Graphviz  2.39.20150613.2112
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1 /* $Id$ $Revision$ */
2 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 ts=8: */
4 /*************************************************************************
5  * Copyright (c) 2011 AT&T Intellectual Property
6  * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
7  * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
8  * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
9  *
10  *
11  * Contributors: See CVS logs. Details at
12  *************************************************************************/
14 /* This is the public header for the callers of libgvc */
16 #ifndef GVCPROC_H
17 #define GVCPROC_H
19 #define extern
21 /* these are intended to be private entry points - see gvc.h for the public ones */
23 /* configuration */
25  extern char *gvconfig_libdir(GVC_t * gvc);
26  extern void gvconfig(GVC_t * gvc, boolean rescan);
27  extern char *gvhostname(void);
29 /* plugins */
31  extern boolean gvplugin_install(GVC_t * gvc, api_t api,
32  const char *typestr, int quality, gvplugin_package_t *package,
33  gvplugin_installed_t * typeptr);
34  extern gvplugin_available_t *gvplugin_load(GVC_t * gvc, api_t api, const char *type);
36  extern api_t gvplugin_api(char *str);
37  extern char * gvplugin_api_name(api_t api);
38  extern void gvplugin_write_status(GVC_t * gvc);
39  extern char *gvplugin_list(GVC_t * gvc, api_t api, const char *str);
41  extern Agraph_t * gvplugin_graph(GVC_t * gvc);
43 /* job */
45  extern void gvjobs_output_filename(GVC_t * gvc, const char *name);
46  extern boolean gvjobs_output_langname(GVC_t * gvc, const char *name);
47  extern GVJ_t *gvjobs_first(GVC_t * gvc);
48  extern GVJ_t *gvjobs_next(GVC_t * gvc);
49  extern void gvjobs_delete(GVC_t * gvc);
51 /* emit */
52  extern void gvemit_graph(GVC_t * gvc, graph_t * g);
54 /* textlayout */
56  extern int gvtextlayout_select(GVC_t * gvc);
57  extern boolean gvtextlayout(GVC_t *gvc, textspan_t *span, char **fontpath);
59 /* loadimage */
60  extern void gvloadimage(GVJ_t *job, usershape_t *us, boxf b, boolean filled, const char *target);
62 /* usershapes */
64  extern point gvusershape_size(graph_t *g, char *name);
65  extern usershape_t *gvusershape_find(char *name);
67 /* device */
68  extern int gvdevice_initialize(GVJ_t * job);
69  extern void gvdevice_format(GVJ_t * job);
70  extern void gvdevice_finalize(GVJ_t * job);
72 /* render */
74  extern pointf gvrender_ptf(GVJ_t *job, pointf p);
75  extern pointf* gvrender_ptf_A(GVJ_t *job, pointf *af, pointf *AF, int n);
77  extern int gvrender_begin_job(GVJ_t * job);
78  extern void gvrender_end_job(GVJ_t * job);
79  extern int gvrender_select(GVJ_t * job, const char *lang);
80  extern int gvrender_features(GVJ_t * job);
81  extern void gvrender_begin_graph(GVJ_t * job, graph_t * g);
82  extern void gvrender_end_graph(GVJ_t * job);
83  extern void gvrender_begin_page(GVJ_t * job);
84  extern void gvrender_end_page(GVJ_t * job);
85  extern void gvrender_begin_layer(GVJ_t * job);
86  extern void gvrender_end_layer(GVJ_t * job);
87  extern void gvrender_begin_cluster(GVJ_t * job, graph_t * sg);
88  extern void gvrender_end_cluster(GVJ_t * job, graph_t *g);
89  extern void gvrender_begin_nodes(GVJ_t * job);
90  extern void gvrender_end_nodes(GVJ_t * job);
91  extern void gvrender_begin_edges(GVJ_t * job);
92  extern void gvrender_end_edges(GVJ_t * job);
93  extern void gvrender_begin_node(GVJ_t * job, node_t * n);
94  extern void gvrender_end_node(GVJ_t * job);
95  extern void gvrender_begin_edge(GVJ_t * job, edge_t * e);
96  extern void gvrender_end_edge(GVJ_t * job);
97  extern void gvrender_begin_anchor(GVJ_t * job,
98  char *href, char *tooltip, char *target, char *id);
99  extern void gvrender_end_anchor(GVJ_t * job);
100  extern void gvrender_begin_label(GVJ_t * job, label_type type);
