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0000641graphvizOtherpublic2006-12-04 17:592011-04-28 04:03
ReporterJohannes Jordan 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-OS Version
Summary0000641: Using "sep" to seperate edges from nodes doesn't work

In the FAQ it says, using "sep" would help seperating edges from nodes:

Q. How can I avoid node-edge overlaps in neato?

Use the overlap attribute to leave room among the nodes, then use -Gsplines=true.

neato -Goverlap=... -Gsplines=true -Gsep=.1

The sep argument is the node-edge separation as a ratio of a node's bounding box. That is, sep=.1 means each node is treated as though it is 1.1 times larger than it is. The actual value may require some tinkering. (Don't ask why this isn't just a constant!) Note that this option really slows down neato, so should be used sparingly and only with modest-sized graphs.

But all sep does, is work like nodesep. It is also not found in the man page.
I wonder if there is a way to make splines leave some space around the nodes.

It would improve graph quality a lot.
Steps To Reproduce

graph LBEST20 {
        sep = .25;
        n0 -- n1;
        n1 -- n2;
        n2 -- n3;
        n3 -- n4;
        n4 -- n5;
        n5 -- n6;
        n6 -- n7;
        n7 -- n8;
        n8 -- n9;
        n9 -- n0;
        n0 -- n2;
        n1 -- n3;
        n2 -- n4;
        n3 -- n5;
        n4 -- n6;
        n5 -- n7;
        n6 -- n8;
        n7 -- n9;
        n8 -- n0;
        n9 -- n1;
Additional Information
Perhaps this is not a real bug but more a feature request ;-)

[erg] The esep feature was added in 2.10
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VERSION     2.8
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