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stress.c File Reference
#include "neato.h"
#include "dijkstra.h"
#include "bfs.h"
#include "pca.h"
#include "matrix_ops.h"
#include "conjgrad.h"
#include "embed_graph.h"
#include "kkutils.h"
#include "stress.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
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Data Structures

struct  dist_data


#define Dij2
#define smooth_pivots   true
#define stress_pca_dim   50
#define max(x, y)   ((x)>(y)?(x):(y))
#define DegType   long double


double drand48 (void)
int initLayout (vtx_data *graph, int n, int dim, double **coords, node_t **nodes)
float * circuitModel (vtx_data *graph, int nG)
float * mdsModel (vtx_data *graph, int nG)
float * compute_apsp_packed (vtx_data *graph, int n)
float * compute_apsp_artifical_weights_packed (vtx_data *graph, int n)
int stress_majorization_kD_mkernel (vtx_data *graph, int n, int nedges_graph, double **d_coords, node_t **nodes, int dim, int opts, int model, int maxi)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DegType   long double

Definition at line 884 of file stress.c.

Referenced by stress_majorization_kD_mkernel().

#define Dij2
/* If defined, the terms in the stress energy are normalized
by d_{ij}^{-2} otherwise, they are normalized by d_{ij}^{-1}

Definition at line 33 of file stress.c.

#define max (   x,
)    ((x)>(y)?(x):(y))
#define smooth_pivots   true

Definition at line 46 of file stress.c.

#define stress_pca_dim   50

Definition at line 51 of file stress.c.

Function Documentation

float* circuitModel ( vtx_data graph,
int  nG 
float* compute_apsp_artifical_weights_packed ( vtx_data graph,
int  n 
float* compute_apsp_packed ( vtx_data graph,
int  n 

Definition at line 772 of file stress.c.

References bfs(), freeQueue(), mkQueue(), and N_NEW.

Referenced by compute_apsp_artifical_weights_packed(), and stress_majorization_kD_mkernel().

double drand48 ( void  )
int initLayout ( vtx_data graph,
int  n,
int  dim,
double **  coords,
node_t **  nodes 

Definition at line 159 of file stress.c.

References drand48(), hasPos, isFixed, ND_pos, and orthog1().

Referenced by circleLayout(), and stress_majorization_kD_mkernel().

float* mdsModel ( vtx_data graph,
int  nG 

Definition at line 739 of file stress.c.

References vtx_data::edges, vtx_data::ewgts, vtx_data::nedges, NULL, and Verbose.

Referenced by stress_majorization_kD_mkernel().

int stress_majorization_kD_mkernel ( vtx_data graph,
int  n,
int  nedges_graph,
double **  d_coords,
node_t **  nodes,
int  dim,
int  opts,
int  model,
int  maxi