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0000676graphvizDotpublic2007-02-23 01:262011-04-28 04:03
ReporterRyan Schmidt8 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSPowerPC-OSX-10.4.8OS Version
Summary0000676: xdot text color wrong

A commit between 2.13.20070215.0540 and 2.13.20070216.0540
seems to have caused a problem for the xdot output where
the text color is now coming out as the empty string
instead of the correct value. I noticed the problem with
the sample graph included with Graphviz. The
problem remains in 2.13.20070222.0540.

In 2.13.20070215.0540, the output is still correct, showing
the text color of the b0 thru b3 nodes as lightgrey. But in
2.13.20070216.0540, the color is output as the empty string.

Attached is a diff between the 2.13.20070215.0540 output and
the 2.13.20070216.0540 output.

$ /usr/local/graphviz/bin/dot -V
dot - Graphviz version 2.13.20070215.0540 (Fri Feb 16 07:13:48 GMT 2007)

$ /usr/local/graphviz/bin/dot -Txdot \
/usr/local/graphviz/share/graphviz/graphs/directed/ > \

$ /usr/local/graphviz/bin/dot -V
dot - Graphviz version 2.13.20070216.0540 (Fri Feb 16 17:39:24 GMT 2007)

$ /usr/local/graphviz/bin/dot -Txdot \
/usr/local/graphviz/share/graphviz/graphs/directed/ > \
Warning: is not a known color.

$ diff -u /tmp/clust4.2.13.2007021{5,6}.0540.xdot > \
Additional Information

  I'm conjecturing that it was not a code change here but a build change there (still our bug though).
Are you building now without the old codegens? If so, as a test, go into lib/common/shapes.c, around
line 251, add the line

   else color = DEFAULT_FILL;

so the code looks like
    if (!color[0]) {
        /* for backward compatibilty, default fill is same as pen */
        color = late_nnstring(n, N_color, "");
        if (!color[0]) {
            if (ND_shape(n) == point_desc) {
                color = "black";
            else color = DEFAULT_FILL;

Recompile and link and see if that fixes things. Please let me know the outcome, or if you are still building with codegens.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (23 Feb 2007)
VERSION     2.13.20070222.0540
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