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gvdevice.c File Reference
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "const.h"
#include "memory.h"
#include "gvplugin_device.h"
#include "gvcjob.h"
#include "gvcint.h"
#include "gvcproc.h"
#include "logic.h"
#include "gvio.h"
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#define DECPLACES   2
#define DECPLACES_SCALE   100
#define val_str(n, x)   static double n = x; static char n##str[] = #x;


int gvdevice_initialize (GVJ_t *job)
size_t gvwrite (GVJ_t *job, const char *s, size_t len)
int gvferror (FILE *stream)
size_t gvfwrite (const void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, FILE *stream)
int gvputs (GVJ_t *job, const char *s)
int gvputc (GVJ_t *job, int c)
int gvflush (GVJ_t *job)
void gvdevice_format (GVJ_t *job)
void gvdevice_finalize (GVJ_t *job)
void gvprintf (GVJ_t *job, const char *format,...)
 val_str (maxnegnum,-999999999999999.99) static char *gvprintnum(size_t *len
 if (number< maxnegnum) = DECPLACES_SCALE
 if (number >-maxnegnum)
 if ((negative=(N< 0)))
 if (negative)
void gvprintpointf (GVJ_t *job, pointf p)
void gvprintpointflist (GVJ_t *job, pointf *p, int n)


double number
char * result = tmpbuf+sizeof(maxnegnumstr)
long int N
boolean showzeros
boolean negative
int digit
int i

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DECPLACES   2

Definition at line 431 of file gvdevice.c.

#define DECPLACES_SCALE   100

Definition at line 432 of file gvdevice.c.

#define val_str (   n,
)    static double n = x; static char n##str[] = #x;

Definition at line 435 of file gvdevice.c.

Function Documentation

void gvdevice_finalize ( GVJ_t job)
void gvdevice_format ( GVJ_t job)
int gvdevice_initialize ( GVJ_t job)
int gvferror ( FILE *  stream)

Definition at line 258 of file gvdevice.c.

References GVJ_s::gvc, GVJ_s::output_data, GVJ_s::output_file, and GVC_s::write_fn.

Referenced by gvplugin_graph().

int gvflush ( GVJ_t job)
size_t gvfwrite ( const void *  ptr,
size_t  size,
size_t  nmemb,
FILE *  stream 

Definition at line 268 of file gvdevice.c.

References assert, and gvwrite().

Referenced by gvplugin_graph().

void gvprintf ( GVJ_t job,
const char *  format,

Definition at line 393 of file gvdevice.c.

References AGERR, agerr(), free(), gmalloc(), and gvwrite().

Referenced by epsf_define().

void gvprintpointf ( GVJ_t job,
pointf  p 

Definition at line 542 of file gvdevice.c.

References gvwrite(), pointf_s::x, and pointf_s::y.

Referenced by gvprintpointflist().

void gvprintpointflist ( GVJ_t job,
pointf p,
int  n 

Definition at line 554 of file gvdevice.c.

References gvprintpointf(), gvwrite(), and TRUE.

int gvputc ( GVJ_t job,
int  c 

Definition at line 284 of file gvdevice.c.

References gvwrite().

Referenced by epsf_emit_body().

int gvputs ( GVJ_t job,
const char *  s 

Definition at line 274 of file gvdevice.c.

References gvwrite().

Referenced by cat_libfile(), and epsf_define().

size_t gvwrite ( GVJ_t job,
const char *  s,
size_t  len 
number * if ( ) = DECPLACES_SCALE

Definition at line 458 of file gvdevice.c.

Referenced by makeAddPoly().

if ( number  ,

Definition at line 462 of file gvdevice.c.

if ( (negative=(N< 0))  )

Definition at line 475 of file gvdevice.c.

References TRUE.

if ( negative  )

Definition at line 496 of file gvdevice.c.

val_str ( maxnegnum  ,
-999999999999999.  99 

Variable Documentation

int digit

Definition at line 448 of file gvdevice.c.

int i

Definition at line 448 of file gvdevice.c.

