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gvcproc.h File Reference
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#define extern


char * gvconfig_libdir (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvconfig (GVC_t *gvc, boolean rescan)
char * gvhostname (void)
boolean gvplugin_install (GVC_t *gvc, api_t api, const char *typestr, int quality, gvplugin_package_t *package, gvplugin_installed_t *typeptr)
gvplugin_available_tgvplugin_load (GVC_t *gvc, api_t api, const char *type)
gvplugin_library_tgvplugin_library_load (GVC_t *gvc, char *path)
api_t gvplugin_api (char *str)
char * gvplugin_api_name (api_t api)
void gvplugin_write_status (GVC_t *gvc)
char * gvplugin_list (GVC_t *gvc, api_t api, const char *str)
Agraph_tgvplugin_graph (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvjobs_output_filename (GVC_t *gvc, const char *name)
boolean gvjobs_output_langname (GVC_t *gvc, const char *name)
GVJ_tgvjobs_first (GVC_t *gvc)
GVJ_tgvjobs_next (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvjobs_delete (GVC_t *gvc)
void gvemit_graph (GVC_t *gvc, graph_t *g)
int gvtextlayout_select (GVC_t *gvc)
boolean gvtextlayout (GVC_t *gvc, textspan_t *span, char **fontpath)
void gvloadimage (GVJ_t *job, usershape_t *us, boxf b, boolean filled, const char *target)
point gvusershape_size_dpi (usershape_t *us, pointf dpi)
point gvusershape_size (graph_t *g, char *name)
usershape_tgvusershape_find (char *name)
int gvdevice_initialize (GVJ_t *job)
void gvdevice_format (GVJ_t *job)
void gvdevice_finalize (GVJ_t *job)
pointf gvrender_ptf (GVJ_t *job, pointf p)
pointfgvrender_ptf_A (GVJ_t *job, pointf *af, pointf *AF, int n)
int gvrender_begin_job (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_end_job (GVJ_t *job)
int gvrender_select (GVJ_t *job, const char *lang)
int gvrender_features (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_graph (GVJ_t *job, graph_t *g)
void gvrender_end_graph (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_page (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_end_page (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_layer (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_end_layer (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_cluster (GVJ_t *job, graph_t *sg)
void gvrender_end_cluster (GVJ_t *job, graph_t *g)
void gvrender_begin_nodes (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_end_nodes (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_edges (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_end_edges (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_node (GVJ_t *job, node_t *n)
void gvrender_end_node (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_edge (GVJ_t *job, edge_t *e)
void gvrender_end_edge (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_anchor (GVJ_t *job, char *href, char *tooltip, char *target, char *id)
void gvrender_end_anchor (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_begin_label (GVJ_t *job, label_type type)
void gvrender_end_label (GVJ_t *job)
void gvrender_textspan (GVJ_t *job, pointf p, textspan_t *span)
void gvrender_set_pencolor (GVJ_t *job, char *name)
void gvrender_set_penwidth (GVJ_t *job, double penwidth)
void gvrender_set_fillcolor (GVJ_t *job, char *name)
void gvrender_set_gradient_vals (GVJ_t *job, char *stopcolor, int angle, float frac)
void gvrender_set_style (GVJ_t *job, char **s)
void gvrender_ellipse (GVJ_t *job, pointf *AF, int n, int filled)
void gvrender_polygon (GVJ_t *job, pointf *af, int n, int filled)
void gvrender_box (GVJ_t *job, boxf BF, int filled)
void gvrender_beziercurve (GVJ_t *job, pointf *AF, int n, int arrow_at_start, int arrow_at_end, boolean filled)
void gvrender_polyline (GVJ_t *job, pointf *AF, int n)
void gvrender_comment (GVJ_t *job, char *str)
void gvrender_usershape (GVJ_t *job, char *name, pointf *AF, int n, boolean filled, char *imagescale, char *imagepos)
int gvlayout_select (GVC_t *gvc, const char *str)
int gvFreeLayout (GVC_t *gvc, Agraph_t *g)
int gvLayoutJobs (GVC_t *gvc, Agraph_t *g)
gv_argvlist_tgvNEWargvlist (void)
void gv_argvlist_set_item (gv_argvlist_t *list, int index, char *item)
void gv_argvlist_reset (gv_argvlist_t *list)
void gv_argvlist_free (gv_argvlist_t *list)

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#define extern

Definition at line 19 of file gvcproc.h.

