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A graph can contain URLs so that the nodes and background are clickable, e.g.:
digraph G {
        graph [URL="default.html"]
        a [URL="a.html"]
        b [URL="b.html"]
        c [URL="c.html"]
        a -> b -> c
        a -> c

To respond to user mouse events, a map must be provided. WebDot supports either server-side or client-side maps. First we describe server-side maps.

The mapping information is generated dynamically from the same graph source file as the image, using this construct:
<a href="/cgi-bin/webdot/webdot/hnodes.dot.dot.map">
<img src="/cgi-bin/webdot/webdot/hnodes.dot.dot.png" ismap>

Which produces the graph at the top. Note that the "Graph by WebDot" signature is also hyperlinked to a customized help page.