101  extern void gvrender_end_label(GVJ_t * job);
102  extern void gvrender_textspan(GVJ_t * job, pointf p, textspan_t * span);
103  extern void gvrender_set_pencolor(GVJ_t * job, char *name);
104  extern void gvrender_set_penwidth(GVJ_t * job, double penwidth);
105  extern void gvrender_set_fillcolor(GVJ_t * job, char *name);
106  extern void gvrender_set_gradient_vals (GVJ_t * job, char *stopcolor, int angle, float frac);
108  extern void gvrender_set_style(GVJ_t * job, char **s);
109  extern void gvrender_ellipse(GVJ_t * job, pointf * AF, int n, int filled);
110  extern void gvrender_polygon(GVJ_t* job, pointf* af, int n, int filled);
111  extern void gvrender_box(GVJ_t * job, boxf BF, int filled);
112  extern void gvrender_beziercurve(GVJ_t * job, pointf * AF, int n,
113  int arrow_at_start, int arrow_at_end, boolean filled);
114  extern void gvrender_polyline(GVJ_t * job, pointf * AF, int n);
115  extern void gvrender_comment(GVJ_t * job, char *str);
116  extern void gvrender_usershape(GVJ_t * job, char *name, pointf * AF, int n, boolean filled, char *imagescale);
118 /* layout */
120  extern int gvlayout_select(GVC_t * gvc, const char *str);
121  extern int gvFreeLayout(GVC_t * gvc, Agraph_t * g);
122  extern int gvLayoutJobs(GVC_t * gvc, Agraph_t * g);
124 /* argvlist */
125  extern gv_argvlist_t *gvNEWargvlist(void);
126  extern void gv_argvlist_set_item(gv_argvlist_t *list, int index, char *item);
127  extern void gv_argvlist_reset(gv_argvlist_t *list);
128  extern void gv_argvlist_free(gv_argvlist_t *list);
130 #undef extern
132 #endif /* GVCPROC_H */
void gvrender_comment(GVJ_t *job, char *str)
Definition: gvrender.c:656
char * gvconfig_libdir(GVC_t *gvc)
void gvrender_box(GVJ_t *job, boxf BF, int filled)
Definition: gvrender.c:598
void gvrender_polygon(GVJ_t *job, pointf *af, int n, int filled)
Definition: gvrender.c:567
int gvrender_begin_job(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:112
void gvrender_end_edge(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:389
int gvrender_features(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:98
boolean gvtextlayout(GVC_t *gvc, textspan_t *span, char **fontpath)
Definition: gvtextlayout.c:41
void gvloadimage(GVJ_t *job, usershape_t *us, boxf b, boolean filled, const char *target)
Definition: gvloadimage.c:49
Definition: utils.c:978
void gvrender_end_page(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:268
Definition: geom.h:30
void gvrender_set_fillcolor(GVJ_t *job, char *name)
Definition: gvrender.c:476
void gvrender_end_label(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:430
Definition: gvcext.h:34
gvplugin_available_t * gvplugin_load(GVC_t *gvc, api_t api, const char *type)
Definition: gvplugin.c:250
void gvrender_begin_label(GVJ_t *job, label_type type)
Definition: gvrender.c:420
GVJ_t * gvjobs_first(GVC_t *gvc)
Definition: gvjobs.c:89
Definition: gvcjob.h:271
void gvrender_begin_node(GVJ_t *job, node_t *n)
Definition: gvrender.c:359
int gvLayoutJobs(GVC_t *gvc, Agraph_t *g)
Definition: gvlayout.c:56
void gvrender_end_nodes(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:329
char * gvplugin_api_name(api_t api)
Definition: gvplugin.c:65
void gvrender_end_layer(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:289
int gvlayout_select(GVC_t *gvc, const char *str)
Definition: gvlayout.c:34
void gvemit_graph(GVC_t *gvc, graph_t *g)
point gvusershape_size(graph_t *g, char *name)
Definition: gvusershape.c:734
char * gvhostname(void)
void gvdevice_finalize(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvdevice.c:327
void gvrender_usershape(GVJ_t *job, char *name, pointf *AF, int n, boolean filled, char *imagescale)
Definition: gvrender.c:687
Definition: gvcint.h:70
Agraph_t * gvplugin_graph(GVC_t *gvc)
Definition: gvplugin.c:478
