank=same; "Fall 1973"; "Lee O'Connor"[color=transparent];}
	"Lee O'Connor";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1974"; "Daniel Bergsma"[color=orange] "Duncan Dlugos"[color=orange] "Stephen Fogg"[color=orange] "Peter Holbrook"[color=orange] "Robert Kaplan"[color=transparent] "Mitchell Laplante"[color=transparent] "Alfred Little"[color=transparent] "Richard Pershall"[color=transparent] "Seth Schlam"[color=transparent] "Tomas Volpe"[color=transparent] "Seth Zarny"[color=transparent];}
	"Daniel Bergsma";
	"Duncan Dlugos";
	"Stephen Fogg";
	"Peter Holbrook";
	"Robert Kaplan";
	"Mitchell Laplante";
	"Alfred Little";
	"Richard Pershall";
	"Seth Schlam";
	"Tomas Volpe";
	"Seth Zarny";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1975"; "Mark Anderson"[color=transparent] "Edward Arnold"[color=transparent] "Jeffrey Baldani"[color=transparent] "Frank DeMayo"[color=grey] "Louis DiNapoli"[color=grey] "Bruce Edwards"[color=transparent] "Roald Euller"[color=grey] "Henry Fessler"[color=transparent] "William Frucht"[color=transparent] "Henry Giles"[color=transparent] "Keith Grinnell"[color=transparent] "Jan Harris"[color=grey] "John Kantz"[color=grey] "Fred Ladner"[color=transparent] "Carl Popolo"[color=transparent] "Eric Schmidt"[color=grey] "Jeffrey Snedeker"[color=grey] "Stephen Soffen"[color=transparent] "James Sowers"[color=grey] "Stephen Sullivan"[color=grey] "Keith Waters"[color=transparent] /*"John Walluk"[color=transparent]*/ "Mark Weiss"[color=transparent];}
	"Mark Anderson";
	"Edward Arnold";
	"Jeffrey Baldani";
	"John Moore" -> "Frank DeMayo";
	"James Hagerty" -> "Louis DiNapoli";
	"Bruce Edwards";
	"Peter Holbrook" -> "Roald Euller";
	"Henry Fessler";
	"William Frucht";
	"Henry Giles";
	"Keith Grinnell";
	"Stephen Fogg" -> "Jan Harris";
	"Richard Frediani" -> "John Kantz";
	"Fred Ladner";
	"Carl Popolo";
	"Vernon Ellinger" -> "Eric Schmidt";
	"Daniel Bergsma" -> "Jeffrey Snedeker";
	"Stephen Soffen";
	"Duncan Dlugos" -> "James Sowers";
	"Richard Matthews" -> "Stephen Sullivan";
	"Keith Waters";
	"Mark Weiss";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1976"; "John Amodeo"[color=grey] "Douglas Brownstone"[color=transparent] "Kevin Burns"[color=transparent] "Dean Collamer"[color=transparent] "Carl Corrigan"[color=grey] "Mark Denison"[color=grey] "Robert Dewald"[color=transparent] "Michael Harris"[color=grey] "Michael Holbrook"[color=grey] "Brian Jones"[color=grey] "Richard Ohlenberg"[color=transparent] "Stephen Pawlak"[color=transparent] "Marino Polestra"[color=transparent] "Herbert Stephenson"[color=transparent] "Mark Sustarsic"[color=transparent] /*"John Waters"[color=transparent]*/;}
	"Louis DiNapoli" -> "John Amodeo";
	"Douglas Brownstone";
	"Kevin Burns";
	"Dean Collamer";
	"Daniel Bergsma" -> "Carl Corrigan";
	"Frank DeMayo" -> "Mark Denison";
	"Robert Dewald";
	"John Kantz" -> "Michael Harris";
	"James Sowers" -> "Michael Holbrook";
	"Eric Schmidt" -> "Brian Jones";
	"Richard Ohlenberg";
	"Stephen Pawlak";
	"Marino Polestra";
	"Herbert Stephenson"; //NOT IN INITIATION BOOK
	"Mark Sustarsic";
	//"John Waters";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1977"; "John Anderson"[color=grey] "Mark Bergeron"[color=grey] "Robert Bernert"[color=grey] "Kevin Brown"[color=transparent] "John Devore"[color=grey] "Steven Hackman"[color=transparent] "James Hanly"[color=grey] "William Hoerle"[color=transparent] "Georg Kuhnke"[color=grey] "Kurt Lender"[color=transparent] "Thomas Ludawski"[color=transparent] "Stephen Mainardi"[color=orange] "Peter Rucker"[color=grey] "Peter Scudera"[color=grey] "Marco Sodi"[color=grey] "Harvey Stenger"[color=grey] "Donald Taylor"[color=grey] "Peter Thauer"[color=transparent];}
	"Frank DeMayo" -> "John Anderson";
	"Michael Harris" -> "Mark Bergeron";
	"Jan Harris" -> "Robert Bernert";
	"Kevin Brown";
	"Stephen Sullivan" -> "John Devore";
	"Steven Hackman";
	"Brian Jones" -> "James Hanly";
	"William Hoerle";
	"Eric Schmidt" -> "Georg Kuhnke";
	"Kurt Lender";
	"Thomas Ludawski";
	"Stephen Mainardi";
	"Carl Corrigan" -> "Peter Rucker";
	"Jeffrey Snedeker" -> "Peter Scudera";
	"Louis DiNapoli" -> "Marco Sodi";
	"John Kantz" -> "Harvey Stenger";
	"John Amodeo" -> "Donald Taylor";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1978"; "Robert Adelman"[color=transparent] "Joseph Avanzato"[color=transparent] "Doron Bard"[color=grey] "Robert Bohne"[color=grey] "Kenneth Cantwell"[color=grey] "David Choquette"[color=transparent] "John Ebners"[color=transparent] "Jeffrey Estabrook"[color=transparent] "Richard Fowles"[color=transparent] "Herbert Frost"[color=transparent] "Thomas Gabuzda"[color=transparent] "Robert Guldner" "Jeffrey Jones"[color=transparent] "David Vigliotta"[color=grey] "Donald Walker"[color=grey];}
	"Robert Adelman"; //NOT IN INITIATION BOOK
	"Joseph Avanzato";
	"Peter Rucker" -> "Doron Bard";
	"John Kantz" -> "Robert Bohne";
	"Carl Corrigan" -> "Kenneth Cantwell";
	"David Choquette";
	"John Ebners";
	"Jeffrey Estabrook";
	"Richard Fowles";
	"Herbert Frost";
	"Thomas Gabuzda";
	"Stephen Mainardi" -> "Robert Guldner";
	"Jeffrey Jones";
	"John Devore" -> "David Vigliotta";
	"Jan Harris" -> "Donald Walker";

