Graphviz  2.41.20170921.2350
labels.c File Reference
#include "render.h"
#include "htmltable.h"
#include <limits.h>
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void make_simple_label (GVC_t *gvc, textlabel_t *lp)
textlabel_tmake_label (void *obj, char *str, int kind, double fontsize, char *fontname, char *fontcolor)
void free_textspan (textspan_t *tl, int cnt)
void free_label (textlabel_t *p)
void emit_label (GVJ_t *job, emit_state_t emit_state, textlabel_t *lp)
char * strdup_and_subst_obj (char *str, void *obj)
char * xml_string (char *s)
char * xml_string0 (char *s, boolean raw)
char * xml_url_string (char *s)

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void emit_label ( GVJ_t job,
emit_state_t  emit_state,
textlabel_t lp 
void free_label ( textlabel_t p)
void free_textspan ( textspan_t tl,
int  cnt 

Definition at line 193 of file labels.c.

References textspan_t::free_layout, textspan_t::layout, and textspan_t::str.

Referenced by free_label().

textlabel_t* make_label ( void *  obj,
char *  str,
int  kind,
double  fontsize,
char *  fontname,
char *  fontcolor 
void make_simple_label ( GVC_t gvc,
textlabel_t lp 
char* strdup_and_subst_obj ( char *  str,
void *  obj 

Definition at line 451 of file labels.c.

Referenced by graph_init(), and initMapData().

char* xml_string ( char *  s)

Definition at line 485 of file labels.c.

References FALSE, and xml_string0().

char* xml_string0 ( char *  s,
boolean  raw 

Definition at line 497 of file labels.c.

References gmalloc(), grealloc(), NULL, and sub.

Referenced by xml_string().

char* xml_url_string ( char *  s)

Definition at line 572 of file labels.c.

References gmalloc(), grealloc(), NULL, and sub.