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rank.c File Reference
#include "dot.h"
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#define BACKWARD_PENALTY   1000
#define NORANK   6
#define ROOT   "\177root"
#define TOPNODE   "\177top"
#define BOTNODE   "\177bot"
#define ND_comp(n)   ND_hops(n)


void dot_scan_ranks (graph_t *g)
void rank1 (graph_t *g)
void dot_rank (graph_t *g, aspect_t *asp)
int is_cluster (graph_t *g)
int rank2 (Agraph_t *, int, int, int)


int infosizes []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BACKWARD_PENALTY   1000

Definition at line 657 of file rank.c.

#define BOTNODE   "\177bot"

Definition at line 662 of file rank.c.

#define ND_comp (   n)    ND_hops(n)

Definition at line 667 of file rank.c.

#define NORANK   6

Definition at line 659 of file rank.c.

#define ROOT   "\177root"

Definition at line 660 of file rank.c.


Definition at line 658 of file rank.c.

#define TOPNODE   "\177top"

Definition at line 661 of file rank.c.

Function Documentation

void dot_rank ( graph_t g,
aspect_t asp 

Definition at line 573 of file rank.c.

References agget(), GD_flags, GD_maxrank, GD_minrank, NEW_RANK, and Verbose.

void dot_scan_ranks ( graph_t g)

Definition at line 204 of file rank.c.

References agfstnode(), agnxtnode(), GD_leader, GD_maxrank, GD_minrank, MAXSHORT, ND_rank, and NULL.

int is_cluster ( graph_t g)

Definition at line 585 of file rank.c.

References agnameof().

void rank1 ( graph_t g)

Definition at line 386 of file rank.c.

References agget(), agnnodes(), GD_comp, GD_n_cluster, GD_nlist, INT_MAX, and rank().

Referenced by rank3().

int rank2 ( Agraph_t ,
int  ,
int  ,

Definition at line 794 of file ns.c.

References elapsed_sec(), SEARCHSIZE, start_timer(), and Verbose.

Referenced by rank().

Variable Documentation

int infosizes[]
Initial value:
= {
struct Agraphinfo_t Agraphinfo_t

Definition at line 1189 of file rank.c.