Function Documentation

void gv_argvlist_free ( gv_argvlist_t list)

Definition at line 128 of file gvjobs.c.

References gv_argvlist_s::argv.

void gv_argvlist_reset ( gv_argvlist_t list)

Definition at line 119 of file gvjobs.c.

References gv_argvlist_s::alloc, gv_argvlist_s::argc, gv_argvlist_s::argv, and NULL.

Referenced by gvjobs_delete().

void gv_argvlist_set_item ( gv_argvlist_t list,
int  index,
char *  item 

Definition at line 110 of file gvjobs.c.

References gv_argvlist_s::alloc, gv_argvlist_s::argv, and grealloc().

void gvconfig ( GVC_t gvc,
boolean  rescan 
char* gvconfig_libdir ( GVC_t gvc)
void gvdevice_finalize ( GVJ_t job)
void gvdevice_format ( GVJ_t job)
int gvdevice_initialize ( GVJ_t job)
void gvemit_graph ( GVC_t gvc,
graph_t g 
int gvFreeLayout ( GVC_t gvc,
Agraph_t g 

Definition at line 102 of file gvlayout.c.

References agbindrec(), GD_cleanup, GD_drawing, graph_cleanup(), NULL, and TRUE.

char* gvhostname ( void  )
void gvjobs_delete ( GVC_t gvc)
GVJ_t* gvjobs_first ( GVC_t gvc)

Definition at line 87 of file gvjobs.c.

References GVC_s::job, and GVC_s::jobs.

Referenced by gvRenderJobs().

GVJ_t* gvjobs_next ( GVC_t gvc)

Definition at line 92 of file gvjobs.c.

References GVC_s::job, GVJ_s::next, and GVJ_s::output_langname.

Referenced by gvRenderJobs().

void gvjobs_output_filename ( GVC_t gvc,
const char *  name 
boolean gvjobs_output_langname ( GVC_t gvc,
const char *  name 
int gvlayout_select ( GVC_t gvc,
const char *  str 
int gvLayoutJobs ( GVC_t gvc,
Agraph_t g 
void gvloadimage ( GVJ_t job,
usershape_t us,
boxf  b,
boolean  filled,
const char *  target 
gv_argvlist_t* gvNEWargvlist ( void  )

Definition at line 105 of file gvjobs.c.

References zmalloc().

api_t gvplugin_api ( char *  str)

Definition at line 59 of file gvplugin.c.

References ARRAY_SIZE.

char* gvplugin_api_name ( api_t  api)

Definition at line 71 of file gvplugin.c.

References ARRAY_SIZE, and NULL.

Referenced by gvconfig_plugin_install_from_library().

Agraph_t* gvplugin_graph ( GVC_t gvc)
boolean gvplugin_install ( GVC_t gvc,
api_t  api,
const char *  typestr,
int  quality,
gvplugin_package_t package,
gvplugin_installed_t typeptr 
gvplugin_library_t* gvplugin_library_load ( GVC_t gvc,
char *  path 
char* gvplugin_list ( GVC_t gvc,
api_t  api,
const char *  str 
gvplugin_available_t* gvplugin_load ( GVC_t gvc,
api_t  api,
const char *  type 
void gvplugin_write_status ( GVC_t gvc)
void gvrender_begin_anchor ( GVJ_t job,
char *  href,
char *  tooltip,
char *  target,
char *  id 
void gvrender_begin_cluster ( GVJ_t job,
graph_t sg 
void gvrender_begin_edge ( GVJ_t job,
edge_t e 
void gvrender_begin_edges ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_begin_graph ( GVJ_t job,
graph_t g 
int gvrender_begin_job ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_begin_label ( GVJ_t job,
label_type  type 

Definition at line 425 of file gvrender.c.

