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Data Fields
polygon_t Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

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Data Fields

int regular
int peripheries
int sides
double orientation
double distortion
double skew
int option

Detailed Description

Definition at line 146 of file types.h.

Field Documentation

double polygon_t::distortion

Definition at line 151 of file types.h.

int polygon_t::option

Definition at line 153 of file types.h.

Referenced by makeObstacle().

double polygon_t::orientation

Definition at line 150 of file types.h.

int polygon_t::peripheries

Definition at line 148 of file types.h.

Referenced by box_connection(), and polyBB().

int polygon_t::regular

Definition at line 147 of file types.h.

Referenced by makeAddPoly(), and makePoly().

int polygon_t::sides
double polygon_t::skew

Definition at line 152 of file types.h.

pointf* polygon_t::vertices

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