	//Spring 1979: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1979"; "David Cleary"[color=grey] "Donald Clinton"[color=transparent] "Bruce Cohen"[color=transparent] "David Efken"[color=orange] "Thomas Hagerty"[color=transparent] "Kevin Hansen"[color=transparent] "Walter Hlawitschka"[color=transparent] "Paul Holbrook"[color=transparent] "Alfred Ling"[color=transparent] "Edward Pasternak"[color=transparent] "Jon Sundquist"[color=transparent];}
	"James Hanly" -> "David Cleary";
	"Donald Clinton";
	"Bruce Cohen";
	"David Efken";
	"Thomas Hagerty";
	"Kevin Hansen";
	"Walter Hlawitschka";
	"Paul Holbrook";
	"Alfred Ling";
	"Edward Pasternak";
	"Jon Sundquist";

	//Spring 1980: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1980"; "Christian Belady"[color=grey] "Andrew Biagioni"[color=grey] "Eric Blinderman"[color=transparent] "David Bliss"[color=transparent] "Terrence Furman"[color=transparent] "Dana Goldfarb"[color=transparent] "Stephen Gross"[color=orange] "David Haggart"[color=transparent] "Thomas Hood"[color=transparent] "David Jones"[color=transparent] "Daniel Joss"[color=transparent] "Ralph Lamar"[color=transparent] "David Lowry"[color=transparent] "William Lyndon"[color=grey] "Peter Murphy"[color=transparent] "Scott Nostrand"[color=transparent] "James O'Loughlin"[color=grey] "Todd Ostrow"[color=grey] "David Robinson"[color=transparent] "Harlow Russell" "Mark Thistle"[color=transparent] "Michael Wittner"[color=grey];}
	"David Efken" -> "Christian Belady";
	"Robert Bernert" -> "Andrew Biagioni";
	"Eric Blinderman";
	"David Bliss";
	"Terrence Furman";
	"Dana Goldfarb";
	"Stephen Gross";
	"David Haggart";
	"Thomas Hood";
	"David Jones";
	"Daniel Joss";
	"Ralph Lamar";
	"David Lowry";
	"Doron Bard" -> "William Lyndon";
	"Peter Murphy";
	"Scott Nostrand";
	"David Cleary" -> "James O'Loughlin";
	"David Vigliotta" -> "Todd Ostrow";
	"David Robinson";
	"Robert Guldner" -> "Harlow Russell";
	"Mark Thistle";
	"Mark Bergeron" -> "Michael Wittner";

	//Spring 1981: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1981"; "Nicholas Acker"[color=transparent] "David Bartlem"[color=transparent] "Paul Bernstein"[color=transparent] "Stuart Cameron"[color=transparent] "George Celardo"[color=transparent] "Travis Chapman"[color=transparent] "Alan Cohen"[color=grey] "Karl Dueland"[color=grey] "Lance Fortin"[color=orange] "Anthony Giobbi"[color=transparent] "John Latella"[color=transparent] "John Livingston"[color=transparent] "David Mcrae"[color=transparent] "Harold Miller" "Theodore Millspaugh"[color=transparent] "John Romanelli"[color=transparent] "Jose Santini"[color=transparent] "Carl Scheider"[color=transparent] "Peter Sunderland"[color=transparent] "Glenn Swanson"[color=grey] "Thomas Sweitzer"[color=transparent] "Stanley Tso"[color=transparent];}
	"Nicholas Acker";
	"David Bartlem";
	"Paul Bernstein";
	"Stuart Cameron";
	"George Celardo";
	"Travis Chapman";
	"Christian Belady" -> "Alan Cohen";
	"Doron Bard" -> "Karl Dueland";
	"Lance Fortin";
	"Anthony Giobbi";
	"John Latella";
	"John Livingston";
	"David Mcrae";
	"Harlow Russell" -> "Harold Miller";
	"Theodore Millspaugh";
	"John Romanelli";
	"Jose Santini";
	"Carl Scheider";
	"Peter Sunderland";
	"Todd Ostrow" -> "Glenn Swanson";
	"Thomas Sweitzer";
	"Stanley Tso";

	//Spring 1982: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1982"; "Thomas Acquista"[color=transparent] "Alejandro Badia"[color=orange] "David Biederman"[color=orange] "Dennis Callahan"[color=transparent] "Richard Chase"[color=transparent] "James Eckert"[color=transparent] "Christopher Gaechter"[color=transparent] "George Gifford"[color=transparent] "Karl Malchar"[color=transparent] "Robert Ooyama"[color=transparent] "Craig Stanley"[color=transparent] "Stephen Tate"[color=transparent] "Scott Ugoretz"[color=grey];}
	"Thomas Acquista";
	"Alejandro Badia";
	"David Biederman";
	"Dennis Callahan";
	"Richard Chase";
	"James Eckert";
	"Christopher Gaechter";
	"George Gifford";
	"Karl Malchar";
	"Robert Ooyama";
	"Craig Stanley";
	"Stephen Tate";
	"Karl Dueland" -> "Scott Ugoretz";

	//Spring 1983: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1983"; "John Beggs"[color=transparent] "Phillip Carter"[color=transparent] "William Cleary"[color=transparent] "Patrick Colgan"[color=transparent] "Peter Gross"[color=grey] "Michael Ingham"[color=transparent] "Rafael Jimenez"[color=transparent] "Dan Kasha"[color=orange] "Scott Manchester"[color=transparent] "Andrew Martin"[color=grey] "Robert Prevett"[color=transparent] "Dirk-Jan Rosse"[color=transparent] "Erich Steadman"[color=transparent] "John Tais"[color=transparent] "Song Tan"[color=transparent] "Andrew Trice"[color=grey] "Matthew Vartanian"[color=transparent];}
	"John Beggs";
	"Phillip Carter";
	"William Cleary";
	"Patrick Colgan";
	"Harlow Russell" -> "Peter Gross";
	"Michael Ingham";
	"Rafael Jimenez";
	"Dan Kasha";
	"Scott Manchester";
	"Stephen Gross" -> "Andrew Martin";
	"Robert Prevett";
	"Dirk-Jan Rosse";
	"Erich Steadman";
	"John Tais";
	"Song Tan";
	"Todd Ostrow" -> "Andrew Trice";
	"Matthew Vartanian";