Referenced by addGrid(), agclose(), agcopydict(), agFREEdict(), agFREEedge(), agFREEnode(), agNEWedge(), agNEWnode(), agNEWsym(), agwredge(), agwrnode(), arrow_gen(), arrow_length(), attach_attrs_and_arrows(), Bezier(), bezier_clip(), bfs(), bfs_bounded(), box_connection(), build_ranks(), cAdjust(), call_tri(), call_tri2(), cat_libfile(), center_coordinate(), choose_node(), circoLayout(), circomps(), circuit_model(), circuitModel(), clip_and_install(), compute_apsp_artifical_weights_packed(), compute_apsp_packed(), compute_bb(), compute_new_weights(), conjugate_gradient(), conjugate_gradient_f(), conjugate_gradient_mkernel(), copy_vector(), copy_vectorf(), copypoly(), cpvec(), D2E(), diffeq_model(), dijkstra(), dijkstra_bounded(), dijkstra_f(), distance_kD(), dot(), dot_sameports(), dotneato_args_initialize(), dotneato_closest(), dtstat(), ELinitialize(), ELleftbnd(), embed_graph(), emit_label(), enqueue_neighbors(), fast_edge(), fdp_init_node_edge(), fdp_tLayout(), find_user_shape(), findGrid(), flat_edges(), free_html_text(), free_textpara(), get_font_list(), get_gradient_points(), getfree(), getPack(), getSizes(), gv_free_splines(), gvconfig_plugin_install_from_library(), gvplugin_load(), gvrender_ptf_A(), gvrender_usershape(), heapdown(), heapup(), html_path(), in_poly(), init_nop(), init_vec_orth1(), initial_positions(), initLayout(), install_in_rank(), invert_sqrt_vec(), invert_vec(), lu_decompose(), lu_solve(), main(), make_polyline(), make_spring(), makeAddPoly(), makeGraphs(), makeMatrix(), makePoly(), makeSelfArcs(), makeSpline(), makeStraightEdge(), maptoken(), matinv(), max_abs(), max_absf(), mdsModel(), mkRouter(), move_node(), mult_dense_mat(), mult_dense_mat_d(), mult_sparse_dense_mat_transpose(), neato_dequeue(), neato_enqueue(), neato_layout(), new_array(), nextattr(), node_position(), orthog1(), orthog1f(), overlap_edge(), packRects(), packSubgraphs(), parsePackModeInfo(), PCA_alloc(), pccomps(), place_portlabel(), Plegal_arrangement(), Pobsbarriers(), Pobsopen(), Pobspath(), power_iteration(), Ppolybarriers(), PQdump(), PQinitialize(), printvis(), Ptriangulate(), putGraphs(), rank3(), regcomp(), restore_old_weights(), right_mult_with_vector(), right_mult_with_vector_d(), right_mult_with_vector_f(), right_mult_with_vector_ff(), right_mult_with_vector_transpose(), round_corners(), routesplinesinit(), scadd(), scAdjust(), scan_graph_mode(), set_vector_val(), set_vector_valf(), setSizes(), shiftGraphs(), simpleSplineRoute(), sizeLinearArray(), sizeNodelist(), solve(), solve3(), solveCircuit(), spline_at_y(), sqrt_vec(), sqrt_vecf(), square_vec(), stress_majorization_kD_mkernel(), taper(), twopi_layout(), UG_graph(), update_arrays(), update_bb_bz(), user_pos(), vecscale(), vectors_addition(), vectors_additionf(), vectors_inner_product(), vectors_inner_productf(), vectors_mult_additionf(), vectors_scalar_mult(), vectors_scalar_multf(), vectors_substractionf(), vectors_subtraction(), write_plain(), xdotBB(), and zapinlist().

long int N

Definition at line 446 of file gvdevice.c.

Referenced by layout_block().

boolean negative

Definition at line 447 of file gvdevice.c.

double number
Initial value:
static char tmpbuf[sizeof(maxnegnumstr)]

Definition at line 443 of file gvdevice.c.

char* result = tmpbuf+sizeof(maxnegnumstr)
boolean showzeros

Definition at line 447 of file gvdevice.c.