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Multilevel.c File Reference
#include "Multilevel.h"
#include "PriorityQueue.h"
#include "memory.h"
#include "logic.h"
#include "assert.h"
#include "arith.h"
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#define node_degree(i)   (ia[(i)+1] - ia[(i)])


Multilevel_control Multilevel_control_new (int scheme, int mode)
void Multilevel_control_delete (Multilevel_control ctrl)
void Multilevel_delete (Multilevel grid)
SparseMatrix DistanceMatrix_restrict_cluster (int ncluster, int *clusterp, int *cluster, SparseMatrix P, SparseMatrix R, SparseMatrix D)
SparseMatrix DistanceMatrix_restrict_matching (int *matching, SparseMatrix D)
SparseMatrix DistanceMatrix_restrict_filtering (int *mask, int is_C, int is_F, SparseMatrix D)
void Multilevel_coarsen (SparseMatrix A, SparseMatrix *cA, SparseMatrix D, SparseMatrix *cD, real *node_wgt, real **cnode_wgt, SparseMatrix *P, SparseMatrix *R, Multilevel_control ctrl, int *coarsen_scheme_used)
void print_padding (int n)
Multilevel Multilevel_new (SparseMatrix A0, SparseMatrix D0, real *node_weights, Multilevel_control ctrl)
Multilevel Multilevel_get_coarsest (Multilevel grid)

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#define node_degree (   i)    (ia[(i)+1] - ia[(i)])

Definition at line 324 of file Multilevel.c.

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SparseMatrix DistanceMatrix_restrict_cluster ( int  ncluster,
int clusterp,
int cluster,
SparseMatrix  P,
SparseMatrix  R,
SparseMatrix  D 
SparseMatrix DistanceMatrix_restrict_filtering ( int mask,
int  is_C,
int  is_F,
SparseMatrix  D 

Definition at line 941 of file Multilevel.c.

References assert, and NULL.

SparseMatrix DistanceMatrix_restrict_matching ( int matching,
SparseMatrix  D 

Definition at line 935 of file Multilevel.c.

References assert, and NULL.

void Multilevel_coarsen ( SparseMatrix  A,
SparseMatrix cA,
SparseMatrix  D,
SparseMatrix cD,
real node_wgt,
real **  cnode_wgt,
SparseMatrix P,
SparseMatrix R,
Multilevel_control  ctrl,
int coarsen_scheme_used 
void Multilevel_control_delete ( Multilevel_control  ctrl)

Definition at line 44 of file Multilevel.c.

References FREE.

Multilevel_control Multilevel_control_new ( int  scheme,
int  mode 
void Multilevel_delete ( Multilevel  grid)
Multilevel Multilevel_get_coarsest ( Multilevel  grid)

Definition at line 1312 of file Multilevel.c.

References Multilevel_struct::next.

Multilevel Multilevel_new ( SparseMatrix  A0,
SparseMatrix  D0,
real node_weights,
Multilevel_control  ctrl 
void print_padding ( int  n)

Definition at line 1249 of file Multilevel.c.