	//Spring 1984: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1984"; "William Bicknell"[color=transparent] "Peter Chen"[color=transparent] "Ralph D'Onofrio" "Joseph Englander"[color=transparent] "Richard Frank"[color=orange] "Steven Glogoza"[color=transparent] "Andrew Krawitt"[color=transparent] "Shawn Lapean"[color=transparent] "Stuart Leblang"[color=grey] "Michael Lenihan"[color=grey] "John Majercak"[color=orange] "Clifford Markell"[color=transparent] "Manish Mehta"[color=orange] "David Moskovic"[color=transparent] "Ashwin Pathare"[color=transparent] "Mark Sifling"[color=transparent] "Thomas Teifke"[color=transparent] "Marcus Turner"[color=transparent] "Jeffrey Weeks"[color=transparent] "Charles Whitney"[color=orange] "Robert Winter"[color=grey];}
	"William Bicknell";
	"Peter Chen";
	"Harold Miller" -> "Ralph D'Onofrio";
	"Joseph Englander";
	"Richard Frank";
	"Steven Glogoza";
	"Andrew Krawitt";
	"Shawn Lapean";
	"Alan Cohen" -> "Stuart Leblang";
	"Lance Fortin" -> "Michael Lenihan";
	"John Majercak";
	"Clifford Markell";
	"Manish Mehta";
	"David Moskovic";
	"Ashwin Pathare";
	"Mark Sifling";
	"Thomas Teifke";
	"Marcus Turner";
	"Jeffrey Weeks";
	"Charles Whitney";
	"Scott Ugoretz" -> "Robert Winter";

	//Spring 1985: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1985"; "Rohit Bakshi" "Michael Bauer"[color=grey] "Peter Cardoza"[color=grey] "Paul Conan"[color=transparent] "Alexander Counts"[color=grey] "Howard Ehrlich"[color=grey] "Steven Geffner"[color=transparent] "Steven Ginsberg"[color=transparent] "Andrew Greenberg"[color=grey] "Eric Gunther"[color=orange] "Jeffrey Hahn"[color=transparent] "Kenneth Klein"[color=orange] "Donald McNerney"[color=transparent] "Stephen Odio"[color=grey] "Harlan Protass"[color=grey] "Russell Ruthen"[color=transparent] "Andrew Sherman"[color=transparent] "Chris Siedman"[color=orange] "William Spalding"[color=transparent] "Wendell Thomas"[color=transparent] "Robert Williams"[color=transparent];}
	"Ralph D'Onofrio" -> "Rohit Bakshi";
	"Robert Winter" -> "Michael Bauer";
	"Richard Frank" -> "Peter Cardoza";
	"Paul Conan";
	"Alejandro Badia" -> "Alexander Counts";
	"David Biederman" -> "Howard Ehrlich";
	"Steven Geffner";
	"Steven Ginsberg";
	"Manish Mehta" -> "Andrew Greenberg";
	"Eric Gunther";
	"Jeffrey Hahn";
	"Kenneth Klein";
	"Donald McNerney";
	"Michael Lenihan" -> "Stephen Odio";
	"Dan Kasha" -> "Harlan Protass";
	"Russell Ruthen";
	"Andrew Sherman";
	"Chris Siedman";
	"William Spalding";
	"Wendell Thomas";
	"Robert Williams";

	//Spring 1986: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1986"; "Matthew Barron"[color=transparent] "William Bates"[color=transparent] "Mark Bertin"[color=orange] "David Biedermann"[color=transparent] "John Chaya"[color=grey] "Jonathan David"[color=grey] "Osvaldo Franco"[color=grey] "Erik Goethert"[color=grey] "Adam Goodman" "William Henry"[color=orange] "Robert Kimmeth"[color=transparent] "Steffen Koehler"[color=orange] "Thomas Lowell"[color=orange] "Donald Mayer"[color=orange] "Scott McConnell"[color=grey] "Paul Pavlidis"[color=grey] "Alan Pittler"[color=transparent] "William Preston"[color=transparent] "Paul Schulte"[color=grey] "Andrew Szafran"[color=grey] "Charles Thorp"[color=grey] "Andrew Woods"[color=transparent] "David Wortman";}
	"Matthew Barron";
	"William Bates";
	"Mark Bertin";
	"David Biedermann";
	"Robert Winter" -> "John Chaya";
	"Howard Ehrlich" -> "Jonathan David";
	"Ralph D'Onofrio" -> "Osvaldo Franco";
	"Charles Whitney" -> "Erik Goethert";
	"Rohit Bakshi" -> "Adam Goodman";
	"William Henry";
	"Robert Kimmeth";
	"Steffen Koehler";
	"Thomas Lowell";
	"Donald Mayer";
	"Harlan Protass" -> "Scott McConnell";
	"Alexander Counts" -> "Paul Pavlidis";
	"Alan Pittler";
	"William Preston";
	"Andrew Trice" -> "Paul Schulte";
	"Stephen Odio" -> "Andrew Szafran";
	"John Majercak" -> "Charles Thorp";
	"Andrew Woods";
	"Kenneth Klein" -> "David Wortman";

	//Spring 1987: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1987"; "Brian Breidigan"[color=grey] "Anthony Ciabarra"[color=transparent] "Samuel Friedman"[color=transparent] "Tom Glick"[color=grey] "Robert Haugen" "Bill Haumann"[color=grey] "Brian Krabak"[color=grey] "Ed McCarthy"[color=orange] "Greg Munsell"[color=grey] "Jeffrey Murphy"[color=transparent] "Josh Scheinfeld"[color=orange] "Daniel Schildge"[color=orange] "Paul Staid"[color=orange] "Pete Thauer"[color=orange] "Kai Timmermann"[color=grey] "Thomas VanTiem"[color=transparent] "Russell Weiner"[color=orange] "Brian Wood"[color=orange];}
	"Adam Goodman" -> "Brian Breidigan";
	"Anthony Ciabarra";
	"Samuel Friedman";
	"Peter Cardoza" -> "Tom Glick";
	"David Wortman" -> "Robert Haugen";
	"William Lyndon" -> "Bill Haumann";
	"Howard Ehrlich" -> "Brian Krabak";
	"Ed McCarthy";
	"Mark Bertin" -> "Greg Munsell";
	"Jeffrey Murphy";
	"Josh Scheinfeld";
	"Daniel Schildge";
	"Paul Staid";
	"Pete Thauer";
	"Michael Bauer" -> "Kai Timmermann";
	"Thomas VanTiem";
	"Russell Weiner";
	"Brian Wood";

