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0000070graphvizDotpublic2002-06-25 12:532011-04-28 04:02
ReporterBrennan Movius 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOS*-*-*OS Version
Summary0000070: Record loop bug when "constraint=false"

When I create two record node types and have them point to each other
(ie a->b, and b->a) and set "constraint" equal to "false" for both I
get the error message:

"The instruction at '0x00445141' referenced memory at '0x000000d0'. The
memory could not be 'written'."

If "constraint" is set to "true" for either one of the edges or both,
DOT works fine.

Just wanted to let you know that this very similar case partially works.

(ie a->b, a<-b, b->c, b<-c)

If you comment out the "a<-b" line DOT will run fine [note: "b->c, b<-c"
is very similar to "a->b, a<-b" but only the latter edges (a->b, a<-b)
cause problems].

Again, I get this Application Error message when I run the file

The instruction at "0x00445141" referenced memory at "0x000000d0". The
memory could not be "written".
Steps To Reproduce

digraph G {

    node [shape=record];

    destinationData1 [label ="<a> D ID\l|Forward Link|<c>Backward Link=0"];

    destinationData2 [label ="<a> D ID\l|Forward Link|<c>Backward Link=0"];

    // DD1 links
    destinationData1:b -> destinationData2:a [color=black, constraint=false]; //Forward Link

    //DD2 links

    destinationData2:c -> destinationData1:a [color=yellow, constraint=false]; //Backward Link

Additional Information

[erg] Produces core dump on irix.
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VERSION     1.8.6
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2011-04-28 04:02 user1 New Issue
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