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neatoprocs.h File Reference
#include "adjust.h"
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int allow_edits (int)
void avoid_cycling (graph_t *, Agnode_t *, double *)
int checkStart (graph_t *G, int nG, int)
Agnode_tchoose_node (graph_t *, int)
int circuit_model (graph_t *, int)
void D2E (Agraph_t *, int, int, double *)
void diffeq_model (graph_t *, int)
double distvec (double *, double *, double *)
void final_energy (graph_t *, int)
double fpow32 (double)
Ppolyline_t getPath (edge_t *, vconfig_t *, int, Ppoly_t **, int)
void heapdown (Agnode_t *)
void heapup (Agnode_t *)
void initial_positions (graph_t *, int)
int init_port (Agnode_t *, Agedge_t *, char *, boolean)
void jitter3d (Agnode_t *, int)
void jitter_d (Agnode_t *, int, int)
Ppoly_tmakeObstacle (node_t *n, expand_t *, boolean)
void makeSelfArcs (path *P, edge_t *e, int stepx)
void makeSpline (graph_t *, edge_t *, Ppoly_t **, int, boolean)
void make_spring (graph_t *, Agnode_t *, Agnode_t *, double)
void move_node (graph_t *, int, Agnode_t *)
int init_nop (graph_t *g, int)
void neato_cleanup (graph_t *g)
node_tneato_dequeue (void)
void neato_enqueue (node_t *)
void neato_init_node (node_t *n)
void neato_layout (Agraph_t *g)
int Plegal_arrangement (Ppoly_t **polys, int n_polys)
void randompos (Agnode_t *, int)
void s1 (graph_t *, node_t *)
int scan_graph (graph_t *)
int scan_graph_mode (graph_t *G, int mode)
void free_scan_graph (graph_t *)
int setSeed (graph_t *, int dflt, long *seedp)
void shortest_path (graph_t *, int)
void solve (double *, double *, double *, int)
void solve_model (graph_t *, int)
int solveCircuit (int nG, double **Gm, double **Gm_inv)
void spline_edges (Agraph_t *)
void spline_edges0 (Agraph_t *, boolean)
int spline_edges1 (graph_t *g, int)
int splineEdges (graph_t *, int(*edgefn)(graph_t *, expand_t *, int), int)
void neato_translate (Agraph_t *g)
boolean neato_set_aspect (graph_t *g)
void toggle (int)
int user_pos (Agsym_t *, Agsym_t *, Agnode_t *, int)
double ** new_array (int i, int j, double val)
void free_array (double **rv)
int matinv (double **A, double **Ainv, int n)

Function Documentation

int allow_edits ( int  )

Definition at line 731 of file stuff.c.

References agerr(), AGERR, diffeq_model(), FALSE, NULL, and TRUE.

void avoid_cycling ( graph_t ,
Agnode_t ,
double *   
int checkStart ( graph_t G,
int  nG,

Definition at line 1025 of file neatoinit.c.

References agerr(), AGWARN, INIT_RANDOM, INIT_REGULAR, setSeed(), and srand48.

Referenced by initial_positions().

Agnode_t* choose_node ( graph_t ,

Definition at line 515 of file stuff.c.

References GD_move, GD_neato_nlist, GD_sum_t, i, max, MAXDOUBLE, MaxIter, ND_pinned, Ndim, NULL, P_SET, and Verbose.

Referenced by solve_model().

int circuit_model ( graph_t ,
void D2E ( Agraph_t ,
int  ,
int  ,
double *   

Definition at line 475 of file stuff.c.

References fpow32(), GD_dist, GD_neato_nlist, GD_spring, i, MAXDIM, Msub, ND_pos, and Ndim.

Referenced by move_node().

void diffeq_model ( graph_t ,
double distvec ( double *  ,
double *  ,
double *   

Definition at line 35 of file stuff.c.

References dist(), and Ndim.

Referenced by diffeq_model(), and update_arrays().

void final_energy ( graph_t ,

Definition at line 509 of file stuff.c.

References GD_move.

double fpow32 ( double  )

Definition at line 29 of file stuff.c.

Referenced by D2E().

void free_array ( double **  rv)

Definition at line 65 of file stuff.c.

References free().

Referenced by circuit_model(), circuitModel(), free_scan_graph(), and lu_decompose().

void free_scan_graph ( graph_t )

Definition at line 296 of file stuff.c.

References free(), free_array(), GD_dist, GD_neato_nlist, GD_spring, GD_sum_t, GD_t, Nop, and NULL.

Referenced by neato_layout().

Ppolyline_t getPath ( edge_t ,
vconfig_t ,
int  ,
Ppoly_t **  ,

Definition at line 444 of file neatosplines.c.

References aghead(), agtail(), ED_head_port, ED_tail_port, ND_coord, ND_lim, Pobspath(), and POLYID_NONE.

Referenced by compoundEdges().

void heapdown ( Agnode_t )

Definition at line 617 of file stuff.c.

References i, left, ND_dist, ND_heapindex, and right.

Referenced by neato_dequeue().

void heapup ( Agnode_t )

Definition at line 600 of file stuff.c.

