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0000711graphvizDotpublic2007-04-18 14:562011-04-28 04:03
ReporterDavid Catriel 
Assigned Tonorth 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-XPOS Version
Summary0000711: Using the "&" character in the title of a DOT graph causes an error

When including the "&" character in the title of a DOT graph, DOT.EXE reports the following error:
>>> >>>
Error: not well-formed (invalid token) in line 1
.. <HTML>title line 1\ntitle line 2 has text & more text\ntitle line 3\ntitle l
ine 4\n \n ...
in label of graph MyGraph
>>> >>>

the graph is produced, but instead of seeing my title, I see the name of the digraph.

Similar problems have been experienced with the double quotes (") and titled apostrophe (รข - not ').
Steps To Reproduce

digraph MyGraph {
   label=<title line 1\ntitle line 2 has text & more text\ntitle line 3\ntitle line 4\n \n>;

   node [shape=plaintext, fontname=Arial fontsize=9];
   "Row 1" -> "Row 2"

   Box1 [shape=record, style=rounded, color=blue, fontname=Arial, fontsize=9, label="{Box1\nLine1|Line2}"];
   Box2 [shape=record, style=rounded, color=blue, fontname=Arial, fontsize=9, label="{Box2\nLine1|Line2}"];
   Box3 [shape=record, style=rounded, color=blue, fontname=Arial, fontsize=9, label="{Box3\nLine1|Line2}"];
   Box4 [shape=record, style=rounded, color=blue, fontname=Arial, fontsize=9, label="{Box4\nLine1|Line2}"];

   node [shape=record, fontsize=9, fontname=Arial];
   { rank = same; "Row 1"; "Box1"; }
   { rank = same; "Row 1"; "Box2"; }
   { rank = same; "Row 2"; "Box3"; }
   { rank = same; "Row 2"; "Box4"; }

   "Box3" -> "Box1" ;
   "Box4" -> "Box2" ;
   "Box3" -> "Box4" [color=red];
Additional Information

[north] I don't know about quotes, but HTML has special syntax for ampersands.

    label = <this & that>

It is not specific to Graphviz.
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VERSION     2.13
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