	//Spring 1988: NOT DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1988"; "Mark Adams"[color=grey] "Hong Choi"[color=orange] "Joseph Cullon"[color=grey] "Scott Deutchman"[color=grey] "Scott Dubowsky"[color=grey] "James Dulfer"[color=grey] "Tom Easley"[color=grey] "Steve Feinleib"[color=grey] "Louis Gimbel" "Daniel Herman"[color=grey] "Rod Levy"[color=grey] "Martin McCall"[color=grey] "Larry Soboleski"[color=grey] "Tim Steenstrup"[color=transparent] "Won-Suk Suh"[color=grey] "Van Tankard"[color=grey] "Gregory Wolmart"[color=grey] "Phillip Yang"[color=transparent];}
	"Eric Gunther" -> "Mark Adams";
	"Hong Choi";
	"Chris Siedman" -> "Joseph Cullon";
	"Brian Breidigan" -> "Scott Deutchman";
	"Russell Weiner" -> "Scott Dubowsky";
	"Kai Timmermann" -> "James Dulfer";
	"Bill Haumann" -> "Tom Easley";
	"Josh Scheinfeld" -> "Steve Feinleib";
	"Adam Goodman" -> "Louis Gimbel";
	"Thomas Lowell" -> "Daniel Herman";
	"David Wortman" -> "Rod Levy";
	"Andrew Szafran" -> "Martin McCall";
	"Ed McCarthy" -> "Larry Soboleski";
	"Tim Steenstrup";
	"Tom Glick" -> "Won-Suk Suh";
	"Brian Krabak" -> "Van Tankard";
	"William Henry" -> "Gregory Wolmart";
	"Phillip Yang";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1989"; "Jon Bailey" "Miroslav Bobek"[color=grey] "Stephen Brueckner"[color=grey] "David Capelli"[color=grey] "Chris Craney"[color=grey] "Jim Doyle"[color=grey] "Stephen Harbula"[color=grey] "Matt Healey"[color=grey] "William Joyce"[color=grey] "Todd Kantorczyk"[color=grey] "Christopher Massing"[color=grey] "Noel Matos"[color=grey] "Brian Nowicki"[color=grey] "Hugo Olivera"[color=grey] "George Papaioannou"[color=grey] "James Penna"[color=grey] "Rowland Richards"[color=grey] "Chris Ritter"[color=grey] "Jason Sherry"[color=grey] "Todd Smalley"[color=grey] "Jamie Stallman" "Lance Thesier"[color=grey] "John Voellmicke"[color=grey] "Chris Wallach"[color=grey] "Timothy Wells" "Quintin Wiktorwicz"[color=orange];}
	"Louis Gimbel" -> "Jon Bailey";
	"Ed McCarthy" -> "Miroslav Bobek";
	"Greg Munsell" -> "Stephen Brueckner";
	"Tom Easley" -> "David Capelli";
	"Mark Bertin" -> "Chris Craney";
	"Paul Staid" -> "Jim Doyle";
	"Martin McCall" -> "Stephen Harbula";
	"Rod Levy" -> "Matt Healey";
	"Won-Suk Suh" -> "William Joyce";
	"Van Tankard" -> "Todd Kantorczyk";
	"Daniel Schildge" -> "Christopher Massing";
	"Brian Wood" -> "Noel Matos";
	"Hong Choi" -> "Brian Nowicki";
	"Steve Feinleib" -> "Hugo Olivera";
	"Paul Schulte" -> "George Papaioannou";
	"James Dulfer" -> "James Penna";
	"Pete Thauer" -> "Rowland Richards";
	"Steffen Koehler" -> "Chris Ritter";
	"Donald Mayer" -> "Jason Sherry";
	"John Chaya" -> "Todd Smalley";
	"Josh Scheinfeld" -> "Jamie Stallman";
	"Joseph Cullon" -> "Lance Thesier";
	"Tom Glick" -> "John Voellmicke";
	"Scott Deutchman" -> "Chris Wallach";
	"Robert Haugen" -> "Timothy Wells";
	"Quintin Wiktorwicz";

	//Spring 1990: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1990"; "Jon Ariano"[color=grey] "Harvey Beldner"[color=grey] "Jon Bornstein"[color=grey] "Steven Copeland"[color=grey] "Seth Edmondson"[color=grey] "David Evans"[color=grey] "Yanai Frank"[color=grey] "Jason Gerlach"[color=grey] "Dave Goldin" "Peter Hedlund"[color=grey] "Steven Hissong"[color=grey] "Christopher Hove"[color=grey] "Steve Klinge" "Robert Mazeffa"[color=grey] "Charles McChesney"[color=grey] "Adrian Muller"[color=grey] "Joel Pastore"[color=grey] "Jason Scopp"[color=grey] "Matthew Staid"[color=grey] "Michael Sweeny"[color=grey] "Greg Thomas"[color=grey] "Kurt Voellmicke"[color=grey] "Christopher Wittemann"[color=grey];}
	"Chris Wallach" -> "Jon Ariano";
	"Scott Deutchman" -> "Harvey Beldner";
	"James Penna" -> "Jon Bornstein";
	"Hong Choi" -> "Steven Copeland";
	"Jason Sherry" -> "Seth Edmondson";
	"Noel Matos" -> "David Evans";
	"Lance Thesier" -> "Yanai Frank";
	"Rod Levy" -> "Jason Gerlach";
	"Jon Bailey" -> "Dave Goldin";
	"Jim Doyle" -> "Peter Hedlund";
	"Steve Feinleib" -> "Steven Hissong";
	"John Voellmicke" -> "Christopher Hove";
	"Timothy Wells" -> "Steve Klinge";
	"Chris Craney" -> "Robert Mazeffa";
	"Rowland Richards" -> "Charles McChesney";
	"Miroslav Bobek" -> "Adrian Muller";
	"Hugo Olivera" -> "Joel Pastore";
	"Matt Healey" -> "Jason Scopp";
	"Quintin Wiktorwicz" -> "Matthew Staid";
	"Greg Munsell" -> "Michael Sweeny";
	"Todd Smalley" -> "Greg Thomas";
	"Ed McCarthy" -> "Kurt Voellmicke";
	"Todd Kantorczyk" -> "Christopher Wittemann";

