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ns.c File Reference
#include "render.h"
#include <setjmp.h>
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Data Structures

struct  subtree_s
struct  STheap_s


#define LENGTH(e)   (ND_rank(aghead(e)) - ND_rank(agtail(e)))
#define SLACK(e)   (LENGTH(e) - ED_minlen(e))
#define SEQ(a, b, c)   (((a) <= (b)) && ((b) <= (c)))
#define TREE_EDGE(e)   (ED_tree_index(e) >= 0)
#define SEARCHSIZE   30
#define ND_subtree(n)   (subtree_t*)ND_par(n)
#define ND_subtree_set(n, value)   (ND_par(n) = (edge_t*)value)
#define INCIDENT(e, treeset)   ((STsetFind(agtail(e),treeset)) != STsetFind(aghead(e),treeset))


typedef struct subtree_s subtree_t
typedef struct STheap_s STheap_t


int rank2 (graph_t *g, int balance, int maxiter, int search_size)
int rank (graph_t *g, int balance, int maxiter)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define INCIDENT (   e,
)    ((STsetFind(agtail(e),treeset)) != STsetFind(aghead(e),treeset))

Definition at line 339 of file ns.c.

#define LENGTH (   e)    (ND_rank(aghead(e)) - ND_rank(agtail(e)))

Definition at line 30 of file ns.c.

#define ND_subtree (   n)    (subtree_t*)ND_par(n)

Definition at line 259 of file ns.c.

#define ND_subtree_set (   n,
)    (ND_par(n) = (edge_t*)value)

Definition at line 260 of file ns.c.

#define SEARCHSIZE   30

Definition at line 41 of file ns.c.

Referenced by rank(), and rank2().

#define SEQ (   a,
)    (((a) <= (b)) && ((b) <= (c)))

Definition at line 32 of file ns.c.

#define SLACK (   e)    (LENGTH(e) - ED_minlen(e))

Definition at line 31 of file ns.c.

#define TREE_EDGE (   e)    (ED_tree_index(e) >= 0)

Definition at line 33 of file ns.c.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct STheap_s STheap_t
typedef struct subtree_s subtree_t

Function Documentation

int rank ( graph_t g,
int  balance,
int  maxiter 

Definition at line 866 of file ns.c.

References agget(), rank2(), and SEARCHSIZE.

Referenced by dot_position(), rank1(), and sizeArray().

int rank2 ( graph_t g,
int  balance,
int  maxiter,
int  search_size 

Definition at line 794 of file ns.c.

References elapsed_sec(), SEARCHSIZE, start_timer(), and Verbose.

Referenced by rank().