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0000612graphvizDotpublic2006-09-05 20:552011-04-28 04:03
ReporterRyan Schmidt7 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSPowerPC-OSX-10.4.7OS Version
Summary0000612: xdot _ldraw_ attributes don't communicate the font color

The _ldraw_ attributes produced by the xdot format don't seem to tell me the
font color.

The input is
$ echo 'digraph G {a[fontcolor=red]}' | dot -Txdot

The output is
digraph G {
        node [label="\N"];
        graph [bb="0,0,54,36",
                _draw_="c 5 -white C 5 -white P 4 0 0 0 36 54 36 54 0 "];
        a [fontcolor=red, pos="27,18", width="0.75", height="0.50", _draw_="c 5 -black e 27 18 27 18 ", _ldraw_="F 14.000000 11 -Times-Roman T 27 13 0 7 1 -a "];

The only place in the output where the string "red" appears is in the node's
fontcolor attribute, but I expected the _*draw_ attributes to provide all the
information I need to be able to draw the graph. I believe a new draw command
analagous to the existing c (pen color) and C (fill color) commands is needed
to set the font color. Alternately it could become an additional parameter of
the F (set font size / name) command. Either way I expect this would require
you to bump the xdotversion because existing parsers would not know how to
handle either the added field or the added command.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (6 Sept 2006)
VERSION     2.9.20060905.0440
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