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gvplugin_core.c File Reference
#include "gvplugin.h"
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gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_dot_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_fig_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_map_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_mp_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_ps_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_svg_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_json_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_tk_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_vml_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_pic_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_pov_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_dot_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_fig_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_map_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_mp_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_ps_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_svg_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_json_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_tk_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_vml_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_pic_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_pov_types []
gvplugin_installed_t gvloadimage_core_types []
gvplugin_core_LTX_library = { "core", apis }

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Definition at line 78 of file gvplugin_core.c.

Variable Documentation

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_dot_types[]

Definition at line 845 of file gvrender_core_dot.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_fig_types[]

Definition at line 555 of file gvrender_core_fig.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_json_types[]

Definition at line 815 of file gvrender_core_json.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_map_types[]

Definition at line 327 of file gvrender_core_map.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_mp_types[]

Definition at line 527 of file gvrender_core_mp.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_pic_types[]

Definition at line 597 of file gvrender_core_pic.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_pov_types[]

Definition at line 926 of file gvrender_core_pov.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_ps_types[]

Definition at line 494 of file gvrender_core_ps.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_svg_types[]

Definition at line 794 of file gvrender_core_svg.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_tk_types[]

Definition at line 385 of file gvrender_core_tk.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvdevice_vml_types[]

Definition at line 607 of file gvrender_core_vml.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvloadimage_core_types[]

Definition at line 299 of file gvloadimage_core.c.

GVPLUGIN_CORE_API gvplugin_library_t gvplugin_core_LTX_library = { "core", apis }

Definition at line 81 of file gvplugin_core.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_dot_types[]

Definition at line 839 of file gvrender_core_dot.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_fig_types[]

Definition at line 550 of file gvrender_core_fig.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_json_types[]

Definition at line 807 of file gvrender_core_json.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_map_types[]

Definition at line 322 of file gvrender_core_map.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_mp_types[]

Definition at line 522 of file gvrender_core_mp.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_pic_types[]

Definition at line 592 of file gvrender_core_pic.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_pov_types[]

Definition at line 919 of file gvrender_core_pov.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_ps_types[]

Definition at line 489 of file gvrender_core_ps.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_svg_types[]

Definition at line 789 of file gvrender_core_svg.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_tk_types[]

Definition at line 380 of file gvrender_core_tk.c.

gvplugin_installed_t gvrender_vml_types[]

Definition at line 602 of file gvrender_core_vml.c.