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0000837graphvizNeatopublic2005-03-15 21:162011-04-28 04:03
ReporterDustin Lang 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0000837: Generated PostScript confuses GNU GhostView


neato -s0.1 -Tps -o

This is a peculiar "bug". I don't know if it's something in neato or
in ghostview. Neato runs fine and generates PostScript output. When
I view it in GNU gv 3.6.1, the first graph/page displays fine, but while
rendering the second page, it pauses (with the little watch icon that
says it's busy) after drawing the first node; it doesn't seem to get to
the second node.

Oddly enough, "psselect" can extract either page, or both, and the
result displays fine. (This doesn't seem to be the case for larger
examples of the same form - psselect's output also blocks gv.)

As I write this, I start to doubt that it's your fault - perhaps I
should be writing the GNU folks.

I apologize for not trying to track down the source of this one - my
PostScript grokking just isn't that good.
Steps To Reproduce

graph R0 {
  NNodes [ pos="0.85,0.95!" label="2 nodes"];
  N1 [ label="1", pos="-0.918663,0.395042!" ];
graph R1 {
  NNodes [ pos="0.85,0.95!" label="2 nodes"];
  N1 [ label="1", pos="-0.918663,0.395042!" ];
Additional Information
Once again, excellent work on graphviz!

[ellson] No, I think its my fault. It looks like the postscript preamble is being generated for both graphs.

Its too late tonight to get my head around this. I'll work on it tomorrow.

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VERSION     CVS Mar 15/2005
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