References i, ND_dist, and ND_heapindex.

Referenced by neato_enqueue(), and s1().

int init_nop ( graph_t g,
int init_port ( Agnode_t ,
Agedge_t ,
char *  ,
void initial_positions ( graph_t ,
void jitter3d ( Agnode_t ,

Definition at line 315 of file stuff.c.

References jitter_d().

Referenced by randompos(), and user_pos().

void jitter_d ( Agnode_t ,
int  ,

Definition at line 308 of file stuff.c.

References drand48(), ND_pos, and Ndim.

Referenced by jitter3d(), and user_pos().

void make_spring ( graph_t ,
Agnode_t ,
Agnode_t ,

Definition at line 722 of file stuff.c.

References GD_dist, i, and ND_id.

Referenced by s1().

Ppoly_t* makeObstacle ( node_t n,
expand_t ,
void makeSelfArcs ( path P,
edge_t e,
int  stepx 
void makeSpline ( graph_t ,
edge_t ,
Ppoly_t **  ,
int  ,
int matinv ( double **  A,
double **  Ainv,
int  n 

Definition at line 46 of file matinv.c.

References free(), i, lu_decompose(), lu_solve(), and N_NEW.

Referenced by solveCircuit().

void move_node ( graph_t ,
int  ,

Definition at line 569 of file stuff.c.

References agnameof(), ALLOC, D2E(), Damping, drand48(), GD_move, GD_sum_t, i, MAXDIM, ND_id, ND_pos, Ndim, solve(), test_toggle(), and update_arrays().

Referenced by solve_model().

void neato_cleanup ( graph_t g)

Definition at line 142 of file neatoinit.c.

node_t* neato_dequeue ( void  )

Definition at line 653 of file stuff.c.

References heapdown(), i, ND_heapindex, and NULL.

Referenced by s1().

void neato_enqueue ( node_t )

Definition at line 641 of file stuff.c.

References assert, heapup(), i, and ND_heapindex.

Referenced by s1().

void neato_init_node ( node_t n)

Definition at line 44 of file neatoinit.c.

References agbindrec(), agraphof(), common_init_node(), GD_flip, GD_ndim, gv_nodesize(), N_NEW, ND_pos, and TRUE.

void neato_layout ( Agraph_t g)

Definition at line 1407 of file neatoinit.c.

boolean neato_set_aspect ( graph_t g)

Definition at line 1093 of file neatosplines.c.

References agfstnode(), agnxtnode(), FALSE, ND_coord, and ND_pos.

Referenced by fdp_layout(), init_nop(), and spline_edges0().

void neato_translate ( Agraph_t g)

Definition at line 967 of file neatosplines.c.

References agfstnode(), agfstout(), agnxtnode(), agnxtout(), ED_spl, GD_bb, ND_pos, ND_xlabel, pointf_s::x, and pointf_s::y.

Referenced by init_nop().

double** new_array ( int  i,
int  j,
double  val 

Definition at line 48 of file stuff.c.

References i, and N_NEW.

Referenced by circuit_model(), circuitModel(), lu_decompose(), and scan_graph_mode().

int Plegal_arrangement ( Ppoly_t **  polys,
int  n_polys 
void randompos ( Agnode_t ,

Definition at line 320 of file stuff.c.

References drand48(), jitter3d(), ND_pos, and Ndim.

Referenced by initial_positions().

void s1 ( graph_t ,
int scan_graph ( graph_t )

Definition at line 291 of file stuff.c.

References MODE_KK, and scan_graph_mode().

Referenced by init_nop().

int scan_graph_mode ( graph_t G,
int  mode 
int setSeed ( graph_t ,
int  dflt,
long *  seedp 

Definition at line 958 of file neatoinit.c.


Referenced by checkStart(), and fdp_initParams().

void shortest_path ( graph_t ,

Definition at line 671 of file stuff.c.

References agfstnode(), agnxtnode(), elapsed_sec(), free(), N_NEW, s1(), start_timer(), and Verbose.

void solve ( double *  ,
double *  ,
double *  ,

Definition at line 23 of file solve.c.

References asub, free(), i, and N_GNEW.

Referenced by move_node().

void solve_model ( graph_t ,

Definition at line 427 of file stuff.c.

References agerr(), agnameof(), AGWARN, choose_node(), elapsed_sec(), Epsilon, GD_move, MaxIter, move_node(), and Verbose.

int solveCircuit ( int  nG,
double **  Gm,
double **  Gm_inv 

Definition at line 22 of file circuit.c.

References i, matinv(), and Verbose.

Referenced by circuit_model(), and circuitModel().

void spline_edges ( Agraph_t )
void spline_edges0 ( Agraph_t ,
int spline_edges1 ( graph_t g,

Definition at line 745 of file neatosplines.c.

References splineEdges().

Referenced by osage_layout(), and spline_edges0().

int splineEdges ( graph_t ,
int(*)(graph_t *, expand_t *, int)  edgefn,
void toggle ( int  )
int user_pos ( Agsym_t ,
Agsym_t ,
Agnode_t ,