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agxbuf.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  agxbuf


#define AGXBUF_H
#define AGXBUF_API   extern
#define agxbputc(X, C)   ((((X)->ptr >= (X)->eptr) ? agxbmore(X,1) : 0), (void)(*(X)->ptr++ = ((unsigned char)C)))
#define agxbuse(X)   ((void)agxbputc(X,'\0'),(char*)((X)->ptr = (X)->buf))
#define agxbstart(X)   ((char*)((X)->buf))
#define agxblen(X)   (((X)->ptr)-((X)->buf))
#define agxbclear(X)   ((void)((X)->ptr = (X)->buf))
#define agxbnext(X)   ((char*)((X)->ptr))


AGXBUF_API void agxbinit (agxbuf *xb, unsigned int hint, unsigned char *init)
AGXBUF_API size_t agxbput_n (agxbuf *xb, const char *s, size_t n)
AGXBUF_API size_t agxbput (agxbuf *xb, const char *s)
AGXBUF_API void agxbfree (agxbuf *xb)
AGXBUF_API int agxbpop (agxbuf *xb)
AGXBUF_API int agxbmore (agxbuf *xb, size_t ssz)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define agxbclear (   X)    ((void)((X)->ptr = (X)->buf))

Definition at line 101 of file agxbuf.h.

#define agxblen (   X)    (((X)->ptr)-((X)->buf))

Definition at line 95 of file agxbuf.h.

Referenced by htmllex().

#define agxbnext (   X)    ((char*)((X)->ptr))

Definition at line 107 of file agxbuf.h.

Referenced by parse_style().

#define agxbputc (   X,
)    ((((X)->ptr >= (X)->eptr) ? agxbmore(X,1) : 0), (void)(*(X)->ptr++ = ((unsigned char)C)))
#define agxbstart (   X)    ((char*)((X)->buf))

Definition at line 89 of file agxbuf.h.

#define AGXBUF_API   extern

Definition at line 28 of file agxbuf.h.

#define AGXBUF_H

Definition at line 19 of file agxbuf.h.

#define agxbuse (   X)    ((void)agxbputc(X,'\0'),(char*)((X)->ptr = (X)->buf))

Function Documentation

AGXBUF_API void agxbfree ( agxbuf xb)
AGXBUF_API void agxbinit ( agxbuf xb,
unsigned int  hint,
unsigned char *  init 
AGXBUF_API int agxbmore ( agxbuf xb,
size_t  ssz 

Definition at line 44 of file agxbuf.c.

References agxbuf::buf, agxbuf::dyna, agxbuf::eptr, N_GNEW, and agxbuf::ptr.

Referenced by agxbput_n().

AGXBUF_API int agxbpop ( agxbuf xb)

Definition at line 103 of file agxbuf.c.

References agxbuf::buf, and agxbuf::ptr.

Referenced by attach_attrs_and_arrows().

AGXBUF_API size_t agxbput ( agxbuf xb,
const char *  s 
AGXBUF_API size_t agxbput_n ( agxbuf xb,
const char *  s,
size_t  n 

Definition at line 72 of file agxbuf.c.

References agxbmore(), agxbuf::eptr, and agxbuf::ptr.

Referenced by agxbput().