void gvrender_begin_anchor(GVJ_t *job, char *href, char *tooltip, char *target, char *id)
Definition: gvrender.c:399
void gvrender_set_pencolor(GVJ_t *job, char *name)
Definition: gvrender.c:459
void gvrender_begin_cluster(GVJ_t *job, graph_t *sg)
Definition: gvrender.c:299
void gv_argvlist_free(gv_argvlist_t *list)
Definition: gvjobs.c:130
void gvplugin_write_status(GVC_t *gvc)
Definition: gvplugin.c:453
void gvconfig(GVC_t *gvc, boolean rescan)
Definition: gvconfig.c:483
gv_argvlist_t * gvNEWargvlist(void)
Definition: gvjobs.c:107
void gvrender_set_style(GVJ_t *job, char **s)
Definition: gvrender.c:507
usershape_t * gvusershape_find(char *name)
void gvrender_begin_page(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:258
Definition: gvcjob.h:38
void gvrender_begin_edges(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:339
Definition: grammar.c:79
void gvrender_begin_edge(GVJ_t *job, edge_t *e)
Definition: gvrender.c:379
void gvrender_end_graph(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:247
pointf gvrender_ptf(GVJ_t *job, pointf p)
Definition: gvrender.c:142
void gvrender_set_gradient_vals(GVJ_t *job, char *stopcolor, int angle, float frac)
Definition: gvrender.c:493
boolean gvplugin_install(GVC_t *gvc, api_t api, const char *typestr, int quality, gvplugin_package_t *package, gvplugin_installed_t *typeptr)
Definition: gvplugin.c:77
int gvFreeLayout(GVC_t *gvc, Agraph_t *g)
Definition: gvlayout.c:102
void gvrender_set_penwidth(GVJ_t *job, double penwidth)
Definition: gvrender.c:785
void gvrender_textspan(GVJ_t *job, pointf p, textspan_t *span)
Definition: gvrender.c:440
void gvrender_end_edges(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:349
int gvtextlayout_select(GVC_t *gvc)
Definition: gvtextlayout.c:27
void gv_argvlist_reset(gv_argvlist_t *list)
Definition: gvjobs.c:121
Definition: geom.h:28
pointf * gvrender_ptf_A(GVJ_t *job, pointf *af, pointf *AF, int n)
Definition: gvrender.c:163
void gvdevice_format(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvdevice.c:318
GVC_t * gvc
Definition: htmlparse.c:87
char * gvplugin_list(GVC_t *gvc, api_t api, const char *str)
Definition: gvplugin.c:330
Definition: types.h:101
boolean gvjobs_output_langname(GVC_t *gvc, const char *name)
Definition: gvjobs.c:66
void gvjobs_output_filename(GVC_t *gvc, const char *name)
Definition: gvjobs.c:47
void gvrender_ellipse(GVJ_t *job, pointf *AF, int n, int filled)
Definition: gvrender.c:546
void gvrender_beziercurve(GVJ_t *job, pointf *AF, int n, int arrow_at_start, int arrow_at_end, boolean filled)
Definition: gvrender.c:612
agxbuf * str
Definition: htmlparse.c:85
void gvrender_end_job(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:125
int gvdevice_initialize(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvdevice.c:130
int gvrender_select(GVJ_t *job, const char *lang)
Definition: gvrender.c:49
void gvrender_begin_nodes(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:319
void gvjobs_delete(GVC_t *gvc)
Definition: gvjobs.c:137
void gvrender_end_cluster(GVJ_t *job, graph_t *g)
Definition: gvrender.c:309
gvplugin_library_t * gvplugin_library_load(GVC_t *gvc, char *path)
Definition: gvplugin.c:152
void gvrender_end_anchor(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:410
api_t gvplugin_api(char *str)
Definition: gvplugin.c:53
void gvrender_end_node(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:369
GVJ_t * gvjobs_next(GVC_t *gvc)
Definition: gvjobs.c:94
Definition: geom.h:37
point gvusershape_size_dpi(usershape_t *us, pointf dpi)
Definition: gvusershape.c:713
void gv_argvlist_set_item(gv_argvlist_t *list, int index, char *item)
Definition: gvjobs.c:112
void gvrender_begin_layer(GVJ_t *job)
Definition: gvrender.c:278
void gvrender_begin_graph(GVJ_t *job, graph_t *g)
Definition: gvrender.c:223
void gvrender_polyline(GVJ_t *job, pointf *AF, int n)
Definition: gvrender.c:636