	//Fall 1990: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 1990"; "Atul Grover"[color=grey];}
	"Martin McCall" -> "Atul Grover";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1991"; "Tom Bain"[color=grey] "Robert Bogucki"[color=grey] "David Bombard"[color=grey] "Chris Bould"[color=grey] "Mike Drew"[color=grey] "Jon Gordon"[color=grey] "Michael Haug"[color=grey] "Steven Hewitson"[color=grey] "Thomas Hunter"[color=grey] "Josh Hurwitz"[color=grey] "Peter Irwin" "Joseph Jose"[color=grey] "Michael Kaufman"[color=grey] "Dan Kurz"[color=grey] "Dan Lockwood"[color=transparent] "Greg Medow"[color=grey] "Edward Miller"[color=grey] "Luke Oh"[color=grey] "Brian Ruhl"[color=grey] "Stofer Smith"[color=grey] "James Sobieraj"[color=grey] "Jason Stipe"[color=grey] "Jason Szporn"[color=grey] "Hooman Yaghoobzadeh"[color=grey];}
	"Timothy Wells" -> "Tom Bain";
	"Jason Sherry" -> "Robert Bogucki";
	"Todd Smalley" -> "David Bombard";
	"Jon Bailey" -> "Chris Bould";
	"Steve Klinge" -> "Mike Drew";
	"Matthew Staid" -> "Jon Gordon";
	"Tom Easley" -> "Michael Haug";
	"Brian Nowicki" -> "Steven Hewitson";
	"Greg Thomas" -> "Thomas Hunter";
	"Dave Goldin" -> "Josh Hurwitz";
	"Jamie Stallman" -> "Peter Irwin";
	"Jon Ariano" -> "Joseph Jose";
	"Stephen Harbula" -> "Michael Kaufman";
	"Chris Ritter" -> "Dan Kurz";
	"Dan Lockwood";
	"Jason Gerlach" -> "Greg Medow";
	"Miroslav Bobek" -> "Edward Miller";
	"Adrian Muller" -> "Luke Oh";
	"John Voellmicke" -> "Brian Ruhl";
	"Jon Bornstein" -> "Stofer Smith";
	"Matt Healey" -> "James Sobieraj";
	"Christopher Wittemann" -> "Jason Stipe";
	"Larry Soboleski" -> "Jason Szporn";
	"Mark Adams" -> "Hooman Yaghoobzadeh";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1992"; "Donald Breckenridge"[color=transparent] "Ben Busse"[color=grey] "Dan Carroll"[color=grey] "John Cokinos"[color=grey] "Camilo Echavarria"[color=transparent] "Marc Friedman"[color=grey] "John Gallagher" "Robert Hargreaves"[color=grey] "Justin Harrison"[color=grey] "Ryan Haven"[color=grey] "Leslie Hilger"[color=grey] "Tom Kim"[color=grey] "Ronald Levi"[color=grey] "Doug May"[color=grey] "Matt McMurphy" "Peter Minneci" "Michael Moran"[color=grey] "Greg Pedicin"[color=grey] "Matt Salazar"[color=grey] "Peter Sams"[color=grey] "Erik Sandquist"[color=grey] "Brian Schilf"[color=orange] "Kirk West"[color=grey];}
	"Mike Drew" -> "Peter Sams";
	"Greg Medow" -> "Ben Busse";
	"David Bombard" -> "Dan Carroll";
	"Robert Bogucki" -> "Kirk West";
	"Hooman Yaghoobzadeh" -> "John Cokinos";
	"Jon Bornstein" -> "Marc Friedman";
	"Jason Szporn" -> "Robert Hargreaves";
	"Brian Ruhl" -> "Justin Harrison";
	"Jason Stipe" -> "Ryan Haven";
	"Stofer Smith" -> "Leslie Hilger";
	"Joseph Jose" -> "Ronald Levi";
	"Dan Kurz" -> "Doug May";
	"Tom Bain" -> "Michael Moran";
	"Chris Bould" -> "Greg Pedicin";
	"Michael Haug" -> "Erik Sandquist";
	"Steve Klinge" -> "Peter Minneci";
	"Peter Irwin" -> "John Gallagher";
	"Dave Goldin" -> "Matt McMurphy";
	"Thomas Hunter" -> "Tom Kim";
	"Jon Ariano" -> "Matt Salazar";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1993"; "Greg Chorebanian" "Scott Cohen"[color=grey] "Jasper Cordero"[color=grey] "Gregg Dehner"[color=grey] "Adam Jernow"[color=grey] "Ronald Johnstone"[color=grey] "Matt Malone"[color=grey] "Tim McAuliffe"[color=grey] "Matt Nelson"[color=grey] "Declan O'Connell"[color=grey] "Marc Saulsbury"[color=grey] "Dave Sbarra"[color=grey] "Hootan Yaghoobzadeh"[color=orange] "Chris Zaccarelli"[color=grey];}
	"Mike Drew" -> "Matt Malone";
	"Ben Busse" -> "Gregg Dehner";
	"Peter Minneci" -> "Greg Chorebanian";
	"Marc Friedman" -> "Matt Nelson";
	"Erik Sandquist" -> "Jasper Cordero";
	"Brian Schilf" -> "Ronald Johnstone";
	"Doug May" -> "Marc Saulsbury";
	"Greg Pedicin" -> "Dave Sbarra";
	"Kirk West" -> "Scott Cohen";
	"Justin Harrison" -> "Chris Zaccarelli";
	"Ryan Haven" -> "Adam Jernow";
	"Michael Moran" -> "Tim McAuliffe";
	"Steve Klinge" -> "Declan O'Connell";

	//Fall 1993: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 1993"; "Frederick Prelle"[color=grey];}
	"John Cokinos" -> "Frederick Prelle";

	//Spring 1994: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1994"; "Brian Berger" "Paul Ciccolella"[color=grey] "Matt Davitt"[color=grey] "Patrick Dowd" "David Ellner"[color=grey] "Thomas Hauret" "Marc Heller"[color=grey] "Russell Kellner"[color=grey] "Jordan Lisella"[color=grey] "David Poggi"[color=grey] "Josh Schrenker"[color=grey] "Michael Shriberg"[color=grey] "Seth Welbourn"[color=grey] "Steven Wolmark"[color=grey];}
	"Greg Chorebanian" -> "Brian Berger";
	"Matt Malone" -> "Russell Kellner";
	"Peter Minneci" -> "David Poggi";
	"Ronald Johnstone" -> "Paul Ciccolella";
	"Marc Saulsbury" -> "Matt Davitt";
	"Doug May" -> "Josh Schrenker";
	"John Cokinos" -> "Michael Shriberg";
	"Dave Sbarra" -> "Steven Wolmark";
	"Robert Hargreaves" -> "David Ellner";
	"Steve Klinge" -> "Thomas Hauret";
	"Michael Moran" -> "Marc Heller";
	"Matt Nelson" -> "Seth Welbourn";
	"Matt McMurphy" -> "Patrick Dowd";
	"Hootan Yaghoobzadeh" -> "Jordan Lisella";

	//Spring 1995: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1995"; "Sean Bebko"[color=grey] "Scott Beicke"[color=grey] "Jeff Berradelli"[color=grey] "Ted Bloomberg" "Sid Brown"[color=grey] "Matt Carmona"[color=grey] "Brian Colton"[color=grey] "Chris Cox"[color=grey] "Seth Beausang"[color=grey] "Rich Grousset"[color=grey] "Josh Klein" "Adam Mikulka"[color=grey] "Bill Quimby"[color=grey] "Mihailo Smiljanic"[color=grey] "Tyler Story"[color=grey] "Tom Sze" "Mike Wallach"[color=grey] "Jesse Yorio"[color=grey];}
	"Marc Friedman" -> "Rich Grousset";
	"John Gallagher" -> "Tom Sze";
	"Seth Welbourn" -> "Sid Brown";
	"Brian Berger" -> "Josh Klein";
	"Russell Kellner" -> "Bill Quimby";
	"Matt Malone" -> "Scott Beicke";
	"Gregg Dehner" -> "Jeff Berradelli";
	"Patrick Dowd" -> "Ted Bloomberg";
	"Jasper Cordero" -> "Matt Carmona";
	"Paul Ciccolella" -> "Tyler Story";
	"Marc Saulsbury" -> "Sean Bebko";
	"Steven Wolmark" -> "Mike Wallach";
	"Frederick Prelle" -> "Jesse Yorio";
	"Chris Zaccarelli" -> "Brian Colton";
	"Thomas Hauret" -> "Adam Mikulka";
	"Matt Nelson" -> "Mihailo Smiljanic";
	"John Cokinos" -> "Chris Cox";
	"David Poggi" -> "Seth Beausang";

