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0000781graphvizBuild/Installpublic2007-09-14 01:372011-04-28 04:03
ReporterMichael Mueller 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSSparc-Solaris-2.8OS Version
Summary0000781: Trouble Building on Sparc Solaris 8

When I run a configure it fails saying Compiler unable to make executables
when I check Config.log it shows this

gcc: argument to `-V' is missing
configure:3494: $? = 1
configure:3517: checking for C compiler default output file name
configure:3544: gcc -i -xO4 -xspace -xstrconst -xpentium -mr -I/opt/graphviz.14.1/include -Wl,-zignore -Wl,-zcombreloc -Wl,-Bdirect -L/opt/graphviz.14.1/lib conftest.c >&5
gcc: language pentium not recognized

gcc version is 3.2

Reading the instructions it says to check however the only file like it is

Additional Information

[ellson] is only for non-gnu builds. Assuming that you are building from a graphviz-1.14.1.tar.gz source, you should be using:

   ./configure <your opts> ; make ; make install

The log of output is "config.log" (with lowercase 'c')

I don't see where all those -x options come from, do you have a wrapper around gcc?

Graphviz builds daily with gcc-2.96 on Redhat7, and gcc-3.2 on Redhat8 so I don't think the problem is gcc-3.2.

The "argument to `-V' is missing" warning seems harmless. I get that too.

Graphviz's gnu build is also supposed to work with Sun's compiler if you have it.

[mmuell24] Not sure what happened I relogged in this morning and tried it again and it
worked. Maybe an earlier command set some environment variables.

The reason I was compiling this version of graphviz is I built an earlier
version 2.6 and found that any neato operations take ages ie 15 min and max
out the CPU, it works ok on the same dot files on my windows P.C.
have you seen that before? Having some trouble with my libpng install that
I need to upgrade so I can't test this version yet.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (14 Sep 2007)
VERSION     2.14.1
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