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0000846graphvizNeatopublic2005-03-24 09:052011-04-28 04:03
ReporterJohn Hinsdale 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-2.4.20 (Debian)OS Version
Summary0000846: Seg fault due to bad array index in pathplan/cvt.c

I'm getting a seg faulat near line 134 of pathplan/cvt.c:
    for (i = dad[config->N]; i != config->N + 1; i = dad[i])

In GDB (debugger) it is showing variable "i" taking on the
value -1 ... this then caause the loop iteration step to
attempt to access dad[-1] which seg faults.

I fixed it with this:

    for (i = dad[config->N]; i >= 0 && i != config->N + 1; i = dad[i])

I also applied this fix about seven lines down to a similar loop.

Hope this helps. Unfortunately I no longer have the input
that generated the error, but I'm hoping you can figure out
how it could have happened (is -1 a special case value for
indexes in the dad[] array? -- if so perhaps it
needs to be checked for here).
Additional Information

[erg] As with bug 658, since i can never be -1, this is indicative
of a much more serious problem. It may indeed be another version of
658. When the real fix of 658 is removed and the suggested fix is
added, the 658 seg fault doesn't occur, nor does this one, but the
output is definitely screwy, with a loop having 2 beziers.

I'm going to leave this open, but I'm guessing the fix for 658 also
fixes this one.

[erg] I believe this has been fixed by bug 670. Without a test case,
will never know.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (7 April 2005)
VERSION     2.2
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