	//Spring 1996: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1996"; "Louis Breskman" "Dan Economos" "Matt Hoffman"[color=grey] "Tom Hogan" "Steven Perlow"[color=grey] "Kevin Portnoy"[color=grey] "Dan Rice"[color=grey] "William Stempel"[color=grey] "Stephen Weissman"[color=grey];}
	"Tom Sze" -> "Tom Hogan";
	"Josh Schrenker" -> "Kevin Portnoy";
	"Josh Klein" -> "Dan Economos";
	"Scott Beicke" -> "Matt Hoffman";
	"Adam Mikulka" -> "Dan Rice";
	"Ted Bloomberg" -> "Louis Breskman";
	"Seth Welbourn" -> "William Stempel";
	"Chris Cox" -> "Steven Perlow";
	"Bill Quimby" -> "Stephen Weissman";

	{rank=same; "Spring 1997"; "Nick Depalma"[color=transparent] "Dave Dorfman"[color=grey] "Jeff Duffield"[color=grey] "Chris Fey" "Rob Goldenberg"[color=grey] "Jonah Goodhart"[color=grey] "Matt Grodin"[color=grey] "Colin Harris"[color=grey] "Jon Miller" "Ryan Shugarman"[color=grey] "Steve Skalicky" "Jordan Thompson"[color=grey] "Andrew Ver Plank";}
	"Louis Breskman" -> "Rob Goldenberg";
	"Dan Rice" -> "Jeff Duffield";
	"Matt Hoffman" -> "Matt Grodin";
	"Josh Klein" -> "Dave Dorfman";
	"Ted Bloomberg" -> "Chris Fey";
	"Tyler Story" -> "Colin Harris";
	"Thomas Hauret" -> "Jon Miller";
	"Dan Economos" -> "Steve Skalicky";
	"Kevin Portnoy" -> "Jordan Thompson";
	"Sid Brown" -> "Ryan Shugarman";
	"Tom Sze" -> "Andrew Ver Plank";
	"Stephen Weissman" -> "Jonah Goodhart";

	//Fall 1997: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 1997"; "Michael Boull" "Michael Keller"[color=grey] "Dennis Meloro";}
	"Jon Miller" -> "Michael Keller";
	"Chris Fey" -> "Dennis Meloro";
	"Steve Skalicky" -> "Michael Boull";

	//Spring 1998: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1998"; "Howard Freeman"[color=grey] "Seth Weisel" "Josh Weisser"[color=grey] "Eugene Yeh";}
	"Tom Hogan" -> "Seth Weisel";
	"Louis Breskman" -> "Eugene Yeh";
	"Colin Harris" -> "Howard Freeman";
	"Ryan Shugarman" -> "Josh Weisser";

	//Fall 1998: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 1998"; "Ahmad Thomas" "Garrick Yau"[color=grey] "Scott Alter"[color=grey] "Jeff Ciccone"[color=grey];}
	"Seth Weisel" -> "Garrick Yau";
	"Eugene Yeh" -> "Ahmad Thomas";
	"Dennis Meloro" -> "Scott Alter";
	"Matt Hoffman" -> "Jeff Ciccone";

	//Spring 1999: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 1999"; "Chisom Ahaghotu"[color=grey] "Erik Carlson"[color=grey] "Michael Gale"[color=grey] "Adam Gersten"[color=grey] "Stephen Giletto"[color=grey] "Andy Gladstein"[color=grey] "Adam Gross"[color=grey] "Richard Hedge"[color=grey] "Kurt Hoffman" "Willy Koslow"[color=grey] "Bryan Lazarski"[color=grey] "Dan McKinley"[color=grey] "Daniel Novotny" "Neil Patel"[color=grey] "Jordan Schwartz"[color=grey] "Brock Tuczynski" "Vijay Venkataramani"[color=grey] "Steve Wiseman"[color=grey];}
	"Seth Weisel" -> "Vijay Venkataramani";
	"Ahmad Thomas" -> "Chisom Ahaghotu";
	"Jeff Duffield" -> "Michael Gale";
	"Garrick Yau" -> "Stephen Giletto";
	"Tom Hogan" -> "Willy Koslow";
	"Rob Goldenberg" -> "Jordan Schwartz";
	"Jon Miller" -> "Dan McKinley";
	"Andrew Ver Plank" -> "Kurt Hoffman";
	"Michael Boull" -> "Daniel Novotny";
	"Matt Grodin" -> "Erik Carlson";
	"Jeff Ciccone" -> "Adam Gersten";
	"Howard Freeman" -> "Steve Wiseman";
	"Matt Hoffman" -> "Richard Hedge";
	"Steve Skalicky" -> "Bryan Lazarski";
	"Dan Economos" -> "Neil Patel";
	"Josh Weisser" -> "Adam Gross";
	"Stephen Weissman" -> "Andy Gladstein";
	"Eugene Yeh" -> "Brock Tuczynski";

	//Fall 1999: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 1999"; "Brian Yang";}
	"Jon Miller" -> "Brian Yang";

	{rank=same; "Spring 2000"; "Andrew Bonfiglio" "Jon Davis" "Paul DeForest" "Peter Delfausse"[color=grey] "Paul Drury"[color=grey] "Collin Evans"[color=grey] "Udi Falkson"[color=grey] "Jeremy Freyer"[color=grey] "Joe Granieri"[color=grey] "David Haddad" "Karl Kaufman"[color=grey] "Matt Kleinman"[color=grey] "Kevin Manz" "Ali Motlagh"[color=transparent] "Michael Summersgill" "Max Unger"[color=grey] "Sam Wayne"[color=grey] "Adam Webb"[color=grey];}
	"Willy Koslow" -> "Udi Falkson";
	"Seth Weisel" -> "David Haddad";
	"Jordan Schwartz" -> "Matt Kleinman";
	"Michael Gale" -> "Paul Drury";
	"Chisom Ahaghotu" -> "Sam Wayne";
	"Erik Carlson" -> "Peter Delfausse";
	"Daniel Novotny" -> "Paul DeForest";
	"Kurt Hoffman" -> "Michael Summersgill";
	"Andy Gladstein" -> "Karl Kaufman";
	"Dennis Meloro" -> "Jon Davis";
	"Brock Tuczynski" -> "Kevin Manz";
	"Neil Patel" -> "Jeremy Freyer";
	"Ahmad Thomas" -> "Andrew Bonfiglio";
	"Jeff Ciccone" -> "Adam Webb";
	"Stephen Giletto" -> "Joe Granieri";
	"Vijay Venkataramani" -> "Collin Evans";
	"Steve Wiseman" -> "Max Unger";

