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hedges.h File Reference
#include "site.h"
#include "edges.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Halfedge


#define HEDGES_H


typedef struct Halfedge Halfedge


void ELinitialize (void)
void ELcleanup (void)
int right_of (Halfedge *, Point *)
Sitehintersect (Halfedge *, Halfedge *)
HalfedgeHEcreate (Edge *, char)
void ELinsert (Halfedge *, Halfedge *)
HalfedgeELleftbnd (Point *)
void ELdelete (Halfedge *)
HalfedgeELleft (Halfedge *)
HalfedgeELright (Halfedge *)
Siteleftreg (Halfedge *)
Siterightreg (Halfedge *)



Macro Definition Documentation

#define HEDGES_H

Definition at line 21 of file hedges.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Halfedge Halfedge

Function Documentation

void ELcleanup ( void  )

Definition at line 28 of file hedges.c.

References freeinit(), and NULL.

void ELdelete ( Halfedge )

Definition at line 232 of file hedges.c.

References DELETED, Halfedge::ELedge, Halfedge::ELleft, Halfedge::ELright, and ELright().

Referenced by voronoi().

void ELinitialize ( void  )

Definition at line 35 of file hedges.c.

References Halfedge::ELleft, ELleftend, Halfedge::ELright, ELrightend, freeinit(), HEcreate(), N_GNEW, NULL, and sqrt_nsites.

Referenced by voronoi().

void ELinsert ( Halfedge ,

Definition at line 160 of file hedges.c.

References ELleft(), and Halfedge::ELright.

Referenced by voronoi().

Halfedge* ELleft ( Halfedge )
Halfedge* ELleftbnd ( Point )

Definition at line 186 of file hedges.c.

References deltax, Halfedge::ELleft, Halfedge::ELrefcnt, Halfedge::ELright, NULL, right_of(), Point::x, and xmin.

Referenced by voronoi().

Halfedge * ELright ( Halfedge )

Definition at line 240 of file hedges.c.

References Halfedge::ELright.

Referenced by ELdelete(), and voronoi().

Halfedge* HEcreate ( Edge ,
Site* hintersect ( Halfedge ,
Site* leftreg ( Halfedge )
int right_of ( Halfedge ,

Definition at line 100 of file hedges.c.

References Edge::a, Edge::b, Edge::c, Site::coord, coord(), Halfedge::ELedge, Halfedge::ELpm, le, re, Edge::reg, Point::x, pointf_s::x, and Point::y.

Referenced by ELleftbnd().

Site * rightreg ( Halfedge )

Definition at line 258 of file hedges.c.

References bottomsite, Halfedge::ELedge, Halfedge::ELpm, le, NULL, re, and Edge::reg.

Referenced by voronoi().

Variable Documentation

Halfedge* ELleftend

Definition at line 21 of file hedges.c.

Referenced by ELinitialize(), and voronoi().

Halfedge * ELrightend

Definition at line 21 of file hedges.c.

Referenced by ELinitialize(), and voronoi().