Graphviz  2.41.20170921.2350
shortestpth.c File Reference
#include "vis.h"
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intshortestPath (int root, int target, int V, array2 wadj)
intmakePath (Ppoint_t p, int pp, COORD *pvis, Ppoint_t q, int qp, COORD *qvis, vconfig_t *conf)

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int* makePath ( Ppoint_t  p,
int  pp,
COORD pvis,
Ppoint_t  q,
int  qp,
COORD qvis,
vconfig_t conf 

Definition at line 100 of file shortestpth.c.

References directVis(), vconfig_s::N, shortestPath(), and vconfig_s::vis.

Referenced by Pobspath().

int* shortestPath ( int  root,
int  target,
int  V,
array2  wadj 

Definition at line 35 of file shortestpth.c.

Referenced by makePath().