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0000849graphvizBuild/Installpublic2005-03-26 21:192011-04-28 04:03
ReporterCat Okita 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOS*-OSX-OS Version
Summary0000849: Dependancy on ps2pdf cannot be circumvented
Compilation and installation of graphviz has an unavoidable dependancy on the availability of ps2pdf (and thus a requirement for Ghostview). Ghostview is not listed as a dependancy - and should not be required in order to use graphviz.
Additional Information

ps2pdf is only required to build graphviz, not to use it.

Why should there not be additional requirements for package builders? Already they need automake, autoconf, libtool, gcc,
etc., which users don't need.

If you are a builder, then you have access to the to hack them to use something else, or to not generate the pdfs at all.

If you have an alternative way of creating pdfs I would be pleased to consider patches to and the

[cat] The problem is that you can't build or install without using ps2pdf
to create the documentation. Documentation should quite arguably not
be a required path for build/installation.

I tried to find a way around creating the pdfs, and wasn't able to find
a top level means of avoiding ps2pdf, or disabling ps2pdf. Further,
it seems that the use of ps2pdf is inconsistant - not all modules use it.

Actually I was hoping for a means to simply create old style man pages
for all modules, rather than generating pdfs, or to allow build and installation of the program(s) without generating the documentation.

[ellson] The following is untested.

You might be able to just create a shell script call ps2pdf which contains:

make it executable and put it in $HOME/bin/ or anywhere in your $PATH

(Aliasing cat to ps2pdf won't work because you need to ignore some command line arguments.)

Then "make" will create ".pdf" that are just copies of their sources and which you can remove after installation
with something like:

   find /usr/share/graphviz -name '*.pdf" -exec rm {} \;
   find /usr/share/graphviz -name '*.pdf" -exec rm {} \;

[ellson] On further investigation, we don't understand this report. All the .pdf are generated during "make dist" and
included in the tar.gz, so there should be no dependency on ghostscript if you are building from source.

Ghostscript should only be required for sources directly from CVS, or after a "make distclean"

Mea culpa!

The culprit would be a "make distclean" - I apparently lost some libraries to corruption via a dying hard drive, and didn't notice until after the first build did some strange things - and then ran a "make distclean".

Everything's building cleanly now, although I'm still chasing an odd
bus error - probably more corrupt libraries.

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VERSION     2.2
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