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0000708graphvizDotpublic2007-04-13 17:302011-04-28 04:03
Assigned Togviz 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-RHEL 4.0OS Version
Summary0000708: Missing layout plugins


We are facing some issues with the graphviz application.

Please find below the graphviz ( [^] ) application error message.

[[email protected]_graph tmp]# dot -Tpic
Error: syntax error near line 4
context: node28 -> >>> {node29, <<< node30,node31};
Error: Layout was not done. Missing layout plugins?
Error: Layout was not done. Missing layout plugins?
Error: dot: can't open

Input file
digraph G {
a -> b;
a -> x -> y -> z;
node28 -> {node29,node30,node31};
Additional Information

[erg] There are 3 problems here. First, there is the syntax error. Nodes in a subgraph do not use comma separators,
so your graph should just have

  node28 -> {node29,node30,node31};

Second, in the command

   dot -Tpic

is meant to be the output file? If so, you need to use -o
Also, if the .ps subscript implies this is a postscript file, the appropriate -T option
is -Tps.

Third, it appears the config file for the graphviz plugins has not be created. This would
cause the message

  Error: Layout was not done. Missing layout plugins?

The simplest thing to try is running dot -c. This should create the file graphviz/config
under the library directory used for installation. Normally, this is done when you run

  make install.

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VERSION     2.12
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