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0000098graphvizOutput Generationpublic2002-08-15 09:022011-04-28 04:02
ReporterMartin Duerst2 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-OS Version
Summary0000098: Russian-only or Japanese-only labels disappear

Labels with only Russian text or only Japanese text disappear
completely in output (in particular, but not only, in SVG output).
If some Latin characters are added into these labels,
things work (modulo font settings).
Additional Information

[erg] New versions of svg appear to handle this, at least in that
the svg output has character codes for both the Cyrillic and Japanese
text. I have only seen the Cyrillic displayed, presumably because the
arial font used by the svg displayer does not have the appropriate font
version for the Japanese.

Even if this is only a problem now in getting the right font, the box
for the Cyrillic appears far too wide.

The user confirms that the lack of labels is fixed with the new release,
provided he uses MS Arial Unicode to pick up the Japaneses glyphs.
This still leaves the extra wide box.

[duerst] Could it be that
somewhere bytes are counted instead of characters (which would
just lead to a factor of 2)?

[ellson] I'm trying to work out the right way to deal with this.

Can you tell me what character encoding you are using to
put Russian and Japanese text into the graph?

This information may come from some sort of localization data.
Do you happen to know if there is an environment variable that
dot should be looking at to find out what character encoding is being used?

On linux at least, you can tell what character encoding is being
used with the command: locale charmap

Can you let me know what this returns on your system?

[duerst] The data is encoded as UTF-8. I know this because I
produce it in a Java servlet, where I set the encoding
explicitly, and I have also checked the actual encoding
with od -hc (octal dump unix command), the Unicode
book, and some of my personal utilities.

Please note that 'locale charmap' will only coincide
with the actual encoding of the input file if the
input file was created with the same setting, and
by a program that uses the locale settings for deciding
which encoding to use for the output.
For data from the Web, for example, that doesn't apply.

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VERSION     1.7.4
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