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0000626graphvizDotpublic2006-10-06 04:452011-04-28 04:03
ReporterMichel TERRISSE 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-XPOS Version
Summary0000626: Declared codepage not consistent with data when producing SVG

I have node
  Reseau [label="RÉSEAU"]
in a dot file saved in Windows Latin1 codepage (1252, very similar to
iso-8859-1 = ISO Latin 1).
When I produce SVG, Graphvis générates the header
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
that indicates that the file is stored in utf-8 format, but writes
'RÉSEAU' in Windows Latin 1 codepage.
So the svg file is not well-formed and connot be opened correctly in
any SVG viewer.

Note that to type 'É' on a us keyboard you can use alt + 0201.


Steps To Reproduce

digraph CodePageBug
  Reseau [label="RÉSEAU"]
Additional Information

Since about April 2005, Latin-1 input needs to specify that is the
case by setting charset=latin1.
See [^]

In fact, more recent versions catch non-UTF8 input and warn about this.

If you run dot -Tsvg -Gcharset=latin1 on your input, you should find
the SVG output is correct.

[mterrisse] Indeed if I specify charset="iso-8859-1", node labels are correctly converted to
utf-8 when producing svg. However I could notice that this does not work for
subgraph labels,

digraph DependancesFichiersBaseCommune

  subgraph clusterFichiersGeneres
    label="Fichiers générés";
    FichierGenere [label="Fichier généré"];

In the generated svg, the subgraph label is "Fichiers générés" whereas the node
label is "Fichier généré".

[erg] Yes, you're correct. However, this problem has been fixed in the current version.
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VERSION     2.8
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