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0000567graphvizDotpublic2002-01-16 17:262011-04-28 04:02
ReporterJoe McMahon 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0000567: Empty record fields disappear

It appears that the parsing of port strings has gotten a little wonky in
1.7.15. This dot input generates a graph without spaces for the "from"
ports; in 1.5 this was not a problem.

This is programmatically generated dot code, but even simplified, it
still doesn't leave empty cells for the even-numbered ports - I'm
expecting alternating value/empty cell with pointer pairs. I tried
adding spaces, but the parser is apparently just dumping them.

 I believe the problem is somewhere in the port-string parsing, but I'm
not a good-enough C programmer to spot the problem immediately. If I
manage to come up with a patch, I will let you know. If you patch this
one earlier, please let me know.
Steps To Reproduce

digraph "test" {
        "gvds_array0" [
                label =
                shape = "record"
        "gvds_array1" [
                label = "[]"
                shape = "plaintext"
        "gvds_array2" [
                label = "[]"
                shape = "plaintext"
        "gvds_array3" [
                label = "[]"
                shape = "plaintext"
        "gvds_array0":"port2" -> "gvds_array1" [
        "gvds_array0":"port4" -> "gvds_array2" [
        "gvds_array0":"port6" -> "gvds_array3" [
Additional Information

[erg] Empty field labels are changed into " " in parse_reclbl, but
in storeline, both CodeGen->textsize and estimate_textsize assign
this text 0 width. Thus, the field disappears. Previously, actualwidth
would always give this some non-zero width. Clearly, some special case
code somewhere needs to be added to do handle this, as well as whatever
is expected using hard spaces.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (17 Jan 2002)
VERSION     1.7.15
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