[previous] [next] WebDot Tutorial: Embedded SVG graph
WebDot can render graphs in SVG or SVGZ formats for use in embedding. For example this graph:
digraph G {
        node [URL="\N.html"]
        edge [URL="\E.html"]
        a -> b -> c
        a -> c

can be generated with:
<iframe src="/cgi-bin/webdot/webdot/svgembed.dot.dot.svgz"
    width="140" height="280"
    frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">
<object data="/cgi-bin/webdot/webdot/svgembed.dot.dot.svgz"
    width="140" height="280"
<embed src="/cgi-bin/webdot/webdot/svgembed.dot.dot.svgz"

This ugly hack of nesting <embed> inside <object> inside <iframe> is needed at the moment to get embedded graphs to work in both Netscape and IE.

Note that edges are easily clickable in this format.