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Data Fields
Agsym_s Struct Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

Collaboration diagram for Agsym_s:
Collaboration graph

Data Fields

Dtlink_t link
char * name
char * defval
int id
unsigned char kind
unsigned char fixed
unsigned char print

Detailed Description

Definition at line 324 of file cgraph.h.

Field Documentation

char* Agsym_s::defval

Definition at line 327 of file cgraph.h.

Referenced by agnewsym(), agxset(), and main().

unsigned char Agsym_s::fixed

Definition at line 330 of file cgraph.h.

int Agsym_s::id

Definition at line 328 of file cgraph.h.

Referenced by agget(), agnewsym(), agxget(), and agxset().

unsigned char Agsym_s::kind

Definition at line 329 of file cgraph.h.

Referenced by agnewsym().

Dtlink_t Agsym_s::link

Definition at line 325 of file cgraph.h.

char* Agsym_s::name
unsigned char Agsym_s::print

Definition at line 331 of file cgraph.h.

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