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0000606graphvizBuild/Installpublic2006-09-02 22:442011-04-28 04:03
ReporterQuanah Gibson-Mount 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0000606: graphviz assumes shared library for ruby

When going to build graphviz, it fails because it cannot find the ruby library.

This is because configure assumes that you have compiled ruby with a shared library as opposed to a static one.

  RUBY_LIBS="-L`$RUBY $TOP_DIR/config/config_ruby.rb lib` -lruby"

However, in my case, the library is *static*. That means RUBY_LIBS should be:


It would be most convenient to be able to pass this in as a variable to configure, either as something like:


or an ac_ variable.
Additional Information

[ellson] I'm not saying that your suggestion isn't the right fix, but I'd like to understand the issue a bit better.

Why doesn't -lruby pick up libruby.a ? Is it because both libruby.a and are installed on the system and
the linker is preferring the .so ? Or have you renamed libruby.a to libruby_static.a to avoid this issue?

Normally .a are built without -fPIC. Why would this work when linked into a dynamically loadable ruby extension?

I don't have a, it is only built static. Ruby *itself* builds the static library as libruby-static.a, this was not renaming done on my end.

> Normally .a are built without -fPIC. Why would this work when linked
> into a dynamically loadable ruby extension?

I think only 64 bit linux really cares about that (I did have to build ruby shared on 64-bit linux because of this exact issue). On 32-bit linux and Solaris, using the static version of the library works just fine.

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VERSION     2.8
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