Building the Web Pages

Every hour a cron job updates the website root directory from the
graphviz2 and graphviz-web repositories. The directories that are updated include:


The same cron job updates a dirctory on the web server from the graphviz-web
repository. The directories that are updated include:


The .tcl and .ht files retrieved are merged with changes that have
been made on the web server. The resulting .php files are then uploaded to
the drupal database. If any .tcl or .ht file is edited outside of the
web server, then be sure to commit the change to the repository.
Otherwise, your changes will be overwritten the next time the cron job

The to-do list in graphviz2 is the html page from the previous website.
I used it to create the drupal web page. It is not being used by the
current website at all. You should make changes to the to-do list on
the website. There some content from graphviz2 and graphviz-web that is
filtered (links changed) and uploaded to the website. If the to-do list
needs to be editable from Linux as well as the website, then I can do
the required development to make that happen.

Regarding the graphviz-web pages, there is a restriction that changes be
made within two html comments placed on the web page outside the
dynamically generated content.

<!-- Do not remove this comment or make any web server edits above this
comment -->

<!-- Do not remove this comment or make any web server edits below this
comment -->

When merging web changes with graphviz-web changes I do the following:

Download the page from the drupal database.
Extract the page content that's between the html comments
Remake the current file by cutting and pasting
Do a cvs update.
Upload the merged file back to the drupal database.

Edits to graphviz2/doc/info should be made on the filesystem and not the
web server. The cvs files are just updated, filtered and uploaded to the
website. Any changes made on the website will be overwritten.

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