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attr.c File Reference
#include <cghdr.h>
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#define MINATTR   4 /* minimum allocation */


Agdatadict_tagdatadict (Agraph_t *g, int cflag)
Dict_tagdictof (Agraph_t *g, int kind)
Agsym_tagnewsym (Agraph_t *g, char *name, char *value, int id, int kind)
Agsym_tagdictsym (Dict_t *dict, char *name)
Agsym_taglocaldictsym (Dict_t *dict, char *name)
Agsym_tagattrsym (void *obj, char *name)
Agattr_tagattrrec (void *obj)
Agsym_tagattr (Agraph_t *g, int kind, char *name, char *value)
Agsym_tagnxtattr (Agraph_t *g, int kind, Agsym_t *attr)
void agraphattr_init (Agraph_t *g)
int agraphattr_delete (Agraph_t *g)
void agnodeattr_init (Agraph_t *g, Agnode_t *n)
void agnodeattr_delete (Agnode_t *n)
void agedgeattr_init (Agraph_t *g, Agedge_t *e)
void agedgeattr_delete (Agedge_t *e)
char * agget (void *obj, char *name)
char * agxget (void *obj, Agsym_t *sym)
int agset (void *obj, char *name, char *value)
int agxset (void *obj, Agsym_t *sym, char *value)
int agsafeset (void *obj, char *name, char *value, char *def)
int agcopyattr (void *oldobj, void *newobj)


Dtdisc_t AgDataDictDisc
char * AgDataRecName = "_AG_strdata"

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MINATTR   4 /* minimum allocation */

Definition at line 22 of file attr.c.

Function Documentation

Agsym_t* agattr ( Agraph_t g,
int  kind,
char *  name,
char *  value 
Agattr_t* agattrrec ( void *  obj)
Agsym_t* agattrsym ( void *  obj,
char *  name 

Definition at line 153 of file attr.c.

References agattrrec(), agdictsym(), Agattr_s::dict, and NILsym.

Referenced by agcopyattr(), agget(), and agset().

int agcopyattr ( void *  oldobj,
void *  newobj 
Agdatadict_t* agdatadict ( Agraph_t g,
int  cflag 

Definition at line 41 of file attr.c.

References aggetrec(), and FALSE.

Referenced by agdictof(), agraphattr_delete(), and agxset().

Dict_t* agdictof ( Agraph_t g,
int  kind 
Agsym_t* agdictsym ( Dict_t dict,
char *  name 

Definition at line 134 of file attr.c.

References dtsearch, and Agsym_s::name.

Referenced by agattrsym(), and aglocaldictsym().

void agedgeattr_delete ( Agedge_t e)

Definition at line 418 of file attr.c.

References agattrrec(), and agdelrec().

Referenced by agdeledge().

void agedgeattr_init ( Agraph_t g,
Agedge_t e 

Definition at line 409 of file attr.c.

References agattrrec(), and Agattr_s::dict.

char* agget ( void *  obj,
char *  name 
Agsym_t* aglocaldictsym ( Dict_t dict,
char *  name 

Definition at line 142 of file attr.c.

References agdictsym(), dtview(), and NIL.

Referenced by agxset().

Agsym_t* agnewsym ( Agraph_t g,
char *  name,
char *  value,
int  id,
int  kind 

Definition at line 79 of file attr.c.

References agalloc(), agstrdup(), Agsym_s::defval, Agsym_s::id, Agsym_s::kind, and Agsym_s::name.

Referenced by agxset().

void agnodeattr_delete ( Agnode_t n)

Definition at line 399 of file attr.c.

References agattrrec(), and agdelrec().

Referenced by agdelnode().

void agnodeattr_init ( Agraph_t g,
Agnode_t n 

Definition at line 390 of file attr.c.

References agattrrec(), and Agattr_s::dict.

Agsym_t* agnxtattr ( Agraph_t g,
int  kind,
Agsym_t attr 

Definition at line 340 of file attr.c.

References agdictof(), dtfirst, and dtnext.

Referenced by agcopyattr(), firstattr(), listEdgeAttrs(), listGraphAttrs(), listNodeAttrs(), main(), and nextattr().

int agraphattr_delete ( Agraph_t g)
void agraphattr_init ( Agraph_t g)

Definition at line 357 of file attr.c.

References agparent(), Agraph_s::desc, and Agdesc_s::has_attrs.

Referenced by agopen1().

int agsafeset ( void *  obj,
char *  name,
char *  value,
char *  def 

Definition at line 497 of file attr.c.

References agattr(), agraphof(), AGTYPE, and agxset().

Referenced by gvLayout().

int agset ( void *  obj,
char *  name,
char *  value 

Definition at line 455 of file attr.c.

References agattrsym(), agxset(), FAILURE, and NILsym.

Referenced by attach_attrs_and_arrows(), convert_edge_labels_to_nodes(), setSeed(), and twopi_layout().

char* agxget ( void *  obj,
Agsym_t sym 
int agxset ( void *  obj,
Agsym_t sym,
char *  value 

Variable Documentation

Dtdisc_t AgDataDictDisc
Initial value:
= {
(int) offsetof(Agsym_t, name),
(int) offsetof(Agsym_t, link),
int(* Dtcompar_f)(Dt_t *, void *, void *, Dtdisc_t *)
Definition: cdt.h:40
void *(* Dtmake_f)(Dt_t *, void *, Dtdisc_t *)
Definition: cdt.h:38
#define NIL(t)
Definition: dthdr.h:13
Definition: grammar.c:1264

Definition at line 26 of file attr.c.

char* AgDataRecName = "_AG_strdata"

Definition at line 169 of file attr.c.