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LinkedList.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  SingleLinkedList_struct
struct  DoubleLinkedList_struct


typedef struct
typedef struct


SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_new (void *data)
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_new_int (int i)
void SingleLinkedList_delete (SingleLinkedList head, void(*linklist_deallocator)(void *))
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_prepend (SingleLinkedList l, void *data)
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_prepend_int (SingleLinkedList l, int i)
void * SingleLinkedList_get_data (SingleLinkedList l)
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_get_next (SingleLinkedList l)
void SingleLinkedList_print (SingleLinkedList head, void(*linkedlist_print)(void *))
DoubleLinkedList DoubleLinkedList_new (void *data)
void DoubleLinkedList_delete (DoubleLinkedList head, void(*linklist_deallocator)(void *))
DoubleLinkedList DoubleLinkedList_prepend (DoubleLinkedList l, void *data)
void * DoubleLinkedList_get_data (DoubleLinkedList l)
DoubleLinkedList DoubleLinkedList_get_next (DoubleLinkedList l)
void DoubleLinkedList_delete_element (DoubleLinkedList l, void(*linklist_deallocator)(void *), DoubleLinkedList *head)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 37 of file LinkedList.h.

Definition at line 17 of file LinkedList.h.

Function Documentation

void DoubleLinkedList_delete ( DoubleLinkedList  head,
void(*)(void *)  linklist_deallocator 

Definition at line 93 of file LinkedList.c.

References DoubleLinkedList_struct::data, FREE, and DoubleLinkedList_struct::next.

Referenced by PriorityQueue_delete().

void DoubleLinkedList_delete_element ( DoubleLinkedList  l,
void(*)(void *)  linklist_deallocator,
DoubleLinkedList head 
void* DoubleLinkedList_get_data ( DoubleLinkedList  l)

Definition at line 116 of file LinkedList.c.

References DoubleLinkedList_struct::data.

Referenced by PriorityQueue_pop().

DoubleLinkedList DoubleLinkedList_get_next ( DoubleLinkedList  l)

Definition at line 120 of file LinkedList.c.

References DoubleLinkedList_struct::next.

DoubleLinkedList DoubleLinkedList_new ( void *  data)
DoubleLinkedList DoubleLinkedList_prepend ( DoubleLinkedList  l,
void *  data 
void SingleLinkedList_delete ( SingleLinkedList  head,
void(*)(void *)  linklist_deallocator 
void* SingleLinkedList_get_data ( SingleLinkedList  l)
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_get_next ( SingleLinkedList  l)
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_new ( void *  data)
SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_new_int ( int  i)

Definition at line 31 of file LinkedList.c.

References SingleLinkedList_new().

Referenced by Multilevel_MQ_Clustering_establish().

SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_prepend ( SingleLinkedList  l,
void *  data 

Definition at line 53 of file LinkedList.c.

References head, SingleLinkedList_struct::next, and SingleLinkedList_new().

Referenced by SingleLinkedList_prepend_int().

SingleLinkedList SingleLinkedList_prepend_int ( SingleLinkedList  l,
int  i 

Definition at line 59 of file LinkedList.c.

References SingleLinkedList_prepend().

Referenced by Multilevel_MQ_Clustering_establish().

void SingleLinkedList_print ( SingleLinkedList  head,
void(*)(void *)  linkedlist_print 

Definition at line 73 of file LinkedList.c.

References SingleLinkedList_struct::data, and SingleLinkedList_struct::next.