	//Fall 2000: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 2000"; "Mickey Narea";}
	"Brian Yang" -> "Mickey Narea";

	//Spring 2001: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2001"; "Alec Chevalier" "Ben Hawk" "Avi Giladi" "Joseph Pylman" "Kyle Ratner"[color=grey] "Dave Stringer"[color=grey] "Seth Trueger"[color=grey];}
	"Sam Wayne" -> "Kyle Ratner";
	"Andrew Bonfiglio" -> "Ben Hawk";
	"Paul DeForest" -> "Alec Chevalier";
	"Kevin Manz" -> "Joseph Pylman";
	"Michael Summersgill" -> "Seth Trueger";
	"Jon Davis" -> "Avi Giladi";
	"Michael Gale" -> "Dave Stringer";

	{rank=same; "Spring 2002"; "Joe Laverde" "Tim Lambert" "Mike Lipman" "Mark Pincus" "Jared Rosen" "Brian Wasserman" "Raffi Valijan" "Reid Gooch"[color=grey] "Michael Siuta"[color=grey] "Trevor Kaufman"[color=grey] "Brian Zito"[color=grey] "Doug Stone"[color=grey] "Scott Buxbaum"[color=grey] "Dan Greenfield"[color=grey] "Scott Kurpiel"[color=grey] "Brian O'Reilly"[color=transparent] "Kevin Striepe"[color=grey];}
	"Ben Hawk" -> "Mike Lipman";
	"Udi Falkson" -> "Dan Greenfield";
	"Michael Summersgill" -> "Mark Pincus";
	"Kevin Manz" -> "Tim Lambert";
	"Kyle Ratner" -> "Trevor Kaufman";
	"David Haddad" -> "Jared Rosen";
	"Matt Kleinman" -> "Scott Buxbaum";
	"Avi Giladi" -> "Joe Laverde";
	"Adam Webb" -> "Scott Kurpiel";
	"Paul Drury" -> "Michael Siuta";
	"Paul DeForest" -> "Doug Stone";
	"Seth Trueger" -> "Kevin Striepe";
	"Andrew Bonfiglio" -> "Brian Wasserman";
	"Joseph Pylman" -> "Raffi Valijan";
	"Jon Davis" -> "Brian Zito";
	"Collin Evans" -> "Reid Gooch";

	//Spring 2003: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2003"; "Yoni Falkson" "Bill Grimshaw" "Casey Shaw"[color=grey] "Jason Slutsky"[color=grey] "Mike Peluso"[color=grey] "Ross Woodson"[color=grey] "Seth Wander" "Peter Grimaldi" "Rob Masi" "Jon Kaufman"[color=grey] "Ronnie Meise"[color=grey] "Naveen Putcha"[color=grey] "Rajeev Varma"[color=grey] "Anthony Troitino"[color=grey] "Benjamin DeWitt"[color=grey];}
	"Mark Pincus" -> "Yoni Falkson";
	"Alec Chevalier" -> "Peter Grimaldi";
	"Mickey Narea" -> "Bill Grimshaw";
	"Mike Lipman" -> "Jon Kaufman";
	"Raffi Valijan" -> "Rob Masi";
	"Doug Stone" -> "Ronnie Meise";
	"Brian Wasserman" -> "Mike Peluso";
	"Avi Giladi" -> "Casey Shaw";
	"Michael Siuta" -> "Jason Slutsky";
	"Tim Lambert" -> "Seth Wander";
	"Ben Hawk" -> "Anthony Troitino";
	"Trevor Kaufman" -> "Ross Woodson";
	"Jeremy Freyer" -> "Rajeev Varma";
	"Joseph Pylman" -> "Benjamin DeWitt";
	"Reid Gooch" -> "Naveen Putcha";

	//Spring 2004: DONE 
	{rank=same; "Spring 2004"; "Ricky Li" "Dan Fitzgerald" "Max Comess" "Derek Klarin"[color=grey] "Travis Virgadamo" "Kevin Wallace"[color=grey] "Lawrence Magguilli" "Ron Hochbaum"[color=grey] "John Mahony" "Ryan Olsen"[color=grey] "Nikhil Revankar"[color=grey] "Sean Lyons";}
	"Seth Wander" -> "Max Comess";
	"Peter Grimaldi" -> "Dan Fitzgerald";
	"Rob Masi" -> "Ron Hochbaum";
	"Michael Siuta" -> "Derek Klarin";
	"Jared Rosen" -> "Ricky Li";
	"Ben Hawk" -> "Sean Lyons";
	"Mike Lipman" -> "Lawrence Magguilli";
	"Joe Laverde" -> "John Mahony";
	"Ronnie Meise" -> "Ryan Olsen";
	"Naveen Putcha" -> "Nikhil Revankar";
	"Brian Wasserman" -> "Travis Virgadamo";
	"Reid Gooch" -> "Kevin Wallace";

	//Spring 2005: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2005"; "Daniel Berkowitz" "Kevin Smith" "Rob Ulrich" "Chandra Ghosal" "Derek West"[color=grey] "Matt Davis"[color=grey] "Mark Goller" "Edward Narea"[color=grey] "Danny Duran" "Dan Furie"[color=grey] "Nathaniel Stokoe"[color=grey] "Linn Lung"[color=grey] "Carlos Aguilar"[color=grey] "Brian Kennedy"[color=grey] "Bill Polacheck" "Steven Craven"[color=grey] "Brian Porrell";}
	"Ricky Li" -> "Daniel Berkowitz";
	"Bill Grimshaw" -> "Kevin Smith";
	"Max Comess" -> "Danny Duran";
	"Ross Woodson" -> "Carlos Aguilar";
	"Ron Hochbaum" -> "Steven Craven";
	"Derek Klarin" -> "Matt Davis";
	"Kevin Wallace" -> "Dan Furie";
	"Lawrence Magguilli" -> "Chandra Ghosal";
	"John Mahony" -> "Mark Goller";
	"Peter Grimaldi" -> "Edward Narea";
	"Nikhil Revankar" -> "Linn Lung";
	"Sean Lyons" -> "Brian Porrell";
	"Dan Fitzgerald" -> "Nathaniel Stokoe";
	"Travis Virgadamo" -> "Rob Ulrich"
	"Mike Peluso" -> "Derek West";
	"Brian Zito" -> "Brian Kennedy";
	"Rob Masi" -> "Bill Polacheck";

