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#define NOTUSED(var)   (void) var
#define NIL(type)   ((type)0)
#define isPinned(n)   (ND_pinned(n) == P_PIN)
#define hasPos(n)   (ND_pinned(n) > 0)
#define isFixed(n)   (ND_pinned(n) > P_SET)
#define CL_EDGE_TAG   "cl_edge_info"
#define SET_CLUST_NODE(n)   (ND_clustnode(n) = TRUE)
#define IS_CLUST_NODE(n)   (ND_clustnode(n))
#define HAS_CLUST_EDGE(g)   (aggetrec(g, CL_EDGE_TAG, FALSE))
#define EDGE_TYPE(g)   (GD_flags(g) & (7 << 1))
#define streq(a, b)   (*(a)==*(b)&&!strcmp(a,b))
#define XPAD(d)   ((d).x += 4*GAP)
#define YPAD(d)   ((d).y += 2*GAP)
#define PAD(d)   {XPAD(d); YPAD(d);}
#define OTHERDIR(dir)   ((dir == CCW) ? CW : CCW)
#define NEXTSIDE(side, dir)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CL_EDGE_TAG   "cl_edge_info"

Definition at line 29 of file macros.h.

Referenced by processClusterEdges().

#define EDGE_TYPE (   g)    (GD_flags(g) & (7 << 1))

Definition at line 33 of file macros.h.

Referenced by addEdgeLabels(), edgeMidpoint(), fdp_layout(), osage_layout(), and spline_edges0().

#define HAS_CLUST_EDGE (   g)    (aggetrec(g, CL_EDGE_TAG, FALSE))

Definition at line 32 of file macros.h.

Referenced by attach_attrs_and_arrows().

#define hasPos (   n)    (ND_pinned(n) > 0)

Definition at line 26 of file macros.h.

Referenced by init_nop(), initial_positions(), and initLayout().

#define IS_CLUST_NODE (   n)    (ND_clustnode(n))

Definition at line 31 of file macros.h.

Referenced by processClusterEdges(), and write_plain().

#define isFixed (   n)    (ND_pinned(n) > P_SET)

Definition at line 27 of file macros.h.

Referenced by initLayout(), and stress_majorization_kD_mkernel().

#define isPinned (   n)    (ND_pinned(n) == P_PIN)

Definition at line 25 of file macros.h.

Referenced by pccomps().

#define NEXTSIDE (   side,
((dir == CCW) ? \
((side & 0x8) ? BOTTOM : (side << 1)) : \
((side & 0x1) ? LEFT : (side >> 1)))
#define CCW
Definition: const.h:123
#define LEFT
Definition: const.h:121
#define BOTTOM
Definition: const.h:118

Definition at line 45 of file macros.h.

#define NIL (   type)    ((type)0)

Definition at line 22 of file macros.h.

#define NOTUSED (   var)    (void) var

Definition at line 18 of file macros.h.

#define OTHERDIR (   dir)    ((dir == CCW) ? CW : CCW)

Definition at line 43 of file macros.h.

#define PAD (   d)    {XPAD(d); YPAD(d);}

Definition at line 41 of file macros.h.

Referenced by do_graph_label(), and gv_postprocess().

#define SET_CLUST_NODE (   n)    (ND_clustnode(n) = TRUE)

Definition at line 30 of file macros.h.

#define streq (   a,
)    (*(a)==*(b)&&!strcmp(a,b))

Definition at line 36 of file macros.h.

#define XPAD (   d)    ((d).x += 4*GAP)

Definition at line 39 of file macros.h.

#define YPAD (   d)    ((d).y += 2*GAP)

Definition at line 40 of file macros.h.