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0000496graphvizOutput Generationpublic2004-10-07 11:342011-04-28 04:02
Reportersebastian fischmeister 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-gentooOS Version
Summary0000496: xfig export: special flag is not set

when I export it to fig format, the text does not get the "special"
attribute set. consequently, fig2dev does not export it as text but
puts it into the eps file.

fig2dev -L pstex `basename [email protected] .eps`.fig [email protected]
fig2dev -L pstex_t -p $< `basename [email protected] .tex`.fig [email protected]

then look at the eps file. you will see $n_1$ in the eps file.
That's not good. You want to see a n1 (with a subscript 1).
there should be no text in there. if you
change the special attribute in the fig format to 2 then it will
work correctly

fig2dev only exports text that is marked as "special" (font_type :=
2). So now all xfig files you export have in the text this special
flag and allow people to include e.g. sophisticated formulas as node
label or transition label (e.g., try $\frac{\sum^{4}_{x:=1}
\frac{1}{x}}{y}$ as node label and look at the latex ps file, it rocks

it is annoying, because i have to set the special flag for each text
element in the figure after generating it
Steps To Reproduce

digraph finite_state_machine {
    n_1 [ label = "$n_1$" ];
Additional Information
if you tell me where to dig for the problem (which files) I might be able to fix it
TagsNo tags attached.
change in file figgen.c line 408 to:

    int font_flags=2;
STATUS-COMMENTFixed (7 Oct 2004)
VERSION     1.12
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