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uniform_stress.h File Reference
#include <post_process.h>
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#define UniformStressSmoother_struct   StressMajorizationSmoother_struct


typedef StressMajorizationSmoother UniformStressSmoother


void UniformStressSmoother_delete (UniformStressSmoother sm)
UniformStressSmoother UniformStressSmoother_new (int dim, SparseMatrix A, real *x, real alpha, real M, int *flag)
void uniform_stress (int dim, SparseMatrix A, real *x, int *flag)

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#define UniformStressSmoother_struct   StressMajorizationSmoother_struct

Definition at line 21 of file uniform_stress.h.

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Definition at line 19 of file uniform_stress.h.

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void uniform_stress ( int  dim,
SparseMatrix  A,
real x,
int flag 
void UniformStressSmoother_delete ( UniformStressSmoother  sm)

Definition at line 100 of file uniform_stress.c.

References StressMajorizationSmoother_delete().

Referenced by uniform_stress().

UniformStressSmoother UniformStressSmoother_new ( int  dim,
SparseMatrix  A,
real x,
real  alpha,
real  M,
int flag