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Similarly to the support for client-side maps, WebDot can filter an html page and replace all occurrences of <webdot...> tags with a client-side SVG image. For example, svginline.dot contains:
graph G {
        node [URL="/webdot/\N.html"]
        a -- b -- c; b -- d;
and the source of this page contains:
<webdot src="/cgi-bin/webdot/webdot/svginline.dot" engine="neato" type="svg">
which serving through /cgi-bin/webdot replaces the <webdot...> tag. To see the result please view the source of this page.

The advantages of this mode of WebDot are the much simpler authoring and the responsiveness of client-side mapping.

The disadvantages are that the html source now contains non-standard markup and the page has to be served through the /cgi-bin/webdot program. Care must be taken that relative URLs in the html don't also get served through the WebDot cgi program so it is important to use "rooted" hrefs in documents and graphs served this way.

Embedded SVG is probably a better choice.