	//Spring 2006: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2006"; "Jason Warner" "Matt Schiller" "Jeff Melville" "Joseph Pucella" "Leif Ericksen" "Tim Komsa" "Richard Dulude"[color=grey] "Matt Kuzdeba" "Jason Johnson"[color=grey] "David Gaffin"[color=grey] "Josh Teitler";}
	"Yoni Falkson" -> "Matt Schiller";
	"Daniel Berkowitz" -> "Jason Warner";
	"Kevin Smith" -> "Jeff Melville";
	"Dan Fitzgerald" -> "Leif Ericksen";
	"Chandra Ghosal" -> "Josh Teitler";
	"Brian Porrell" -> "Tim Komsa";
	"Mark Goller" -> "Joseph Pucella";
	"Kevin Wallace" -> "Richard Dulude";
	"Rob Ulrich" -> "Matt Kuzdeba";
	"Matt Davis" -> "Jason Johnson";
	"Derek West" -> "David Gaffin";

	//Spring 2007: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2007"; "Miroslav Kostyuk" "John Ko" "Shane Rasnak" "Jeff Chen" "Chris Curran"[color=grey] "David Flickinger" "Justin Brooks"[color=grey] "Boris Senderovich"[color=grey] "Kevin Morrison";}
	"Jason Warner" -> "Miroslav Kostyuk";
	"Daniel Berkowitz" -> "John Ko";
	"Matt Schiller" -> "Shane Rasnak";
	"Joseph Pucella" -> "Jeff Chen";
	"Richard Dulude" -> "Chris Curran";
	"Bill Polacheck" -> "David Flickinger";
	"Dan Furie" -> "Justin Brooks";
	"Edward Narea" -> "Boris Senderovich";
	"Max Comess" -> "Kevin Morrison";

	//Fall 2007: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 2007"; "Tyrone Stevens" "Will Douglas"[color=grey] "David Post";}
	"Tim Komsa" -> "Will Douglas";
	"Rob Ulrich" -> "David Post";
	"Leif Ericksen" -> "Tyrone Stevens";

	//Spring 2008: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2008"; "Duncan Anderson" "Charles Frantzreb"[color=grey] "Connor Schmidt"[color=grey] "Zack Zaranka" "Steven Arias" "Russell Fullerton" "Sam Muffly" "Ben Alter" "Tristan Owens" "Josh Trabout"[color=grey] "Eric Lin"[color=grey] "Sam Boochever"[color=grey] "Douglas DuRant" "Mike Jaffe"[color=grey] "Pat DeMarle" "Danny Foster"[color=grey] "Bill Mills";}
	"Jason Warner" -> "Charles Frantzreb";	
	"John Ko" -> "Duncan Anderson";	
	"Matt Schiller" -> "Connor Schmidt";
	"Shane Rasnak" -> "Douglas DuRant";
	"Joseph Pucella" -> "Zack Zaranka";
	"Josh Teitler" -> "Steven Arias";
	"Chandra Ghosal" -> "Russell Fullerton";
	"David Flickinger" -> "Mike Jaffe";
	"Matt Kuzdeba" -> "Pat DeMarle";
	"David Post" -> "Ben Alter";
	"Jeff Chen" -> "Eric Lin";
	"Mark Goller" -> "Sam Muffly";
	"Bill Polacheck" -> "Sam Boochever";
	"Danny Duran" -> "Tristan Owens";
	"Tyrone Stevens" -> "Danny Foster";
	"Leif Ericksen" -> "Josh Trabout";
	"Kevin Morrison" -> "Bill Mills";

	//Spring 2009: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2009"; "Darrick Antell" "Albert Monina" "Rani Brooks" "Timm Moon"[color=grey] "Adam Gaynor"[color=grey] "Dan Homuth" "Emmet Kaufman" "Jeff Roshko" "Alex Geilich"[color=grey] "Doug Jones" "Karl Volkmann" "Jordan Kravitz";}
	"Jason Warner" -> "Darrick Antell";
	"Matt Schiller" -> "Albert Monina";
	"Shane Rasnak" -> "Rani Brooks";
	"Duncan Anderson" -> "Timm Moon";
	"Zack Zaranka" -> "Adam Gaynor";
	"Jeff Melville" -> "Dan Homuth";
	"Steven Arias" -> "Emmet Kaufman";
	"Josh Teitler" -> "Jeff Roshko";
	"Russell Fullerton" -> "Alex Geilich";
	"Sam Muffly" -> "Doug Jones";
	"Ben Alter" -> "Jordan Kravitz";
	"Tristan Owens" -> "Karl Volkmann";
	//Spring 2010: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2010"; "Alexander Wang" "Andrew Degatano" "Andrew Ebanks" "Anthony Bansie" "Ilkyu Lee"[color=grey] "Erik Goossens" "Bryan Seelig" "Dale Hoang" "Nathaniel Kwok" "Nick Gordon" "Jeff Cheng" "Kale Smith" "Matt Samet" "Garrett Blaber" "Phil Hirsch";}
	"Albert Monina" -> "Alexander Wang";
	"Tim Komsa" -> "Andrew Degatano";
	"Jeff Roshko" -> "Andrew Ebanks";
	"Tyrone Stevens" -> "Anthony Bansie";
	"Emmet Kaufman" -> "Ilkyu Lee";
	"Russell Fullerton" -> "Erik Goossens";
	"John Ko" -> "Bryan Seelig";
	"Rani Brooks" -> "Dale Hoang";
	"Zack Zaranka" -> "Nathaniel Kwok";
	"Ben Alter" -> "Nick Gordon";
	"Darrick Antell" -> "Jeff Cheng";
	"Douglas DuRant" -> "Kale Smith";
	"Jordan Kravitz" -> "Matt Samet";
	"Doug Jones" -> "Garrett Blaber";
	"Bill Mills" -> "Phil Hirsch";
	//Fall 2010: DONE
	{rank=same; "Fall 2010"; "Daniel Wyleczuk-Stern" "Derek Harden";}
	"Steven Arias" -> "Daniel Wyleczuk-Stern";
	"Zack Zaranka" -> "Derek Harden";
	//Spring 2011: DONE
	{rank=same; "Spring 2011"; "Charles Bailey" "Jack Robbins" "Deven Roy" "Mark Romanelli" "Dylan McNally" "Greg Braciak" "Andrew Gorodetsky" "Steve Beemsterboer" "Omeo Quddus" "Ian Morse";}
	"Bryan Seelig" -> "Charles Bailey";
	"Doug Jones" -> "Jack Robbins";
	"Bill Mills" -> "Deven Roy";
	"Jordan Kravitz" -> "Mark Romanelli";
	"Dale Hoang" -> "Dylan McNally";
	"Zack Zaranka" -> "Greg Braciak";
	"Jeff Cheng" -> "Andrew Gorodetsky";
	"Kale Smith" -> "Steve Beemsterboer";
	"Duncan Anderson" -> "Omeo Quddus";
	"Darrick Antell" -> "Ian Morse";

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