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rec.c File Reference
#include <cghdr.h>
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Agrec_taggetrec (void *obj, char *name, int mtf)
void * agbindrec (void *arg_obj, char *recname, unsigned int recsize, int mtf)
int agdelrec (void *arg_obj, char *name)
void aginit (Agraph_t *g, int kind, char *rec_name, int arg_rec_size, int mtf)
void agclean (Agraph_t *g, int kind, char *rec_name)
void agrecclose (Agobj_t *obj)

Function Documentation

void* agbindrec ( void *  arg_obj,
char *  recname,
unsigned int  recsize,
int  mtf 
void agclean ( Agraph_t g,
int  kind,
char *  rec_name 
int agdelrec ( void *  arg_obj,
char *  name 
Agrec_t* aggetrec ( void *  obj,
char *  name,
int  mtf 
void aginit ( Agraph_t g,
int  kind,
char *  rec_name,
int  arg_rec_size,
int  mtf 
void agrecclose ( Agobj_t obj)

Definition at line 263 of file rec.c.

References agfree(), agraphof(), agstrfree(), Agobj_s::data, Agrec_s::name, Agrec_s::next, and NIL.

Referenced by agclose(), agdeledge(), and agdelnode().