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QuadTree.h File Reference
#include "LinkedList.h"
#include <stdio.h>
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Data Structures

struct  QuadTree_struct


typedef struct QuadTree_structQuadTree


QuadTree QuadTree_new (int dim, real *center, real width, int max_level)
void QuadTree_delete (QuadTree q)
QuadTree QuadTree_add (QuadTree q, real *coord, real weight, int id)
void QuadTree_print (FILE *fp, QuadTree q)
QuadTree QuadTree_new_from_point_list (int dim, int n, int max_level, real *coord, real *weight)
real point_distance (real *p1, real *p2, int dim)
void QuadTree_get_supernodes (QuadTree qt, real bh, real *point, int nodeid, int *nsuper, int *nsupermax, real **center, real **supernode_wgts, real **distances, real *counts, int *flag)
void QuadTree_get_repulsive_force (QuadTree qt, real *force, real *x, real bh, real p, real KP, real *counts, int *flag)
void QuadTree_get_nearest (QuadTree qt, real *x, real *ymin, int *imin, real *min, int *flag)
QuadTree QuadTree_new_in_quadrant (int dim, real *center, real width, int max_level, int i)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct QuadTree_struct* QuadTree

Definition at line 21 of file QuadTree.h.

Function Documentation

real point_distance ( real p1,
real p2,
int  dim 

Definition at line 291 of file general.c.

References dist(), and real.

Referenced by QuadTree_get_supernodes_internal().

QuadTree QuadTree_add ( QuadTree  q,
real coord,
real  weight,
int  id 

Definition at line 554 of file QuadTree.c.

Referenced by QuadTree_new_from_point_list().

void QuadTree_delete ( QuadTree  q)
void QuadTree_get_nearest ( QuadTree  qt,
real x,
real ymin,
int imin,
real min,
int flag 

Definition at line 727 of file QuadTree.c.

References FALSE, and TRUE.

void QuadTree_get_repulsive_force ( QuadTree  qt,
real force,
real x,
real  bh,
real  p,
real  KP,
real counts,
int flag 

Definition at line 317 of file QuadTree.c.

References QuadTree_struct::dim, and QuadTree_struct::n.

Referenced by spring_electrical_embedding_fast().

void QuadTree_get_supernodes ( QuadTree  qt,
real  bh,
real point,
int  nodeid,
int nsuper,
int nsupermax,
real **  center,
real **  supernode_wgts,
real **  distances,
real counts,
int flag 
QuadTree QuadTree_new ( int  dim,
real center,
real  width,
int  max_level 
QuadTree QuadTree_new_from_point_list ( int  dim,
int  n,
int  max_level,
real coord,
real weight 
QuadTree QuadTree_new_in_quadrant ( int  dim,
real center,
real  width,
int  max_level,
int  i 

Definition at line 455 of file QuadTree.c.

References QuadTree_struct::center, and QuadTree_new().

void QuadTree_print ( FILE *  fp,
QuadTree  q 

Definition at line 654 of file QuadTree.c.

References QuadTree_struct::dim.