References gvrender_engine_s::begin_label, gvplugin_active_render_s::engine, and GVJ_s::render.

Referenced by emit_label().

void gvrender_begin_layer ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_begin_node ( GVJ_t job,
node_t n 
void gvrender_begin_nodes ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_begin_page ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_beziercurve ( GVJ_t job,
pointf AF,
int  n,
int  arrow_at_start,
int  arrow_at_end,
boolean  filled 
void gvrender_box ( GVJ_t job,
boxf  BF,
int  filled 

Definition at line 603 of file gvrender.c.

References gvrender_polygon(), boxf::LL, boxf::UR, pointf_s::x, and pointf_s::y.

Referenced by emit_clusters().

void gvrender_comment ( GVJ_t job,
char *  str 

Definition at line 661 of file gvrender.c.

References gvrender_engine_s::comment, gvplugin_active_render_s::engine, and GVJ_s::render.

Referenced by emit_graph().

void gvrender_ellipse ( GVJ_t job,
pointf AF,
int  n,
int  filled 
void gvrender_end_anchor ( GVJ_t job)

Definition at line 415 of file gvrender.c.

References gvrender_engine_s::end_anchor, gvplugin_active_render_s::engine, and GVJ_s::render.

Referenced by emit_clusters().

void gvrender_end_cluster ( GVJ_t job,
graph_t g 
void gvrender_end_edge ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_end_edges ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_end_graph ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_end_job ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_end_label ( GVJ_t job)

Definition at line 435 of file gvrender.c.

References gvrender_engine_s::end_label, gvplugin_active_render_s::engine, and GVJ_s::render.

Referenced by emit_label().

void gvrender_end_layer ( GVJ_t job)

Definition at line 294 of file gvrender.c.

References gvrender_engine_s::end_layer, gvplugin_active_render_s::engine, and GVJ_s::render.

Referenced by emit_graph().

void gvrender_end_node ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_end_nodes ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_end_page ( GVJ_t job)
int gvrender_features ( GVJ_t job)
void gvrender_polygon ( GVJ_t job,
pointf af,
int  n,
int  filled 
void gvrender_polyline ( GVJ_t job,
pointf AF,
int  n 
pointf gvrender_ptf ( GVJ_t job,
pointf  p 
pointf* gvrender_ptf_A ( GVJ_t job,
pointf af,
pointf AF,
int  n 
int gvrender_select ( GVJ_t job,
const char *  lang 
void gvrender_set_fillcolor ( GVJ_t job,
char *  name 
void gvrender_set_gradient_vals ( GVJ_t job,
char *  stopcolor,
int  angle,
float  frac 
void gvrender_set_pencolor ( GVJ_t job,
char *  name 
void gvrender_set_penwidth ( GVJ_t job,
double  penwidth 
void gvrender_set_style ( GVJ_t job,
char **  s 
void gvrender_textspan ( GVJ_t job,
pointf  p,
textspan_t span 
void gvrender_usershape ( GVJ_t job,
char *  name,
pointf AF,
int  n,
boolean  filled,
char *  imagescale,
char *  imagepos 
boolean gvtextlayout ( GVC_t gvc,
textspan_t span,
char **  fontpath 
int gvtextlayout_select ( GVC_t gvc)
usershape_t* gvusershape_find ( char *  name)

Referenced by gvrender_usershape().

point gvusershape_size ( graph_t g,
char *  name 
point gvusershape_size_dpi ( usershape_t us,
pointf  dpi