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0000900graphvizDotpublic2005-05-24 13:112011-04-28 04:03
ReporterMassimo Cora' 
Assigned Tonorth 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-2.6.10OS Version
Summary0000900: numer of fields in struct field_t is wrong

I noticed a problem with the parsing of the rectangles in a node with shape=record.
I'm using libgraph as library to graph some data.

In particular even if I've got a label as in node "Accessor" [example provided below], which is supposed to draw the rects in a Top-Bottom fascion, the correct number of fields [field_t.n_flds] is missed: it always gives me 1.
If I remove the brackets "{" "}" from the label attribute [so expecting a left-right fascion] it returns the correct number of fields.

Seems like the parsing of the number of fields is wrong. Anyway if I try to paint the graph from command line it works good. The problem is that I must interface with a gnome-canvas so I need the sub-rects params.
Btw: in a text-output the rects="" param seems to display the corrects sub-rects of the node.

Any hint?

I'm using the following c code to display infos about the fields:
if (strcmp("record", ND_shape(node)->name) == 0 ) {
   gint i;
   DEBUG_PRINT ("number of fields of %s: %d", ND_label (node)->text, ((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->n_flds);

   for (i=0; i < ((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->n_flds; i++ ) {
      DEBUG_PRINT ("box info [orizzontal %d]: LL(%d, %d) UR(%d, %d)",
                     ((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->fld[i]->LR,
                 ((point)((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->fld[i]->b.LL).x,
                         ((point)((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->fld[i]->b.LL).y,
                         ((point)((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->fld[i]->b.UR).x,
                         ((point)((field_t*)ND_shape_info (node))->fld[i]->b.UR).y
Steps To Reproduce

digraph "Anjuta Graph" {
        DocumentAccessor [shape=box, fontname="Courier new", fontsize=14, ratio=expand];
        Accessor [shape=box, fontname="Courier new", fontsize=14, ratio=expand];
        DocumentIndexer [shape=record, fontname="Courier new", fontsize=14,
        Accessor -> DocumentAccessor;
        Accessor -> DocumentIndexer;
Additional Information

[north] The field are recursive. So in the above example you have 1 top level field and it has 5 sub-fields.

[maxcvs] I misunderstood the "recursive" property of fields.. now it works!
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VERSION     2.2.1
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